3 Fundamental Lessons Fanfiction Taught Me and 5 Fanfiction Prompts You Can Try

Do you like composing fanfiction, but struggle to start? Do you like to utilize fanfiction prompts to practice composing? Or, do you question if writing fanfiction will even benefit your writing?.

Anyone can write anything and put it out there for individuals to read, and for this factor, theres frequently a mistaken belief that this style of composing, so widely produced and improperly controlled, likewise suffers in quality and contributes little to the literary world. Some reach stating people who write fanfiction are not “real writers.”.

Fanfiction gets a bad rap.

This isnt true!

Fiction written by story fans that includes characters and settings already existing in body of work, such as a book, tv show, or movie. It most commonly is substantiated of the love for particular characters or concepts, and is far from a modern-day idea.

By definition, fanfiction is:.

Fanfiction Definition.

Prior to questioning if you need to write fanfiction, you need to comprehend what fanfiction is.

These days, with the freedom and availability used by the internet, fanfiction is everywhere. There exists over a million fanfiction stories for Harry Potter alone, and numerous traditional works of literature are actually fanfiction.

Fanfiction can in fact make your writing much stronger. And understanding what fanfiction is and utilizing fanfiction prompts to give it a shot (before you bash it) might be well worth your time.

Did you know that Dantes Inferno was in fact fanfiction of the bible?

Did you understand that Shakespeares Othello was in fact based upon an Italian tale called The Moorish Captain?

Fanfiction taught me valuable skills that I still use on a regular basis to this day. And its why I motivate every writer to provide it a try (and you can start by trying out one of the fanfiction triggers I include at the end of this post.).

I spent the latter half of high school, all of college, and the very first year or 2 out of college obsessively writing fanfiction.

Fanfiction gets a bad associate, but it can in fact teach you basic lessons in composing. Attempt among these 5 fanfiction prompts to find out and practice these writing lessons yourself.

Did you know The Three Musketeers, really begun with a book called Mémoires de Monsieur dArtagnan, which Alexandre Dumas checked out of the library and never returned?

Why should you attempt composing some fanfiction? Due to the fact that perhaps youll find out the three big lessons I discovered from it, too.

Some of my stories were just a page or more long, while others reached novel length. I wrote them with zeal and reckless desert, with no purpose besides to please myself by putting my musings on paper.

It wasnt till years later on, when I began to really take my composing seriously, that I realized the years spent composing fanfiction were far from lost.

At the time, I never ever thought of it as anything however diversion and home entertainment. What did it matter when I was only entertaining myself?

3 Fundamental Lessons You Can Learn From Fanfiction.

1. Characterization.

Most fanfiction stories are written around existing characters. In order to compose a story, the writer needs to get to understand the character, study their behavior and backstory, and write in a way that provides them accurately..

Not only that, a story isnt simply discussion– I needed to discuss why this character said what she stated, acted how she did, and her thought process that led up to this point.

In in between high school and college, while other kids were busy doing productive activities like working summer season jobs, taking college classes early, or taking one last opportunity to celebration, I chose I was going to handle the really “beneficial” project of writing my preferred motion picture from the secondary characters perspective– the view of the love interest instead of the hero. Scene by scene.

I discovered rapidly that its not enough merely to narrate each scene from the characters point of view, due to the fact that in order to convincingly connect the scenes, I had to produce other scenes in between.

Composing fanfiction taught me a lot about characterization.

This job sounded enjoyable and simple in my head. But in practice, it was quite tough.

This project used up most of my summer that year and ended up being simply over a hundred pages. I dont recall doing much else in those 3 months. No regrets.

It was the very first time I genuinely dissected a character to try and understand what laid below the surface area– the very first action towards character development.

2. Universe (or world) structure.

Frankenstein is only one of numerous interpretations of the undead, but that doesnt suggest the numerous versions of it cant be just as fascinating..

In doing so, I better comprehended how characters and stories are formed and bent by the rules of their universe. Events happen, in addition to ongoing cause and effect, exist because of these guidelines. A vampire who turns to dust in the sun vs. one who sparkles fruit and vegetables extremely different stories and disputes.

Try out universe structure feels less difficult when its for enjoyable, and writing fanfiction liberated my creativity in this area.

Every writer has their own analyses of the very same subject. The guidelines of vampirism differs in between Dracula, Salems Lot, and Twilight.

This, I think is another factor the idea of fanfiction is so alluring for many individuals.

For many of my college years, I was quite obsessed with a particular and odd universe of vampires and undead (not Twilight). I composed stories about numerous characters within deep space and a few times comprised my own.

Composing fanfiction permits the author to browse around these rules and at the very same time become comfortable with applying the “guidelines of deep space” into a particular setting and embed them into stories.

Writing with a recognized universe is much like playing in a readily built play ground, instead of needing to design and produce your own devices prior to you even get to decrease a slide..

Universe (or world) structure can be rather a daunting concept.

3. Construct self-confidence.

Fanfiction was the “gateway drug” that lastly got me truly and really hooked on composing and I havent stopped given that.

This maybe was the most essential and basic requirement fanfiction taught me.

I didnt understand how to structure a plot or direct a story, and most things I composed prior to that were poor replicas of Stephen King.

I composed my very first fanfiction in the year 2000 and was surprised at just how much I learnt more about composing by simply composing one story. After that, every story ended up being a little better, and a little stronger, and I approached the next one with more self-confidence than I did the previous.

All authors requirement self-confidence to end up a book.

Writing original stories, or rather in basic, had actually been really daunting for me prior to I began writing fanfiction, regardless of my life-long love of composing.

Fanfiction was easy, and fanfiction was enjoyable.

I had no concept what steps to take from amateur to novelist (this was also some time prior to strong composing neighborhoods like The Write Practice were readily available online).

Fanfiction gave me the confidence I required to complete and compose more stories.

5 Fanfiction Prompts You Can Try.

I discussed previously that some writers wish to write fanfiction however do not know where to start. Do not tension if this is you! Here are 5 fanfiction prompts you can attempt in order to get your fingers stretched:.

Whether you compose a 90,000 word novel based upon your fanfiction idea, or simply a scene, composing fanfiction offers you the nuts and bolts for envisioning how a story may work.

Write a scene from your preferred film from the perspective of a side character. Make sure they have their own objectives! To figure this out, think about composing a premise.
Write a blurb about an aspect essential to you storys existing universe. For instance, a new Harry Potter spell that is required in order to achieve something essential in a scene, like Alohamora assists unlock doors at turning points.
Reinvent a preferred character from youth (such as how they may be rewritten in the modern world), and then determine what makes them paradoxical in their story. (Try writing our premise once again.).
Compose a blurb about how an existing story might be various if it took place in a different period.
Take the setting of your preferred fairytale, only make the Villain in the story the lead character. For example, Disneys Maleficient.

Do you have experience with fanfiction? Let us understand in the comments area listed below.

Fanfiction Skills and Prompts Will Make You a Better Writer.


Often the hardest part of composing a story is beginning. However when you compose fanfiction, which you can do by choosing one of the fanfiction prompts in this post, you dont have to do all the character structure and setting work alone– which indicates you get to actually experiment with plot and structure!

In either case, I believe youll learn a skill or two by practicing composing with some fanfiction.

Now that you have 5 fanfiction prompts for your picking, choose one that delights you the most!

Invest the next fifteen minutes working on this timely, and if you actually like where its going, keep composing!

Do you like composing fanfiction, but struggle to get going? Do you like to utilize fanfiction prompts to practice writing? I pointed out previously that some authors desire to compose fanfiction however do not know where to begin. Compose a scene from your favorite movie from the perspective of a side character. To figure this out, think about composing a property.

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