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The day has come– youve sent your writing submissions to carefully investigated markets. How amazing! You are worthy of a pat on the back for all your difficult work. While youre excitedly awaiting the replies (and ideally approvals!), Writers Relief advises getting going on another composing job. This way, youll be less most likely to obsess while waiting! Not consuming is tough for some authors– and in their enthusiasm, they may get a little … um … brought away. Here are some things you shouldnt do to be released.

Heres What You Shouldnt Do To Get Published

Dont Be An Overeager Puppy

Have you ever seen a dog wagging its whole body with excitement, awaiting a much-anticipated biscuit? You might feel the same way immediately after sending your narrative, poetry, or book to literary editors or agents. You repeatedly examine to see if youve missed an email or a call. Its been a whole week– whats taking so long? Sit! Take a deep breath. Instead of being anxious and anxious, heres what you ought to do while you wait to hear back from agents and editors.

Dont Hit Speed Dial

Considering e-mailing or calling to ensure your submission was received? Its already been three days! Pull back from the computer keyboard and the phone.

Be sure to inspect the submission guidelines to each place you submit to discover out whether or not the editor recommends following up after three to six months (yes, months!). If an editor doesnt desire any follow-up e-mails or calls, it may also be specified in the standards. Some authors, especially newbies, ignore the standards and proceed to make perpetual calls and send a barrage of emails asking about their just recently sent piece. This will just irritate the editors and their personnel, and your name will absolutely get out there– just not in the way you desire. Pestering editors and agents is a sure method to get on their “bothersome author” lists. However Im not badgering, Im being comprehensive, you firmly insist. Sorry, kiddo … its badgering.

Dont Play The Stephen-King-Is-My-Third-Cousin-Twice-Removed Card

In football this is called a Hail Mary Pass, a desperate attempt made with a very small possibility of achieving success. While it sometimes operates in sports, it never works in publishing– unless Stephen King truly is your cousin. And if that were real, were quite sure he d inform you not to try to wedge your foot in the door with flimsy name-dropping. If you fulfilled the editor or representative at a composing conference, or another writer recommended you reach out, you can definitely mention that in your letter. Dont overreach by declaring a connection that isnt real.

Dont Use An Everything-And-The-Kitchen-Sink Cover Or Query Letter

You certainly wish to send out a well-written cover or query letter with your submissions. However remember, cover letters and inquiry letters are not the exact same! A cover letter must have an introductory sentence and a short bio– nothing more. A query letter should have those very same aspects and a book blurb thats no longer than 150-200 words. Dont discuss youve been writing since you were 2 years old, or that you won a spelling bee in seventh grade, or that your next-door neighbor Reba will be so envious when you are a popular author– these will all peg you as an amateur. If you dont feel great about composing your own letter, the specialists at Writers Relief can help– weve been writing effective question letters and cover letters for over twenty-six years. We wrote the book on terrific query letters! Seriously, its called The Ultimate Query Letter Tool Kit and you can purchase your copy today!

Do Not Send Extravagant Gift Baskets

Put down that basket of charming pups! Sending out agents or editors gift baskets with kiwis, champagne, or chocolate might look like a smart way to boost your submissions odds of approval, however its not. Some editors and representatives may even take offense at what seems a thinly veiled allurement. Rather of choosing candies, spend your time picking and investigating out the very best markets for your work. The result will be much more satisfying– plus you get to keep all the pups.

Heres The One Thing You SHOULD Do To Get Published

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If you satisfied the editor or representative at a writing conference, or another author advised you reach out, you can definitely mention that in your letter. You absolutely desire to send out a well-written cover or question letter with your submissions. Keep in mind, cover letters and query letters are not the exact same! If you dont feel positive about writing your own letter, the professionals at Writers Relief can help– weve been writing efficient query letters and cover letters for over twenty-six years. We wrote the book on great query letters!

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