20 Great Gifts for Writers in 2020

Do you have a writer in your life? Are you uncertain what presents for authors to get them for the vacation season? Do not worry, weve got you covered!

Heres a collection of the very best gifts for authors this vacation.

Presents for Writers from The Write Shop

In case you missed it, we opened a store this year! Inside The Write Shop, youll discover fun gifts for an authors lifestyle and books on writing. All 30% off till December 7! You can discover all our store offerings here.

And the very best part?

1. The Write Planner (preorder for $29).

Designed by authors for writers, The Write Planner has everything you need to turn an idea into an ended up book. With this organizer, youre composing buddy will finish a book plan, learn story structure, strategy and evaluate their composing week, and most notably, write!

Designed to help authors get their ideas organized so they can finish their book this year, this present for writers is an essential now. And constantly.

A big factor writers dont complete their manuscripts is due to the fact that they do not have focus or company. The Write Planner is among the best presents for authors this season. Dont miss out (you, or your composing friends)!

* Note: this item will ship in January 2021.

2. Work in Poe-Gress Hoodie ($ 52).

We enjoy puns around here. This hoodie (also readily available as a t-shirt) integrates literary puns, writerly lingo, and winter warmth. For a present that will keep your writer pals comfortable, determined, and a little silly this year, look no more than this hoodie.

3. My Other Child Sweatshirt ($ 36).

If you understand a writer, you understand their work resembles their child. They probably spend long hours cuddled up with a keyboard, and they probably choose something comfy to wear for those early, long, or late hours invested with their manuscripts.

Let them extol their “other child” with this shirt– a simple clothing that speaks to their innovative heart.

4. Mugs (beginning at $15).

Every author requires caffeine like they need air.
The Write Shop has a range of mugs offered to honor the unique function caffeine plays in their lives. (And we know how crucial that function is in their lives, particularly throughout those working hours.).

5. Lets Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting ($ 14 paperback, $6 ebook).

If youve ever wished to see your buddys name in print, this book can assist make that occur.

Lets Write a Short Story! is the perfect gift for writers wanting to discover something fresh and informative. This book will help take your writing pals dreams and turn them into practical steps that can assist them accomplish their supreme goal of a writing career.

Short stories have been the training ground for authors for nearly two centuries. Not to discuss that narratives supply lots of excellent opportunities for your writing pals to get in a composing competition in 2021. Assist them prepare with this helpful and special book!

6.14 Prompts: Writing Prompts for Surprising Creativity ($ 11 paperback, $6 ebook).

Books on composing are constantly a terrific gift for the writer in your life. Here are our leading choices this year– a list of classics for every single creator.

The majority of collections of composing triggers have hundreds or even thousands of prompts. Why does this book only have fourteen? 14 Prompts isnt indicated to be a random list of ideas to start your book, its suggested to motivate you to an entire brand-new way of seeing your writing and even your life.

More Books as Gifts for Writers.

You could read this book in an hour, but it will keep you composing for months. Its certainly epic– and a present for authors that keeps offering!

7. Plot & & Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot That Grips Readers from Start to Finish ($ 17).

This guide by James Scott Bell is a jumping-off point for any composing journey. Every writer ought to have this one on their racks. Seriously.

Fluid, thorough, and useful, this book takes writers through all the essentials and basics needed in story structure and the craft.

8. Writing Monsters: How to Craft Believably Terrifying Creatures to Enhance Your Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction ($ 17).

This is my all-time preferred book on writing. This is a must-have if you understand someone composing horror, sci-fi, or fantasy. I will state it once again..
Do not miss out on this book!

9. The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know ($ 35).

If your writing friends are having problem finding out what isnt working in their present manuscript, direct their procedure by sending them this book this holiday.

Shawn Coyne invested over twenty-five years as an editor in New York publishing homes before composing.
The Story Grid. In this writers handbook, he lays out his entire procedure of modifying a story, from genre to The Grid.


Typically utilized as a staple in composing classrooms, this is a best gift for authors wanting to launch their craft, and one theyll refer back to long into their professions.

Part composing how-to, part memoir, this book is fascinating. You dont need to enjoy Mr. Kings work or compose horror to get something out of this book.

Writer Swag as Writer Gifts.

Someone purchase me all these things! Who doesnt like collecting writerly devices and decorations and more? Check out the current and greatest presents for the authors lifestyle below. And if youre feeling generous and want to buy me among them, too; I will not hold you back!


Save them from dropping stack high orders prior to they get to the checkout counter (or anywhere theyre going).

Writers dont simply compose. Give them this tote so they can carry around all those books!

12. Scribbler Subscription Box (starting at $28/mo).

Membership boxes are all the rage, and there appears to be a choice for simply about everybody, consisting of writers! (Hooray!).

Scribbler boxes consist of a signed novel, suggestions from authors, curated writing gifts, and more. These are proof that big treasures come in small plans, and your author good friend wont stop thanking you long after their very first box.

13. “Reading at the Cafe” candle light ($ 20).

I can not get enough of these literary candle lights from Frostbeard Studio. Seriously, its an issue. Send out assistance.

These candles are made of soy with a lead-free cotton wick. They also smell excellent. Incredible, in truth. (I require another one!).

14. Prohibited Books facemask ($ 14).

Yep, its still 2020, which means facemarks are still doing a good task keeping us safe, and surprisingly trendy.

This facemask is double-layered, adjustable, and works with inserts. Can you believe Im typing that as something to be delighted about? (But I am!).

15. Let It Poe cozy socks ($ 14).

Okay, these were a little bit of a surprise while I was looking for something else and now theyre in my cart. The socks say “Let it Poe” on the bottom and are thick and relaxing.

Wouldnt they go great with our Work In Poe-Gress shirt? Head to toe Poe!

16. Rorys Story Cubes ($ 12).

Writing Memberships and courses.

Weve been helping authors develop their writing abilities and get released given that 2011. Practically a decade later, we have a range of subscriptions and courses to help the writer in your life live their dream.

Story Cubes are excellent for those that have writers block or like to warm up with a timely. You throw the dice and make a story based on the pictures revealed. Your composing pal can play by themself or with others!

17. The Write Practice Pro ($ 150 annual subscription).

In The Write Practice Pro, your writer good friend can publish chapters of their book or brief stories and get the feedback they need to grow as a writer. Plus theyll get entry into our composing contests and the chance to get in touch with our partner publications, like Short Fiction Break literary publication, so their writing can get the attention it is worthy of.

When writers collaborate in a neighborhood with kindred creatives, the assistance, feedback, motivation, and responsibility theyll get will keep them inspired from page one to the end. Give your writer buddies neighborhood!

When authors join together in a community with kindred creatives, the assistance, accountability, motivation, and feedback theyll get will keep them motivated from page one to the end.

Writing can feel like an isolated, lonesome activity– however it does not need to be. Far from it.

18. 100 Day Book (starts at $400).

Does your buddy imagine composing a book? This program is designed to get you to finish it.

With scientifically shown inspiration techniques, useful composing lessons, and responsibility directly from our group, if your good friend wishes to finish their book, our 100 Day Book program will provide the best possible chance. Its so much more than a push!

19. MasterClass ($ 180 annual).

MasterClass is an online collection of classes taught by the BEST individuals in their respective fields. Over the past several years, theyve included a lots of composing classes from masters like R.L. Stine. Joyce Carol Oates, and Neil Gaiman. You can purchase courses individually, however we d suggest getting an annual subscription in order to take as numerous courses as your heart desires..

20. An author site (about $12 annual).

Its so important for authors to have their own website. If the author in your life doesnt have one, think about getting them started with their own domain this year.

Feeling Ready to Shop?

With more and more people relying on online shops for the 2020 holidays, this is the perfect chance to check out some special ways to entertain and empower your writer good friends. Choosing one, some, or all of the items on this list will not only provide the extra nudge needed to begin composing– but keep them tapping those computer keys long past page one.

Theres a factor Im calling these the very best presents for authors this season!

Are you not sure what presents for authors to get them for the vacation season? Inside The Write Shop, youll discover fun gifts for a writers lifestyle and books on writing. The Write Planner is one of the best presents for writers this season. For a gift that will keep your author buddies comfortable, inspired, and slightly silly this year, look no further than this hoodie.

Set a timer for fifteen minutes and compose the scene where they receive the present. When youre finished, post their list in the comments area. Do not forget to leave feedback on your fellow writers work!

What writing-related gifts (or gifts for the authors in your life!) are on your holiday gift list? Let us understand in the comments.

Think of your current operate in progress. Your lead character gets a gift from your villain. Whats the present and how do they respond?


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