How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Productivity

Are you fighting with marketing productivity?

I know that we all spend hours of our working days visiting and out of various tools that help us handle, track, and evaluate our marketing efforts..

If you are a digital marketer, then you should often seem like a juggler..

I likewise understand that recommending more tools to improve and combat the exhaustion productivity of your digital marketing might sound counterintuitive..

Theres simply so much to do on many various channels and … … keeping all those balls in the air can make you feel tired..

Think what?

Theres a chance that youre not using all the right tools, or a minimum of a few of them that can help you work smarter..

Thats precisely what Im going to recommend!.

So without further ado, lets discuss a couple of tools and technical tips that can assist increase your digital marketing productivity..

1. Editorial Calendar Tool.

Much of our work as marketers revolves around creating, promoting and dispersing content.

In all its different types and formats, content fuels the engine of digital marketing..

But … this features a set of difficulties:.

How do you release quality material that helps you accomplish your business objectives while being mindful to the needs of your audience?

There are lots of other editorial calendar tools such as Coschedule, Divvy, Trello, and so on. The important thing is that you use one!

… And how do you do this regularly across channels and platforms?

You require to put it in a calendar to plan, designate the production, and schedule out all the content, ideally at least a couple of months ahead of time..

I utilize Asana which enables us to develop a board with jobs grouped by the phase of the material development procedure.

Heres an example of how this searches in Asana:.

Our phases are as follows:.

Setting everything up may take a little time that you feel like you do not have. This time investment will save you so much time and effort down the line that its well worth it!.

If well compose it yet, concepts– We have a concept for content however not sure.
Material production– We have actually decided to develop a piece of material so its moved from the idea phase to production stage.
Video modifying– If theres a video connected with content, some editing is needed.
Images– We will require to include images to a guide or an article. We have someone who is accountable for this.
Optimization and Distribution– When we settle the material, it is then enhanced for SEO and dispersed across social networks.

Youve guessed it.

2. Use a Social Management Tool to Improve your Marketing Productivity.

I am all for trying out various tools and perhaps even taking bits and pieces of a couple of different tools to accommodate the process Ive established.

For me and my group, that tool is Agorapulse.

Agorapulse queueThis social networks management tool enables you to plan, schedule, and release all your material on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram. On YouTube you can react and listen to remarks.

You also get detailed reports that you can customize and download for reporting.

Theres scheduling, tracking, engagement, analytics …

Unless you have a tool that can do all that, and automate most of it, your productivity in more critical digital marketing jobs will suffer..

It makes whatever so much more streamlined and leaves space for you to correctly analyze whats working or not working.

I am particular that the majority of online marketers would agree on this one– social networks marketing drains pipes a lot energy and time if not correctly managed..

However, if you can find one tool that brings all the essential functionality and for all major social networks channels under one roofing system, then thats the method to go..

You can discover more about this tool in our Agorapulse review.

3. Buy an SEO tool( s).

And if you do not purchase an SEO tool you might end up driving much less traffic to your material than you could.

SEO takes a lot of work, theres no doubt about it.

A reasonably small investment in an SEO tool must produce you more income than you invest in it!

Use keyword research study tools, like KWFinder, to discover the finest long tail keywords to target with your material.
Examine your competition with a tool like SEMRush to get a quick understanding of how contending websites in your industry carry out in regards to SEO..
Analyze your sites link profile with a tool like Ahrefs, or check competitor link profile for ideas on where to get high quality inbound links from..

Try some of the above tools and youll see how important they are.

4. Produce a project strategy.

If youre unclear about where youre going how are you going to know when you get there?

With this level of preparation, youll send your digital marketing efficiency through the roofing system..

Task Goals (your digital marketing goals).
Budget plan.
Staff member.

It is a fantastic way of planning your jobs, tracking the status of the project, and making certain youre not falling behind.

Like a real digital project manager, youll create a strategy that consists of:.

A job plan is a list of all the jobs and turning points connected with a task and is typically displayed in a task management tool.

Asana is a terrific task management tool and they recently released a project management element but I thought it was pretty bad!

But … there is a tool called Instagantt which you can add on to Asana and it is pretty beneficial. These two tools integrated make for a terrific project management tool.

Heres an example of the design of the Gantt chart within Instagantt with all jobs connected to Asana.

5. Get a team management tool.

Team effort.

It takes a bit of time to discover and release the ideal tool but once set up it can certainly assist a lot with performance.

But as a larger company, you might wish to purchase a group management tool which enables you to share tasks, files, advanced workflows and much more.

Here are some tools to think about:.

We have a small group so Asana satisfies a great deal of our requirements together with Google Drive, Slack and a number of other tools.

6. Track results.

Tracking results is the most essential thing you can do with Digital Marketing if you wish to be productive.

You require to know if you are dealing with the ideal things!

Picture running a campaign which involved:.

One way of tracking all this is establishing UTM tracking which is essentially just a tagging system where you add additional info to any URL you share so that you can clearly determine what happened after you shared it.

The best thing about link tracking? Its so easy to do! You can create URLs with UTM parameters/tags in a few actions using Googles Campaign URL Builder. Its a completely free tool that will enable you to track the efficiency of links in Google Analytics..

This is the only way to understand which specific links drove the traffic to your site.

Facebook Ads.
LinkedIn Ads.
Facebook Posts.
Blog material.
Video interviews.

. Which of these worked for you? What drove visitors your website? What generated sales and inquiries?

Tracking performance assists you focus on what works which suggests much better performance!

7. Implement Agile practices.

Thats the opposite to Agile.

You attempt something, produce results, change your approach, and enhance your results in a matter of days, not months.

Nimble marketing needs a various state of mind. Its a fast-moving state of mind that focuses on outcomes and certainly improves performance.

When a software startup I was associated with got acquired I ended up working with a big company and moving quickly was not possible.

We launched one piece of software application a year but by the time we released the software the clients required something else.

Agile is everything about moving quickly.

So have a look at some of the concepts of Agile Marketing and consider it for your company.

8. Marketing automation.

In digital marketing, automation is the word of the day. Everyone is attempting to unload as much of the handbook and recurring work as possible to different tools and have their marketing device worked on its own. That is the dream!.

Online marketers use Automation tools to increase performance of their digital marketing and enhance their outcomes in all areas, particularly in creating more and better quality leads. These tools can help you target prospects with higher precision, improve engagement, drive much better quality leads, and consequently increase revenue..

The market is so saturated that its challenging to make the best option when it comes to marketing automation. Knowing precisely what youre trying to find in terms of functionality and what youre willing to pay will be a great beginning point..

Depending upon the size of your company and your particular demands, you can look at more basic solutions focused on SMBs like HubSpot and InfusionSoft or go for intricate automation platforms targeted towards enterprise clients like Ontraport or Marketo..

9. Outsource.


We normally use Upwork to discover terrific individuals worldwide.

As a marketer, youre probably used to multitasking and being on top of everything. If you dont have sufficient people on your group to entrust some of the work, your digital marketing performance will suffer..

Are you going to give any of the above tools a shot? Do you use any other tools to increase your digital marketing productivity? Let us understand in the comments!

So, instead of attempting to do everything by yourself to keep a sense of control, why not offload a few of the work to a freelancer or a firm that focuses on the location youre dealing with?.

The technique with Upwork, or similar platforms, is to give somebody a little job to see how they perform before you offer them a huge task!

Working with the ideal external partner will help you move through project tasks much quicker without affecting the quality of work..

If you wish to maximize your digital marketing efforts, buy the right tools and processes that will help you attain your objectives more easily..

Which of these worked for you? In digital marketing, automation is the word of the day. Everyone is trying to unload as much of the manual and repeated work as possible to different tools and have their marketing machine run on its own. Are you going to provide any of the above tools a shot? Do you use any other tools to increase your digital marketing productivity?

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