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In fiction, a name assists readers form an image of what a character acts and looks like. If you do not believe us, attempt picturing Frodo Baggins with the name Mycroft Holmes, or Darth Vader as Atticus Finch. At Writers Relief, we understand the ideal names can assist your readers actually connect with the characters in your short story or novel. And depending on how many characters are in your story, you may need to create a great deal of names! Utilize these strategies and suggestions to offer your characters the best names and make them more remarkable and genuine for your audience.

What To Consider When Giving Your Characters Names

Timespan: In producing the best world for your story or book, the appropriate names are essential. Mildred was a popular womans name in the 1920s, however you wont discover numerous parents offering that name to their children today. Tybalt is a fantastic name for a medieval knight, while Zyla is more fit for a warrior living on Mars in the future.

Parents: If your characters moms and dads play a vital role in the story (even if they are absent, like Harry Potters parents, James and Lily), think of what they would call their kid, and what that option might indicate. Presuming your character is using the name their parents provided, this could be a fun and creative way to come up with the perfect name!

Age: Some names seem more fit to older characters, while others feel more modern-day and much better fit a young character. Aunt Edna will appear older than Aunt Susie. And as we discussed previously, bear in mind the names that would have been popular when your character was born.

Significance: When youre having trouble coming up with a name, believe about the characters chief qualities. You might also select a name that embodies something your character would find substantial.

Personality: Is your character no-nonsense with a dry funny bone? A basic, short name might fit finest. If your character is intricate or flashy, a more intricate name will assist enhance this trait. What kind of character does the name Digby Beaumont call to mind? Complete a character study for each of your characters to actually understand their characters prior to you name them.

Category: In fiction, each genre has its own distinct guidelines. If youre writing science fiction or fantasy that features an unique lingo, youll wish to show that component in your characters names. For a contemporary romance, you d select names that are more most likely to seem like individuals your reader could be pals with.

Where To Find Character Names

Cemeteries. This may seem a bit morbid, but think about searching old graves for characters names– specifically if youre composing a historical piece and need a name thats precise for a specific time period.

Child name books. Instead of trying to believe up names off the top of your head, use a child name book, which uses you a great resource and beginning point. It will put hundreds of names at your fingertips, in addition to their origins and significances.

As soon as youve decided on a name for your character, offer it a test drive. After youve written a few scenes, go back and read your story to see if the name works. If your characters appearance or actions do not appear to fit together with the name youve chosen, perhaps you desire to consider another name.

Daily life. Writers are skilled eavesdroppers– when youre individuals watching or when you occur to overhear a discussion, make note of the names you hear. You may come across a gem to save for later on!

Places youve visited. The names of towns or landmarks can make fantastic names for characters! This is an angle to think about if theres a particular place thats important to your characters backstory. Your rich entrepreneur who matured in New York City might fittingly be called Madison.

Google. Would like to know the most popular names in a given year, or to look for names by their histories and meanings? A quick Internet search will collect all that info for you in seconds! Random name generators are constantly enjoyable to try too.

Still cant settle on the perfect character name? Believe back to characters who stand out from movies, TELEVISION, or plays.

Concern: Whats the very best character name youve ever checked out?

Mildred was a popular girls name in the 1920s, however you will not discover lots of moms and dads offering that name to their daughters today. Rather than trying to think up names off the top of your head, use an infant name book, which uses you a terrific resource and starting point. Desire to understand the most popular names in a given year, or to browse for names by their histories and significances? The names of landmarks or towns can make fantastic names for characters! If your characters appearance or actions dont seem to fit together with the name youve selected, possibly you want to consider another name.

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