The Ultimate Adventure Travel Bucket List

And while you may desire to sit tight for a little while yet, we believe there is no much better time to refine your container list. Its something Ive invested a lot of time considering lately. This supreme experience travel container list is full of fresh concepts.

At least for a while.

When travel returns after the pandemic, it is going to look various.

For the first time in years, we are being forced to rethink travel. Whatever travel is for you, it is sure to be various after the pandemic. Heres where we suggest you go for an impressive experience.

New Zealand South Island

If time is on your side, you might quickly pass a couple of months here. Experience!

New Zealands South Island is commonly thought about the adventure capital of the world. It is here where the world of bungee jumping began, in addition to being house to a variety of extreme sports. My time in New Zealand has actually never ever been anything except fantastic and with many experiences on offer, Im bursting to return!

The whimsical rolling hills of the North Island are a plain contrast to the significant landscapes of the South Island in New Zealand. Believe snow-capped mountains, endless ski slopes and a slower rate than typical. This is the sort of trip youll talk about for years to come.

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Go Hiking in Torres del Paine

People typically ask me where my favourite place worldwide is. I never ever provide the very same answer two times. For those among us who have actually travelled everywhere, youre most likely knowledgeable about this line of questioning. Its not that Im uncertain, its just that I have too many favourites to name simply one!

If it is a legendary adventure youre looking for, be sure to include Torres del Paine to your adventure bucket list. There is possibly no single location more dramatic to make you realise how small a location we occupy in the world.

Torres del Paine often comes up in my comprehensive answer as my “preferred place to go hiking”. This stunning dramatic mountain range in the South of Chile and bordering Argentina is hands down my favourite place to go hiking.

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Go To Zion National Park, United States

Ill never forget the day I visited Zion National Park. I was on a journey through Arizona when, unbeknownst to us, we passed the border into Utah and found ourselves driving through the National Park. The all of a sudden changed promptly and drastically, when all of a sudden we discovered ourselves surrounded by impressive rock structures and a winding roadway that passed through the park. The genuine experience is to be had outside of the automobile (maybe unsurprisingly). Be sure to offer yourself plenty of time to make the many of the endless walkings on deal. Until I get to tick a few of these walkings off, Ill be keeping Zion National Park on my own pail list. It simply does not seem fair to only pass through!

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Check out Iceland

On my second go to I was fortunate adequate to go swimming with sting rays (and sharks!) This is a popular experience off the coast of the island, where the marine life inhabit a small shallow spot of the ocean. It is really something else!

Travelling through the fjords in Norway remains one of my fondest travel memories. Ill always remember this trip where I took my mum, a fairly under-travelled lady, for her fiftieth birthday. And what she lacked in check off the pail list, she definitely offseted in enthusiasm! Ive never been more satisfied than when she asked if eleven am was prematurely for a drink at the bar (go mum!).

Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Visit the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.

Adventuring into the Atlas Mountains resembles stepping back in time. Suddenly life becomes easier, serene and uncomplicated. Way up in the Berber towns life is removed back. Meals are a labour of love, prepared for hours as they roast delicious tagines on coals in clay fireplaces. There is a neighborhood element highlighting everything in these towns. Theres even a communal garden and a lot of switching in between households of products.

Off the ship is where the genuine experience was felt (though there were lots of witty experiences in cocktail treatment being had back at the bar each day). The fjords in Norway are significant and all-consuming, with every day feeling more adventurous than the next.

If you have time in your corner, make certain to make your way to a few of Norways impressive day hikes. Trolltunga stays on my own container list and is stated to be among the most gratifying views in all of Europe.

An adventure like this does not occur often. So if you discover yourself tiring of the stress of Marrakech, check out to Atlas Mountains. It is something to admire them from a distance and quite another to be immersed in the culture here.

The highlight of my trip was checking out the Danakil Depression. It is said to be the most popular put on earth.

Fjordland, Norway

Ive been lucky enough to check out Tahiti twice. And in both sees I was fortunate adequate to go to Moorea, my favourite of the Tahitian islands. The very first time I visited I got a feel for how magic this location is.

It was always a nation the fascinated me, so I scheduled a flight on an impulse and began planning a legendary week of experiences in the nation. As it turns out, travel times between locations are long and often consist of a lot of driving.


Namibia is a destination synonymous with experience. Each of the destinations throughout the country are a lengthy drive away from one another, so you will require plenty of time if you want to see it all.

Drive the Icefields Parkway.

What precisely is it? The Danakil Depression is an unsurfaced volcano existing underground. It has never ever erupted or developed, making for a really special discovery. Sulfuric acid bubbles below the surface and can, quite actually, burn a finger off. But the distinct landscape is like something out of a sci-fi movie, making it a really daring destination certainly.

Swim with Sting Rays in Moorea, Tahiti.

Visit the Okavango Delta.

Whether you are checking out in the cooler months to make the many of the ski season or roadway tripping in the summer in a long line of camper vans, there is always something on deal. The wanderlust within you is sure to take over and lead to adventures like no other. Be sure to visit Abraham Lake if you go to throughout winter.

It would look something like going to the Okavango Delta if you ever imagined yourself on a safari in the African bush. This location in Botswana has an abundance of wildlife, thanks to the yearly flooding that happens in the wet season. But the experience doesnt stop there. This is the finest destination for water safaris, where you will find yourself experiencing wildlife up close from a traditional mokoro. Quite the experience undoubtedly!

The popular tourist paths are often over populated with stockpiles of visitors, bus loads of day trippers and caravans making their method around the island nation. The reality is, there is more of an experience to be had when you make your method to less hyped locations throughout Iceland.

Of all the destinations I was lucky enough to visit during my time living in South Africa, Botswana stays my preferred. Theres simply something so incredibly humbling about going to the Okavango Delta, the river that never ever fulfills the sea.

If you find yourself seeking an adventure like no other, there really is no comparison to Iceland. What I will say is that youll need to get off the beaten course if you truly desire to feel like youve adventured into Iceland.

Over to you! Where are your preferred experience destinations? Let us understand in the comments!

Heres where we recommend you go for an epic adventure.

My time in New Zealand has never ever been anything short of incredible and with so many experiences on deal, Im bursting to get back!

If it is a legendary adventure youre looking for, be sure to add Torres del Paine to your experience container list. What I will say is that youll need to get off the beaten path if you truly desire to feel like youve adventured into Iceland.

Adventuring into the Atlas Mountains is like stepping back in time.

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