15 Magazines That Will Publish (And Pay For) Your YA and Children’s Stories

Youve composed and modified your kidss and YA stories more than you can count. Just your trusted circle has actually witnessed the magical way you weave words together to create nonfictional and fictional worlds for small people– yet, everybody informs you more people need to read your childrens and YA stories..
For a lot of authors (or any artist), putting your work out there isnt an easy action to take, no matter how celebrated you are.
While its daunting to send a story to a publication– hearing peoples opinions of your work, eek!– its likewise required for excellent practice for all striving authors who ultimately desire to determine how to get a literary representative.
Whether you write narratives, personal essays, poems or stories for kids, there are lots of magazines that will assist bring your story to life for the excited and eager eyes who cant wait to go into them..
Now, I caution you: These publications pay for your stories, however the rates wont keep the lights on in your house. Its an excellent method to begin earning cash for your work, which one day will pay the expenses..
Where to send your childrens stories.
Before you send a story, constantly familiarize yourself with the magazine to understand the tone and style of the writing it includes..
You probably know this currently but it bears repeating: Plotting, story building and construction, character advancement and more are just as crucial in childrens and YA stories as they are in adult fiction or other genres– the standards of success arent any various..
After you craft a kidss narrative thats prepared to be evaluated, here are 15 childrens publications that want to read your compelling submission.

1. Zizzle.

” We look for stories that will surprise, move and entertain both young and older creative minds,” writes Zizzle Literary publications submission guidelines. An anthology book series that brings parents and kids together to cultivate a love of reading, Zizzle releases literary fiction that amazes kids from age 12 and up.
Your fiction story need to have a strong voice and dive deep into themes of significance and morality that evolve naturally. While Zizzle editors accept “fresh viewpoints on the nuanced happiness and stress in kids daily lives and imaginations,” they invite untraditional storytelling plus tastefully amusing stories..
Flash fiction childrens stories need to be 500 to 1,200 words and 2,000 to 4,500 words for brief stories. Before you submit, note Zizzle requires a $3 submission fee..
Payment: $100 for flash stories; $250 for narratives.

2. Bumples.

Founded in 1999, Bumples (for ages 6 to 10) and Bumple Buds (for ages 3 to 5) each publish four problems per year. If you want to send a story to this interactive online magazine, concentrate on mystery and adventure stories, along with fantasy, holiday, sports and animal stories.
For the 3 to 5 age group, send a story of no greater than 800 words; for the 6 to 10 age, stay with 2,000 words or less. As you write, keep this in mind: Bumples focuses on detailed fiction, so the editors select stories and poems where they can stimulate the characters.
Review the writers guidelines to read more– when your story is all set to send, email it to editor@bumples.com. Editors prefer Word format but they likewise accept PDFs..
Payment: $30 for stories; $20 for poems..

3. One Teen Story.

If youre a young author– or if you know one– acclaimed literary quarterly One Teen Story is the best location to submit an initial story..
Publishing 4 issues each year that each just contain one story, this magazine includes the work of todays best teen writers from ages 13 to 19. Submissions can fall into any category of YA fiction (literary, fantasy, sci-fi, love, horror and more), however they need to be well-written and between 2,000 and 4,500 words. Stories need to be about the teenager experience as well as have teens as the primary characters.
Examples consist of stories that deal with coming-of-age issues, plus those of household, identity and relationship. Make certain you prevent excessive blasphemy, sex and drug usage. To truly get the vote of editors, compose a story that is strong enough to stand alone, instead of an excerpt from a work-in-progress, for instance..
One Teen Story Teen submissions are now closed however are because of reopen in fall 2021..
Payment: $500 upon publication plus 25 copies of the publication featuring your work.

4. Cricket Media.

Cricket Media releases 11 award-winning magazines for children from 6 months to teenagers, so they have submission choices for all kinds of authors of any experience level.
Across all its magazines, Cricket Media intends to release the “finest quality writing and illustration for children of all ages.” Its readers are curious about the world around them and delight in the creative expression of these magazines crafty stories.
Its four literary magazines for children up to 9 (Babybug ®, Ladybug ®, Spider ® and Cricket ®) welcome stories in the genres of detailed poetry, fiction and literary nonfiction.
Writers with competence in science, technology, culture and social studies have 5 nonfiction publications (for ages 3-14) to submit to: Click ®, Ask ®, Muse ®, Cobblestone ™ and FACES ™ World Cultures and Geography.
Since these stories need more subject-matter knowledge, writers must likewise submit a resume and numerous writing samples. To learn more specifics about story length, desired (and unwanted) story aspects and more for each magazine, begin with the general submission standards.
Likewise an illustrator? View the submission guidelines for artists to learn how to submit there, too..
Payment: For the literary publications, $.25 per word for posts or stories; $3 per line for poems, or $25 max; $75 flat cost for activities and recipes. Rates for nonfiction magazines are negotiated.

5. U.S. Kids Magazines.

Wish to compose broadly about fitness and health for kids approximately 12 throughout the U.S.? Publisher of acclaimed magazines Humpty Dumpty (ages 2-6) and Jack and Jill (ages 6-12), U.S. Kids Magazines seeks high-quality stories, posts and activities that demonstrate a healthy way of life.
Be amusing, lively and amusing in a well-constructed story that starts at a fundamental reading understanding level to support young readers– however likewise doesnt disregard to spray in sophisticated information. Editors likewise want a story that can “attract todays children.” That means if you have not been around kids in a while, they recommend you doubly guarantee your discussion and characters are current and genuine..
Jack and Jill accepts complete fiction manuscripts of as much as 800 words and nonfiction up to 700 words. Humpty Dumpty, on the other hand, desires fiction shorts of 450 words or less, crafts of approximately 250 words, poetry approximately 12 lines, plus brief mini-stories of 70-125 words..
Find details about mailing in your records in the submission guidelines, plus what type of stories editors are especially thinking about throughout accepted genres..
Payment: $25 and up for Jack and Jill publication fiction and nonfiction stories; $25 and up for Humpty Dumpty poems, $30 and up for fiction stories, and $40 and up for crafts..

6. Cravings Mountain.

College student of Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing and Publishing program created this magazine, which strives to enhance generally silenced voices and increase representation in literature..
Besides composing that explores, challenges and questions, editors likewise prefer stories that show what its trying to do for others and the world. “We are here to promote composing that upsets systems of power and dominance,” explains the submission guidelines. “Our magazine isnt going to destroy the cis-heteronormative, white-supremacist, ableist patriarchy, however we are going to attempt.”.
Above all, Hunger Mountain looks for work that is self-aware and prevents the threat of harm. However do not be afraid to be humorous, or perhaps to amaze editors with love (that isnt cheesy), limericks or poems in the designs of ghazal and golden shovel..
Your YA or childrens story submission must be no longer than 8,000 words..
Submissions are presently closed, but they reopen from May 1, 2021, to October 15, 2022. (If you cant wait, have a look at its Katherine Paterson Prize for YA and kidss literature!).
Payment: $50 for prose and $25 for poetry..

7. Youth Imagination.

On the 21st of each month, Silver Pen Publishing releases a new series with kidss and YA stories from these categories: fiction, contemporary, city or classical dream, sci-fi, slipstream, literary, action-adventure and thriller..
If youre a prolonged author, youll enjoy this word-limit: 20,000! For the narrative classification, submit a story of 1,000 to 8,000 words; no more than 999 for flash fiction. To make the cut, compose a well-written story, and focus on strategy, voice, characterization and language– that will all play a part in the editors choice to accept and release your story..
” Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and unforgettable characters,” composes the guidelines. The kind of story they will not be astonished by, however, is fan fiction, or one that has cliche elements..
Send your story by means of Submittable..
Payment: $15 per story.

8. Ash: A Journal of Luminous Things.

Write a story that targets readers who are 10-18, whether its poetry (3 to 100 lines), a narrative or innovative non-fiction (up to 12,000 words), or flash fiction (no greater than 1,500 words).
Editors look for “excellent, sleek writing” that produces an engaging story– one with no profanity, vulgarity, violence or sex. Plus, keep this in mind: “Submissions with the finest chance of approval will be significant on some level to both older and more youthful readers without being condescending.”.
Whats neat about this publication is it provides feedback on your story when youve submitted it, even if it hasnt been selected for publishing. (Although, its optional.).
Payment: $.02 per word, or $20 per work, whichever is more..

9. Spaceports and Spidersilk.

Many of all, this print publication produced by speculative fiction-focused Hiraeth Publishing desires your story to have one component: experience.
Released 3 times each year in February, June and October, Spaceports & & Spidersilk desires sci-fi, shadow and fantasy stories (” spooky, however not terrifying”) focused on readers ages 8-14. It chooses stories with young lead characters, plus those that do not harp on an overarching lesson. Instead, editors want a good story that “entertains and links with feelings.”.
Send genre stories between 1,000 and 3,000 words, flash fiction thats less than 1,000 words, essays up to 800 words and poetry without any more than 25 lines. Whatever you submit, make certain to follow the magazines primary rules: No swearing, sex, drugs or sexist language..
Take a look at the author guidelines to discover how to submit..
Payment: $6 for each accepted story; $3 for flash fiction.

10. Cast of Wonders.

Intrigued in composing YA sci-fi or fantasy? Cast of Wonders is the prominent voice in young adult speculative short fiction, and it desires stories that “evoke a sense of wonder, have deep psychological resonance and have something unbelievable about them.”.
Stories should disappear than 6,000 words in length and aimed at teenagers from 12-17. Since the Cast of Wonders podcast sometimes provides stories in audio format, your submission needs to pack a punch: strong pacing, distinct characters, compelling discussion and more..
Editors desire fiction that makes them think; however, theyll decline stories with graphic depictions of sexual assault, cannibalism or non-consensual sex and/or substance abuse.
Send your thrilling story to the address discovered in the writer standards..
Payment: $.08 per word for original fiction of any length and a $20 flat rate for flash fiction..

11. Fun For Kidz.

Developed for kids ages 6 to 13– although the 8-10 variety is the specific target– Fun For Kidz magazine releases six concerns per year and concentrates on the perspective that all kids should have the right to be a child for as long as possible.
Thats why it publishes classic topics like family pets, nature, hobbies, science, video games, sports, careers, and anything else that might capture a more youthful audience.
To be published in this magazine, submit a fiction or nonfiction story as much as 650 words with dynamic writing and consists of an activity thats both wholesome and uncommon. Do not hesitate to submit more than one story, but make certain to note it on your manuscript. Plus, heres a pro-tip: to enhance your possibility of selection, attach several high-resolution pictures with your submission.
Enjoyable For Kidz no longer accepts email submissions, so read the submission standards to learn where to mail your story..
Payment: A minimum of $.05 per word for fiction and nonfiction, plus $5 per high-resolution image; $10 per poem or puzzle..

12. Balloons Lit. Journal.

Accepting of submissions year-round, Balloons Lit. Journal (BLJ) wants to publish quality, unconventional stories for children ages 12 and up from authors of any age..
In its biannual issues, BLJ welcomes three to 5 pieces of poetry in any style and fiction stories approximately 2,000 words. “If you likewise have great art and/or photographic work” submit that, too, for extra brownie points. According to the submission guidelines, the editors enjoy enjoyable surprises..
When deciding which piece to submit, guarantee your story, no matter how complex and philosophical, can inform and impress young minds. BLJ isnt a theme-based journal, so focus on penning a submission that is unexpected, amusing, bold, distinct, layered, instructional and more..
Consist of a cover letter with a short bio introducing yourself and your background. All submissions to BLJ need to be emailed to editorblj@yahoo.com..
Payment: One print copy..

13. Smarty Pants.

Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids is a publication that “makes every effort to thrill, inform and amuse kids from every walk-of-life.”.
Theres no defined age range in the submission standards, however authors need to submit a childrens story thats kid-friendly, violence-free, enjoyable and smart and approximately 800 words. If your storys style is seasonal, keep in mind to submit your story three months before the celebration..
Once youve modified and refined your kidss story, email smartypantsmag@gmail.com and paste it in the body of a word or the e-mail or Google Doc..
Payment: $15 for narratives.

14. The School Magazine.

Australias The School Magazine publishes brief stories, articles, plays, poems and activities that have academic and literary benefit for kids in between 8 and 12. Submit to any of its publications: Countdown, Blast Off, Orbit or Touchdown.
Its author standards state readers “respond well to texts that pleasure, intrigue, obstacle and inspire them.” Since The School Magazines target audience is exploring their identities and craves insights into the world around them, youll succeed with a story that shows the multicultural, diverse society the magazines try to show..
No matter if you send a fiction story, poetry, a play or a post, writing must be suspenseful and energetic with credible characters. Word counts for accepted classifications vary from 800 to 2,000 words– make certain to use those words on a fresh angle rather than a preachy style..
To submit, scroll up on the Contribute page, then click Contribute and fill out the created fields..
Payment: The School Magazine pays on publication, plus a repeat charge if a piece is reused in a print version of the publication..

15. Clubhouse.

Concentrate on the Family Clubhouse magazine (Clubhouse for short) reaches more than 80,000 young readers and moms and dads around the globe– all of who turn to the magazine to check out amusing and daring stories that use “Scriptural or ethical insight.”.
For kids ages 8-12, compose fiction (500 to 2,000 words) or nonfiction (400-500 or 800-1,000 words) busy stories that are amazing yet wholesome, plus innovative and fresh and feature strong characters the exact same age as the publications target audience..
Your fiction stories ought to be descriptive and interesting, or distinct and fascinating for nonfiction stories, posts and other products. If you submit a nonfiction short article, bear in mind it need to have a Christian angle, though not a self-important one. When it comes to fiction stories, “they ought to be built on a foundation of Christian beliefs and household values.”.
Check out the submission guidelines to learn the type of stories Clubhouse looks for, like mystery or sci-fi, and what will get you axed from the shortlist..
Payment: Between $.15 and $.25 per word; $200 and up for feature-length fiction stories; $150 and up for nonfiction pieces.
We want you the finest as you send your childrens and YA stories! It might feel unpleasant in the beginning– or always– however its all part of the journey of being a much better, more powerful author..
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Stories ought to be about the teenager experience as well as have teenagers as the main characters.
For the brief story classification, submit a story of 1,000 to 8,000 words; no more than 999 for flash fiction. To be released in this publication, send a fiction or nonfiction story up to 650 words with vibrant writing and consists of an activity thats both wholesome and uncommon. In its biannual problems, BLJ welcomes 3 to five pieces of poetry in any design and fiction stories up to 2,000 words. Your fiction stories should be detailed and interesting, or distinct and interesting for nonfiction stories, articles and other materials.

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