3 Ways You Can Edit Your Manuscript With an Editing Tool

Modifying is an important part of the writing process. So important, in fact, that typical knowledge determines that your story is made in the edits, not in the initial writing.
To get your manuscript publication-ready, youll need to modify it … a lot. Editing your manuscript is typically more work than composing it in the first place, however that work settles. An edited manuscript is tight, refined, and all set for readers.
Modifying your manuscript isnt as simple as scanning each page for misspelled words. There are a variety of different types of edits youll need to do get things up to par. Weve got some excellent modifying pointers for you to attempt utilizing a tool specifically suggested for editing.
How an editing tool can help you get your manuscript in good shape
Heres how you can use a modifying tool to support three of your modifying types.
1. Use a modifying tool for your copy-edit
A copy-edit pays detailed attention to your use of language throughout your manuscript. The objective of a copy-edit is to resolve technical flaws within your manuscript, such as errors in spelling, syntax, punctuation, and grammar. Youll also look for consistencies in spelling, hyphenation, lingo, and format.
Unlike a line edit, which resolves the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader, the copy-edit guarantees that your usage of language is consistent and technically precise.
Utilizing a grammar checker and editing tool like ProWritingAid is a terrific method to resolve much of the mistakes that youre trying to find in a copy-edit. ProWritingAid analyzes your writing and highlights possible improvements. For an extensive explainer of ProwritingAids complimentary and premium variations, have a look at our complete ProwritingAid review.
Reports like the Grammar Report utilize the latest artificial intelligence to capture countless embarrassing text errors. The Grammar Report can reveal you when youve missed out on a comma, however it likewise goes further than that, highlighting frequently puzzled words (such as “negative” and “averse”) so you can remove ridiculous mistakes before you reach your line edit.
The Consistency Check highlights cases of inconsistency in spelling, hyphenation, punctuation, and capitalization. That method, you can make sure your work is clean and consistent.
Utilizing a modifying tool will not solve all the copy-editing problems in your manuscript: youll still require to work with a human editor to address issues like formatting and font style. By using a modifying tool, you can address numerous copy-editing errors yourself, suggesting that youre using your editors time (and your cash) in the most effective method possible.
2. Utilize an editing tool for your deep edits
Your manuscript will go through lots of rounds of editing before its done. Near the end of your editing procedure, you might engage in something called deep edits: when you focus just on one concern and read your manuscript just for that.
Here are some examples of deep editing subjects:

Telling versus revealing
Discussion tags

If you were doing a deep edit for adverbs, for example, you would review your manuscript and recognize every circumstances of adverb use.
Adverbs are technically incorrect, but they can frequently be replaced with more active writing and are an indication that you may be doing more showing than telling. By removing adverbs in favor of more powerful verbs, youll make your writing much better.
Rather than going through your manuscript and underlining all of your adverbs with a red pen, an editing tool can highlight all of your adverbs in one go. The ProWritingAid Writing Style report highlights all of the adverbs in your work and offers recommendations for how to change them so your writing is stronger..
You can utilize a modifying tool for other deep edits too, such as determining sticky sentences, improving readability, and highlighting repeats and echoes.
The secret with deep edits (and all edits) is to keep in mind that you have full control over what feedback you pick to implement and what feedback you pick to neglect. A modifying tool can assist you discover the possible problems, however youll have to decide if and how to fix them.
3. Use an editing tool for your final proof.
Proofreading is the final part of your modifying procedure. Throughout a proofread, youll try to find uncomfortable word or page breaks and do a last run of copy-editing..
You can use an editing tool for this final copy-edit, as well: running ProWritingAids Grammar Report and Consistency Check can ensure that you havent misplaced a comma or forgotten to capitalize a characters name during your line and deep edits.
An editing tool can conserve you money and time at the checking phase: if youre tight on funds, you can utilize an editing tool to run your final checks, while you yourself browse the manuscript for formatting mistakes. At this stage, youve captured the vast majority of errors and there arent as numerous errors to compete with.
Utilize an editing tool at every stage of the modifying process.
Overcoming the edits of your manuscript is both an obstacle and a pleasure. By the end of your editing procedure, youll have a book thats publish-ready … even if it takes you several rounds of edits to get there!
Working with an editing tool like ProWritingAid can save you time, cash, and inconvenience as you hone your manuscript. By using an editing tool, you can identify both big and small mistakes and decide how to repair them to improve your work.
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To get your manuscript publication-ready, youll require to modify it … a lot. Modifying your manuscript is often more work than writing it in the first place, however that work pays off. Editing your manuscript isnt as easy as scanning each page for misspelled words. Weve got some great editing ideas for you to try using a tool particularly implied for editing.
Utilizing a grammar checker and editing tool like ProWritingAid is a fantastic method to attend to numerous of the mistakes that youre looking for in a copy-edit.

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