The State of the Comic Book Union 2020- A Editorial

2020 has not been kind to the comics market. The whole publishing side came to a halt during the height of Covid-19. The comics checking out public is still sluggish to drip back into regional comic stores. A number of significant conventions have been canceled this year and as the industry moves forward, it is apparent that the set-up and dynamic of conventions will alter to adhere to social distancing.

That has to be the worst that the comic book industry will suffer?

But as this is an editorial that falls under the security of the First Amendment, I could safely say, “In MY viewpoint, I believe anybody who is interested in getting a strong take a look at who is under scrutiny today for their habits ought to go to Bleeding Cools link HERE ”

CBS owns Star Trek.

Be it Deadpool, Harley Quinn, or whatever second-tier character is being pressed by motion picture studios to develop a brand-new comics-based cash cow? A cash cow that monetarily benefits only the film studios and leaves the actual comic developers near starving on a meager freelance agreement.

This is the same market that scrambled to economically help shop owners through the crisis of the virus, however did little bit for their own talent. It was more crucial that the failing organisation design of brick and mortar comic shops stay open than making sure that the labor force who developed those regular monthly comics were able to afford their lease and groceries. We are doing all of this in reverse !!!

You get a say in the creation procedure of nothing.

Marvel owns Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men and all the rest. Your opinion does not matter.

And nobody is cutting a check to freelance skill. There is no kickback. There is no percentage being paid. You get a look for the work rendered and the rest of your rights are signed away the moment you consent to work.

Your viewpoint does not matter. When it comes to decision making, ownership, storytelling, and creativity … youre opinion never has, never ever will matter.

DC owns Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all of their characters. Your viewpoint does not matter.

Then a wave of female creators advance on social media leveling sexual harassment and sexual misbehavior versus a group of men included in the comics market. Everyone from high profile authors and artists, to editors, to members of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. There has actually been unrest online for practically 2 weeks now as publishers and developers have concerned the defense of the victims.

And its not just the industry that is failing itself. Its the fans. Comic fans are the fucking worst! If you claim that youre a comic fan and your greatest direct exposure to the medium is the MCU or DCEU movies and television programs … then please fuck off! Youre part of the problem.

We have actually developed an industry where the people that make up business have ended up being secondary to the fictional item they make. Pretend characters have actually become more vital than real lives. Again, I ask you, what the fuck are we doing?

Then famous DC author Denny O Neil died.

Then June came.

The violent underbelly of the market has been laid bare for the whole world to see as there have been numerous accounts of girls being groomed, searched, and attacked by veteran creators. These veterans utilized their connections and affect to fool younger female talent into sexual acts with promises of work and profession development.

Disney owns Star Wars.

Lets get an answer to which publisher is really going to begin taking care of their staff members? Who is going to overthrow and system of payment that belongs to slave incomes? Who in the comics world is going to start treating their employees much better than they treat their fictional homes?

How many of the millions of spectators and television audiences have equated to actual consumers of comics? The number of these wild “fans” who have hassled or harrassed developers via social networks, have really taken the time to check out the list of works based on their preferred flavor of the month?

Ive personally wrestled with how to continue as a member of the comic press. I believe that each of these accounts need to be composed about in detail, these scumbags exposed, and the market made conscious of their conduct. These ladies are worthy of justice.

What the fuck is going on in 2020? An organisation that has been knee-capped by a pandemic is now falling into further disarray as the material of our market is pulled apart by power tripping pros and madmen! As I take a look at the existing state of affairs, it hurts just how carefully these series of events have actually mirrored our society at large.

Heres a huge trick to the comic reading public (and gamers, and film fans and a whole host of other fan bases … sports fans you are the leading assholes when it pertains to this).

Titles were delayed. Titles were canceled. The complete result of the Covid infection on the industry is still taking shape.

Fans are just as guilty as the remainder of the market. We will line up in droves to view the current drivel on opening night, to a smash hit that will go on to gross a billion dollars worldwide, yet nobody provides a shit about the health and well-being of the artist that is earning money an average $200 a page to draw the work that exact same film is based upon. Nobody appreciates the author who makes money and average of $20 a page to pen a tale that will inspire a movie in the very first location. The typical comic is 22 pages long. At $20 a page you would earn more turning burgers for a task in a months time than writing the script to your preferred comics.

If even one accusation must prove incorrect, and Geeks Worldwide reports the information as realities, we could leave ourselves open to legal action that would put this website out of organisation. This is merely a threat that as a company we can not manage to take.

Undoubtedly, that would be the low point of an already rotten year.

King Turd Ethan Van Sciver has actually come out on a current live stream (submitted to YouTube on 6/24/20 entitled “CASTRATE YOURSELVES: The Final SJW purge of Comics LIVE) raging against “the feminist agenda” mentioning his own inclined views that this kind of habits is alright. Excusing the sexual mistreatment of women as long as they are SJWs (Social Justice Warriors), protesters, or of a feminist agenda due to the fact that “their girls” (Any female in Comicsgate or reactionary leaning politically) would never position themselves in a situation that would cause rape. Van Sciver would go on to discuss that this entire series of claims was a collaborated attack on the mainstream comics market organized by feminists.

The state of the comics union in 2020 is bullshit. Just like this whole year has been crap. While there is modification and progress being made there are bigger problems than who is the fastest character in comics or who is the strongest?

Ah yes, our industrys own collection of backwards thinking douche bags are still at it. Still contributing cash to their mouth pieces to offer the illusion that they are making an impact in the service and not secretly funding racist assholes.

Mike Mignola owns Hellboy.

These developers get to log into their social media accounts where they are hammered by “fans” that think their development and work is routine and silly. All the while hoping that they do not get sick since even though they work on a tight deadline that leads to health complications they cant pay for fucking insurance!

It doesnt matter if you own $50,000 worth of Spawn comics and memorabilia; with every concern ever produced personally signed by series developer Todd McFarlane and graded a best 10. The development belongs to the creator.

I have seen, more than when, fans with faceless Twitter accounts dare to question a creator like Neil Gaiman on his storytelling options in Sandman. Telling the CREATOR OF THE SERIES, that he either was “doing it wrong” or “didnt understand what he was doing”!

Developers of every ethnic, sexual, religious background and origin are paid on a self-employed basis that keeps the cost of publishing low, the wages have not changed much since the 1970s. The bigger publishers keep the cash and leave their labor force without health care, a stable habitable wage, any hopes of a retirement and as quickly as the unnecessarily aggressive workflow ends up being to much … its time to change burnout authors and artists, because the bottom line demands that the program should go on. People require their comics!

2020 has not been kind to the comics industry. The comic book checking out public is still slow to trickle back into local comic stores. A wave of female creators stepped forward on social media leveling sexual harassment and sexual misconduct versus a group of men included in the comic book market. Van Sciver would go on to describe that this whole series of allegations was a coordinated attack on the mainstream comic book market arranged by feminists.

It was more important that the failing service design of brick and mortar comic shops remain open than making sure that the workforce who produced those monthly comics were able to manage their lease and groceries.

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