A Beginner’s Guide to Safari

Your first consideration when preparing a safari is who to book with. Africa is one of the only continents on planet earth where it is not only advised to book with a travel agent, however essential.

Select how to book your safari.

I have actually since found out there is of course much more to South Africa than just safari. If youre here due to the fact that you are planning your first safari, this is the complete beginners guide to safari.

Pick which country you will go to

Your next consideration will be which country to visit. Having visited many of the nations one thinks about when preparing a safari, I will suggest simply my four favourites. There are a couple of other nations I absolutely adore that are not mentioned on this list, nevertheless, if this is your first safari experience I would suggest one (or 2) of the nations listed below.

South Africa

In terms of political stability, South Africa is one of the best bets. South Africa also has a great food and red wine scene and lots of more adventures beyond the safari. South Africa is a great alternative if you desire to go on safari, however likewise want to experience more.


Botswana is my personal favourite choice to go on a safari. It has been dubbed the last “genuine safari” due to the fact that there are less crowds and you truly seem like youre in the heart of Africa, instead of on a tour. There are some excellent natural phenomenons to discover. If you visit in the wet season, the flooding of the Okavango Delta is a must-see. Plus the meerkats in the Kalahari Desert are another fantastic highlight.


East Africa is where you would take a trip if you are looking for the essential “Out of Africa” experience. I extremely suggest you enjoy it prior to your journey if you have not seen the movie! My personal preferred nation to check out in East Africa is Tanzania, thanks to fewer crowds in the Serengeti (rather than the neighbouring Maasai Mara) and the addition of the tropical paradise that is Zanzibar.


Thats not to state I didnt enjoy Kenya– since I entirely did! Kenya is nevertheless among the most popular options to go on safari, indicating you will often be signed up with by many other cars at animal sightings. This makes the experience feel a little less personal, nevertheless, the Maasai Mara is still a big drawcard.

Know what to Expect

Maybe the finest advice I can give you for your first safari is to know what to expect. While the packing side of things is detailed down below, this explanation will share with you the normal safari experience.

Where to land in Africa

The finest city to land in is Johannesburg if you are going on safari in South Africa. From there you can connect to the Kruger National Park or any among the close-by reserves.

If you are going on safari in Tanzania, you will likely land in Dar es Salaam. From there you will capture a linking flight to either Kilimanjaro Airport or Arusha airport. From there, it will be a short buck flight to your safari camp.

You will likely land in Johannesburg prior to catching a smaller airplane to Maun if you are going on safari in Botswana. From there, you will catch a linking bush flight to your safari camp These flights frequently have multiple stops along the method, so be prepared for a long day of flying.

With all that flying out of the method, you are likely to be jet lagged and somewhat delirious. Dont stress, it is totally regular! But do not let that stop you from starting a video game drive that night.

If you are going on safari in Kenya, you will likely land at Nairobi International Airport. From there you will need to change airports as the domestic bush flights remove from another airport about 40-60 minutes away (depending on traffic). From the Wilson Domestic Airport, you will take a bush flight to the Maasai Mara.

As soon as you get to camp you will fulfill your guide, tracker, plus a few of the service staff. They will reveal you to your room and offer you a trip around the camp so you understand where everything is.

When you arrive at camp.

When you fly into Africa you will land in a capital city prior to you transit to a smaller aircraft. This can in some cases still be a business aircraft, however is typically a bush flight which fits just 2-6 guests.

A normal day on safari

Every day on safari starts at around 5:00 am with a get up call and coffee. Soon afterwards you will be getting into your safari automobile as the sun increases. An early morning drive will last anywhere between 3-5 hours.

After your morning drive, you will be reclaimed to camp for breakfast, more coffee (duh!) and be offered time to unwind. I would absolutely suggest utilizing this time to take a nap, checked out a book or reflect in a journal about your experience.

Lunch will be served around 1:00 pm and I generally like to put in the time afterwards to relax by the pool (if there is one) or whip out my yoga mat.

Afternoon game drives depart around golden hour and return after dark, around 7:00 pm– 8:00 pm. Dinner is served afterwards and after that it will be time to get some sleep before another early start the next early morning!

Know what to pack

This is one of the most popular questions I obtain from first time safari-goers. It is very important to be prepared before you travel as you will not be able to go shopping when you arrive or receive an Amazon shipment!

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The basics

Bug spray, sun screen, a hat, sunglasses and good walking shoes are a must. You will likewise wish to remember your passport, visas if appropriate, travel insurance coverage files and your airplane tickets. Then obviously you cant forget any prescription medications, your toiletries and skincare regime.

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Tech to load for Safari

You dont want to forget your camera because going on safari is such an once in a lifetime experience! Do not forget to also bring additional batteries, battery chargers and if you have them, binoculars. If youre attempting to picture animals from the automobile, consider purchasing a telephoto lens.

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Clothes to load for Safari

The technique to packing for safari is to bring neutral colours (khaki, browns, beige) and remember you can constantly layer. It can be hot throughout the days and drop to cold temperature levels at night. I would also suggest packing 2 kinds of shoes. Some comfy closed walking shoes (sneakers) and a pair of flip flops or Birkenstocks.

Reserve your trip with Ubuntu

I travelled with Ubuntu Travel for my most current safari and not just would I advise them, I had so much fun taking a trip as part of the group! It made my safari so much more enjoyable than previous solo endeavours.

Reserve with Ubuntu

I have actually because learned there is of course much more to South Africa than simply safari. If youre here because you are planning your first safari, this is the complete beginners guide to safari.

A hot thank you to the team at Ubuntu and And Beyond for welcoming me as a media guest for the rhino preservation journey. All viewpoints and images are my own.

South Africa likewise has a terrific food and white wine scene and lots of more adventures beyond the safari. South Africa is a terrific option if you desire to go on safari, but also want to experience more.

It has actually been dubbed the last “authentic safari” due to the fact that there are less crowds and you actually feel like youre in the heart of Africa, rather than on a trip.

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