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Whats that you have there? Yes, those documents you have tucked into your notebook or sitting in a folder on your computer system. Is that a completed, polished brief story, individual essay, group of poems, or book manuscript? At Writers Relief, the obvious next question is: Why arent you sending your work and attempting to get published? For some writers, its difficult to avoid procrastinating. And you probably have some great reasons that youre not making writing submissions. Like these …

Totally Plausible Reasons Why Youre Not Making Writing Submissions

The Dust Bunnies Have Attacked

When theres so much cleansing to be done, how can you potentially spend time researching to discover the right markets for your writing! The flooring under the bed is a dust bunny haven, and do some of those bunnies have fangs? Look! The windows require an excellent scrub. And when was this garbage can last cleared? Theres most likely loose change under the couch cushions that youll require to retrieve. And did you forget to color code all the cables behind the TELEVISION? After doing all that, possibly youll navigate to making composing submissions.

A Backlog Of Shows On Your “To-Be-Watched” List

Would not you understand it? There are so lots of must-see programs youve been implying to view– may as well start checking them off your list! Its finally time to binge through all seventy hours of Game of Thrones. Or perhaps you d rather compare and watch all the various Sherlock Holmes adaptations to determine which one is your preferred! Hmm … It seems like youve been logged out of Netflix– whats that password once again? When youre caught up on your viewing, youll definitely have a lot of time to look into the very best locations to send your work.

Youre Out Of Coffee !!!

Honestly, how can you function without writer fuel? Youll desire to be stimulated and perky in order to begin sending your writing! Of course, the smooth jazz background music and noise of people talking at other tables may make it tough to focus on finding the best markets– and getting rid of the incorrect markets– so possibly just take along a book to check out for now.

The Dog Ate It

Well, not exactly. All those cute doggo videos in your social media feed are hard to withstand! You are honest-to-goodness going to begin sending submissions– right after watching those pet dogs tilt their heads in that charming method. And take a look at the poodle using a bow tie! Did you see the video where the tiny Chihuahua is attempting to carry a huge stick? The length of time have you been wandering around the Internet … five hours? Oh no, the pets consumed up all your time for making submissions … maybe try again tomorrow.

Waiting on The Perfect Time

And FYI: Keep the fanged dust bunnies away from your cable wires! They can be paid off with the pocket modification discovered in your sofa and a great caramel latte from the coffee shop

Heres what you need to know: Every day that you dont submit your writing is another day you will not have the chance to get released. If youve edited, modified, and proofread your work (and perhaps even received some positive feedback!)– the ideal time to submit your writing is RIGHT NOW.

Authors Relief is here to assist if you dont know how to get begun! Our research study professionals will determine the finest markets for your writing and increase your chances of getting released. You just focus on writing, and well do the rest. Send your work to our Review Board– today!– for more information.


Concern: What is stopping you from sending your writing?

At Writers Relief, the obvious next concern is: Why arent you sending your work and attempting to get published? For some writers, its tough to prevent procrastinating. After doing all that, possibly youll get around to making writing submissions.

Youre Out Of Coffee !!!

Honestly, how can you function without writer operate? If you dont know how to get started, Writers Relief is here to assist!

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