308: Crisis Theory – Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast

308: Crisis Theory– Violent Pleasures: A Westworld Podcast

On this weeks podcast, Andrew, Tosin, and Dwayne deconstruct the last episode of Westworlds third season, “Crisis Theory”, as they ask: What astonished Bernard in the Sublime, and how long has he been gone? Have we actually seen the end of the real William & & Dolores Prime?

Violent Delights is a recap podcast where hosts Andrew Sorcini, Dwayne DeFreitas, and Tosin Onafowokan talk about HBOs Westworld, and the bigger questions this enthusiastic program wishes to deal with.

Behind the Scenes of Westworlds Finale:.

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Monday, May 4th, 2020 at 10:00 am.

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We begin with Dolores stating how she was taught to see the appeal in her world– but that she was taught a lie. The electronic camera reveals us Doloress body, trashed from her fight with Maeve.
We see Caleb getting away– riding a motorbike on a mountain triad at high speed.
William, the male in black was left holding a shotgun on Bernard and Stubbs. He starts firing, shooting Stubbs in the heart. Bernard uses his remote to alter “modes,” switching off his character and then controling William in an emotionless, robot-first state..
An SF-PD SWAT van pulls up and William runs away. Bernard recognises him as the fourth Dolores copy.
Rehoboams divergence infographic is displayed and its extremely disorderly with divergences from Vancouver all across the world to New York, St. Petersburg, and Malaysia. But it songs out the LA divergence..
Dolores jobs her assistant to re-target the riots in order to provide her and Caleb a much easier path to Incite HQ, which is their destination. As the group moves toward its objective, Dolores is confronted by a vision of Hale, who tells her that she has become her own individual, but that she still knows whatever Dolores knows. Hale informs Dolores that the death of Hales family was a blessing in disguise since it was a weak point.
Dolores and Caleb broke up and Dolores is confronted by Maeve. Dolores tells Maeve that she requires to trust her and Maeve, who is accompanied by a little army, gives Dolores an option– either battle, or let Maeve into Doloress mind so she can see what Dolores is preparing and, then Maeve can trust her. Dolores picks to combat, pursuing the armed men with Maeve while Caleb was appointed a new escort..
Doloress initial body offers her an advantage throughout her mano-a-mano fight with Maeve. Dolores leaves Maeve alive but as she goes, she is confronted by Hale, providing herself again as a digital construct.
Maeve recoveres, and takes Dolores back to Serac, at Incite. Serac hooks Doloress body as much as an interface to probe her mind in order to find the data on the Delos immortality project..
Caleb finds his way to incite with the aid of his armed escort..
Bernard drives over to Arnolds widows home. They have a touching minute while Stubbs waits in the back of the automobile, bleeding a lot.
Caleb finally reaches Incite only to be recorded by Maeve. Caleb discovers out from Serac and Rehoboam that the method the Solomon computer gave Caleb, if published, would have led to the end of humankind within a quarter of a century..
Maeve finds out that while Serac is a human, he is voluntarily being manipulated by Rehoboam, who whispers almost every word he says, in his ear..
This realisation makes Maeve lose confidence in Serac. Maeve reconsiders Dolores and uses the mesh network to communicate with Dolores essentially. Dolores persuades Maeve to assist her develop a world based on complimentary will for humans and hosts alike.
Maeve then eliminates Seracs males, and exposes that prior to her mind was wiped clean, Dolores sent out a command she got from the Solomon computer to the Rehoboam computer system which transferred administrative power of Rehoboam to Caleb, and took that power away from Serac. Caleb then commands Rehoboam to remove itself.
Over in a roadside motel room, Bernard packs an injured Stubbs in ice and lets him know that the encryption secret to the Sublime was hidden in his head by Dolores prior to she was damaged. Hes going to utilize the headset interface Musashi dolors sent out to him to access the sublime in order to look for an answer– the concern being: what occurs after the end of the world?
Bernard rests on the motel bed and puts on the headset that Musashi sent him. He seems to pass out.
With Rehoboam disabled and Serac rendered helpless, Caleb and Maeve go out of Incite headquarters and take a look at the new world, where Caleb can be whomever he desires to be.
The screen goes black but after the credits, we see William walk into a Delos facility and shoot his way to R&D where he fulfills Hale, who has actually recovered from her car mishap. Shes selected to leave one arm burned to remind her of what mankind can. Hale tells William that, as a copy, she and Dolores began in the very same place. Hale has actually decided to take a various course from Dolores, and is going to develop hundreds or countless Hosts to take and change down humankind. She was expecting William and has a host copy of him prepared to change him. The robotic copy of William slits his throat as the electronic camera reveals us dozens of host-creation robots, working on constructing new robotics.

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