April-May-June Roundup: A Cornucopia of Comic Book related YouTube Interviews

Regional Creators:.

I likewise have an interview with Dave Ryan, who I last spoke with at the Electric City Comic Con last year.

Keep checking Comic Watch for news articles from me and evaluates fro other factors. (Check out my articles HERE ( Lots of details about the present state of the comics market)

Local Comic Shops:.

Among the interviews launching today, I speak with Ron Marz about his time as the Green Lantern writer. We go over the transition from Hal Jordon to Kyle Rainer and far more.

Also have a look at the YouTube channel which I have actually been using to post interviews, typically 2-3/ week:.

It has actually been quite the opposite as you see..


Subscribe and stay tuned … have a lot of interesting interviews on the works.

Roundtable Discussions:.

Creator/Friends of the Blog Interviews.

Market interviews.

Virtual Conventions.



Kickstarters Campaigns.

Yeah, I have actually been seriously lacking in posting things here on the blog website, but that does not suggest I havent been doing things with comic books.


I will try to be better at posting here however in the meantime keep up to date with what I am doing at:.

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