10 Of The Best: R34 GT-R Skylines

Obviously theres a rare link to all of this; one that goes along the lines of Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards. Equated out of middle management speak, that simply means often its excellent to remind ourselves of whats been covered in the past, rather of just requiring different and brand-new builds for the sake of it.

Anyway, speaking of money-absorbing old Nissans, itll come as not a surprise to learn that Project Thirty Four remains off the roadway having some niggles arranged. I say niggles– it did briefly ignite on the dyno — however after a little circuitry and a new air-con tube its at least running.

These are, of course, my choices and dont really represent technical capability or any form of a points-based scoring system. Thats why the bulk come from Japan … I cant get enough of the location. However that should not dampen the nature of this list– its really a glimpse into a few of the coolest GT-R spotlights weve forgotten over the years, beginning with an outright legend.

Hearing these type of developments can make you question your sanity with a job, but thats where the Speedhunters archive enters into its own.

I state this as somebody who has abused the Search function quite a lot recently, typically coinciding with my activity over on the Pistonheads classifieds. For example, how good does a 280ZX appearance on RS Watanabes? And theyre pretty cheap, too. Hazardous video game …

Yet one of Speedhunters biggest possessions isnt just the ever-changing homepage; its the back brochure of goodness collected over the past 12 years. Many of which gets rapidly forgotten the moment its pressed onto page two.

Whether youre patient adequate to use the Load More tab or prefer the simpleness of the Search function, the Speedhunters archive has a continuous supply of car culture covering practically every country, automobile make and model possible. By my count– or rather the authorized stories tab in the backend– were up to 14,448 and counting.

I like an excellent list, and 10 Of The Best has a quite good ring to it, too. What much better way to squander away the hours– or rather, advise myself itll all be worth it in the end– than by looking back at 10 of the coolest R34 Nissan Skyline GT-Rs to grace these pages.

Im a complete fiend for new and exciting content. Most likely more now than ever before, what with the continuous pandemic and all.

Mines R34 Skyline GT-R

Weve all seen that Mines video and gawped at how rapidly it accelerates and revs. Could it be voodoo, or great ol made witchcraft? Ends up its really much shorter diff ratios– matched with a catalogue of Mines upgrades and weight reduction– however that doesnt take away simply how quickly this thing grips and goes.

Its tough not to love the Mines technique to GT-R tuning; never wandering off too far from stock with the focus squarely on performance and absolutely nothing else. Oh, and if someone comes throughout a set of those BBS Mg wheels in GT-R fitment, please let me know instantly.

Charles Wongs R34 Skyline GT-R

This ones still on our homepage, and if youve not offered it a read currently you absolutely should. Aside from being a correctly extensive construct– consisting of a 6-speed consecutive which Im clearly not jealous of– Charles has managed to do what I think most GT-R owners (beyond Japan) would love to embark on: a trip around the homeland in your extremely own GT-R tuned by legends Garage Saurus.

M-Speed R34 Skyline GT-R

From one of the most current GT-R functions on Speedhunters to one of the really first back in 2008. I get the usage of bonkers aero in contemporary time attack cars, but its all got a bit too mad, hasnt it?

The M-Speed GT-R looks like its straight out of a computer game. And while its focus is on efficiency, whoever considered putting green centre-lock magnesium RAYS Volk Racing TE37s versus a yellow, black and red (striped) outside is an absolute genius.

Trust Future Proof R34 Skyline GT-R

It does imply a lot of R34s are now being purchased up as future investments and while thats definitely great, I cant help however believe its a shame that so few will now undergo big improvements (which made em so legendary in the very first location) since of the stock worths.

From the outside, it looks like an R34 on RAYS wheels with a bit of an exhaust. Trust have actually changed and updated nearly every part on this GT-R, without making it too blindingly obvious.

Rates were starting to get silly but not to the absurd level theyre at now when I purchased my R34 GT-R a couple of years back. In one sense this is great; it suggests I may make some cash when I offer it. GT-R ownership is never ever a single cost … its constant. And Ive sworn Ill never ever sell it. So that point is totally redundant.

Powertune R34 Skyline GT-R

The Z-Tune needs to be (and generally is) thought about the holy grail of R34 GT-Rs, however its so unbelievably uncommon and pricey I d argue its gone past the point of being collectable and now belongs in the realm of unobtanium. That makes it pretty pointless.

Taking cash out of the formula for a second, when I initially saw Powertunes R34 my instant thought was this is even much better than a Z-Tune. Its more modern-day, its more powerful, and its got just about every Nismo part from the Z-Tune brochure tossed at it too. My preferred bit? The modified MFD (multi-function screen), where the pixelated 90s dials have actually been replaced with a HD screen, albeit with R34 design dials included back in.

Garage Kagotani R34 Skyline GT-R

I remember this vehicle from my Max Power days, primarily since it was our cover car in 2005 and I d never ever become aware of Garage Kagotani (in spite of being a little a GT-R fiend even at that time). Yet, no quicker had they appeared from nowhere, they disappeared shortly after too.

Regardless of being constructed for time attack, the aero on Garage Kagotanis GT-R remains some of the coolest Ive ever seen, with a fit and finish method beyond a lot of aftermarket gear. It was quick too, lapping Tsukuba in the 57-second bracket back in 2005 while looking fresh out of Tokyo Auto Salon (total with rainbow-finish wheels).

E-Next R34 Skyline GT-R

Torita-sans R34 GT-R is all about leaving no stone unturned, from the arch linings and hardware right through to the more obvious bits like the wheels, brakes and interior. Its not the greatest power GT-R, its not the rarest, and its not loaded with custom parts.

Blitz Autobahn R34 Skyline GT-R

Back in 1999, Blitz wished to take a GT-R much faster than anything else on the autobahn– Germanys famous, limit-free stretch of motorway (well, in designated parts). The objective? 349km/h or 216mph in old money.

Trevor brilliantly summarized the story with Gary Castillo, one of the initial team invited to cover the record effort, and the very nature of it is everything I love about that period of Japanese tuning. No producer support; a tuner automobile on a brand-new (R34) platform.

Dinos Project GT-R

No GT-R list would be total without a little reference of Dinos Project GT-R, a car hes owned for longer than numerous of our more youthful readers have lived (feel old yet Dino?). This has to be the longest-running task on Speedhunters, which I believe is an excellent thing. Cus its worked for a great deal of that time. And being completely sincere, if I ever require to work out what wheels my own R34 must run I constantly check through the archives offered the reality Dinos ran simply about every models of RAYS wheels you can possibly imagine.

Worldwide Auto/Auto Select R34 Skyline GT-R

The GT-R on Speedhunters.

This is how I d develop an R34 GT-R: Bayside Blue bodywork, Volk Racing TE37s and a Trust T88 turbo strapped to the side of a 2.8-litre motor. Combine that with the Z-Tune aero and youre taking a look at my number one R34 GT-R spotlight from Speedhunters. Concern is, which ones yours?

Mark RiccioniInstagram: mark_scenemediaTwitter: markriccionimark@scene-media.com.

When I believe of a big-power tuner GT-R, this is precisely what I imagine. You could argue it actually looks a bit picky– the random spattering of carbon additions, that book Japanese interior and a front bumper which certainly would not pass an NCAP security test in 2020 — but thats likewise what I love about this kind of tuning. Its purposeful … and a bit wacky.

From one of the newest GT-R functions on Speedhunters to one of the very first back in 2008. When I bought my R34 GT-R a couple of years back, rates were beginning to get silly however not to the unreasonable level theyre at now. Torita-sans R34 GT-R is all about leaving no stone unturned, from the arch linings and hardware right through to the more obvious bits like the wheels, brakes and interior. No GT-R list would be total without a little reference of Dinos Project GT-R, a cars and truck hes owned for longer than numerous of our younger readers have been alive (feel old yet Dino?). Combine that with the Z-Tune aero and youre looking at my number one R34 GT-R spotlight from Speedhunters.

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