3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Clients in 2021

Note: If youve been looking for freelance composing jobs on content-mill websites and task boards, youre probably annoyed. Most pay bottom feeder rates. Great independent composing tasks are out there, you just require to understand how to discover them.

Do you feel like its a pipeline dream to discover self-employed composing tasks that pay professional rates?

I hear a lot of remarks like this from authors who have to do with prepared to offer up on their writing dreams.

They compose me to state:

Need to say, I disagree. Whether you believe self-employed writing is a land of limitless opportunity or a field no one can earn a living at seems to depend on your individual experience.

” It just looks like there arent any good-paying clients out there.”

You most likely need to do 2 things if you desire to start landing well-paying freelance composing tasks. Heres what you require to understand:

Well-paying freelance composing jobs are out there

Simply this previous week, I referred a $150-a-post financing blogging gig to my Freelance Writers Den Junk-Free Job Board. And heard from a writer whos discovered daily documents that still pay $1 a word. Another writer let me know she dropped a $30-a-post client and changed them with one that pays $175.

How do you go from earning money crappy rates for freelance writing jobs to pro rates? The two things that I think matter most are:

If you buy into the negativeness that all articles are now worth $10, you will not make more. Ditch your pre-conceptions for beginners.

Make a frame of mind shift. My experience is that if you have the state of mind that profitable writing jobs are out there and youre not going to stop till you find them, you can wind up making a great living.

Look for work in the best places. Youre ready to look for the kind of clients that will help you move up and earn more once you make that state of mind shift from shortage to abundance.

What can you do to find better-paying freelance composing tasks? Here are three ideas:

1. Swim in a smaller sized pool

These more exclusive job listings can take a little sleuthing to show up– they might prowl on a professional association website, or run on the back page of an industry trade publication. It will be worth the effort, as the quality of the jobs offered will often be worlds eliminated from what you see on Craigslist. I got a gig composing for a major TV networks site through a specific niche board.

Are you taking a look at mass task boards such as Craigslist, similar to 10,000 other writers? Stop.

Rather, discover niche task boards that fewer authors see, with jobs not all writers might do. For example, I discovered some fantastic business-finance gigs with Gorkana alerts. This marketing consultancy also puts out healthcare and media writing job informs, too.

2. Ask around

Whos growing, and whos about to fold? Other regional authors can be an excellent source and conserve you a great deal of time. So discover your regional equivalent of these kinds of networking groups, whether in-person or virtual.

Get on a local author listserv or go to regional author networking occasions. Ive gone to local Media Bistro live occasions in my town, and belong to a Seattle LinkedIn group, Women in Digital Journalism, thats a gold mine of information about markets in my town. (These are also terrific places to get recommendation service, too.).

Particularly for local markets, other writers in your town are the best sources to get the genuine dirt. Who takes 6 months to pay you? Who pays $1 a word?

3. Think bigger.

Target publications that pay pro rates.

Pitch profitable companies.

Where are you looking for freelance writing tasks? Lets discuss on Facebook or LinkedIn.

When you tap into the substantial pool of hidden need for authors, lots of good gigs take place.

If you write for businesses, research profits and target larger business. Go up from whatever youve been concentrated on– if its been solopreneurs, find business with a couple of workers. Try $10 million ones with numerous areas if its been $1 million organizations with one store or workplace.

Keep in mind: If youve been looking for freelance composing tasks on content-mill sites and task boards, youre most likely irritated. Excellent self-employed composing jobs are out there, you just require to know how to find them. Just this previous week, I referred a $150-a-post finance blogging gig to my Freelance Writers Den Junk-Free Job Board. Rather, find niche job boards that less authors see, with jobs not all writers could do. These more exclusive job listings can take a little sleuthing to turn up– they may prowl on an expert association site, or run on the back page of a market trade publication.

If you write for publications, get Writers Market with online assistance, call their search engine approximately 5 dollar indications (the greatest pay rate), and see what shows up. Make that your pitch swimming pool, instead of whatever publications you occur to see on your regional newsstand.

Pitch companies that offer services and products. I like to search for companies that offer a physical product or important service that they provide in the three-dimensional, real life. Avoid websites whose only income is online advertisements and the only “items” are your short articles. That design isnt being successful for most of the businesses that attempt it.

Likewise look for longevity. If theyve been around 5 years or more, theyre most likely profitable, and severe about marketing. And that suggests chance for you, at professional rates.

Instead of thinking who might be able to pay a good rate, do some research study to recognize prospective markets that are most likely to pay well. Keep in mind, most author jobs are never marketed– the organization owner or editor is too overloaded to wade through resumes or to even compose an advertisement!

Youll discover national publications with big circulations tend to pay better. Excellent are specific niche publications that have a well-heeled readership (CEOs, physicians, legal representatives, and so on).

Many start-up online task websites have little or no profits. To earn more, you require to move beyond these unsteady operations to find more established, effective markets.

How can you tell if a market can pay well? Your clue is that the company has money.

If youre hoping to make 2021 your banner year for freelance writing, but youve struggled to discover work that pays well, get your mind. Utilize these strategies to discover fantastic clients and get paid professional rates.

The best pay is normally with business with $10 million or more of income. Its a myth that the Fortune 500 dont work with freelancers– Ive composed freelance for several of them, so I can tell you they do.

Find fantastic freelance composing tasks.

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