7 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time for a Higher-Paying Writing Niche

Everybody should have a writing niche.

Youre heard the recommendations before, right?

But what if you dont have a writing niche? And youre simply dealing with whatever projects come your method?

In this post, Ill share how to determine when “specific niche leaping” is in your best interest as a freelance author, as well as how to pull it off without a hitch.

Do not panic if you dont have a writing niche figured out just yet. Theres been enough of that in 2020 to last a lifetime.

True … its probably much easier to choose a composing specific niche at the start of your profession than to switch specific niches in the middle.

Or what if your selected writing specific niche begins to stress you out, your specific niche clients begin to draw the life out of you, and your income does not appear to be growing?

Ahem … If thats how youre feeling, theres some things you might desire to take a closer take a look at. This is your freelance composing service.

There may be times when changing your writing specific niche is what the earnings physician orders.

7 writing niche pivot points: What they are and how to determine them

Youre most likely to encounter numerous of these attempting times as your composing profession advances.

When you may be lured to redefine your specific niche, the following moments are times in your freelance profession.

A pivot point is a moment of choice, a time when youre faced with a difficulty or a critical fork in your profession.

1. The increase of infant niches

Baby niches pose an intriguing challenge for freelance authors. Theyre risky due to the fact that theyre new.

Is this new niche a passing fad or does it have remaining power?

Shiny Object Syndrome is a genuine disease and the only recognized treatment is self-discipline.

IDEA: If you pursue these specific niches, I advise placing safeguards on how many chances you chase after. Why? Its a smart method to prevent winding up with too numerous eggs in one basket only to find an imbalance of rotten eggs.

While risky, infant specific niches also present extraordinary chances. The competition for potential clients isnt as stiff, but startups because niche might not have big budget plans.

2. Loss of enthusiasm

One factor you picked the writing profession is your passion for the composed word, and perhaps a topic about which you like to compose. Still, even writers get The Seven-Year Itch.

Some questions to ask yourself:

TIP: Before you make any rash decisions to drop your specific niche, say farewell to your customers, and kiss all your hard work farewell, take a better look at why you might be feeling off about your writing niche.

Have you lost your passion for your picked composing specific niche?
Do you still enjoy reading, looking into, speaking with sources, and remaining on top of news and patterns in your composing specific niche?
Have you had the ability to move up and make more in this niche?
Or is something else happening in your life that could be clouding your judgement?

3. Transitional life stages

Maturity might trigger us to rethink our old career plans and look for brand-new challenges.

After three kids, 2 divorces, and a couple of crashes and burns, numerous of us are more reticent about breaking windows.

Theres the abundant, youthful life stage normal of college-age specialists.

We all go through different phases in life.


IDEA: Are you at a shift point, feeling a little uncomfortable? If youre at one of those tipping points in life, be open to changing your writing niche, or doing something totally various.

Twenty years ago, dissatisfied and disappointed with a sales task, I exploded on a colleague. The event led to my taking a newspaper modifying position, which later on led to the launch of my freelance writing career.

Ive considering that discovered to accept transitional life modifications with bowlfuls of grace.

4. New obstacles

One day whatevers running smoothly in your freelance writing service, and the next it seems like a runaway train. That ever occur to you?

If youre attempting to enhance, youre bound to deal with difficulties as some point, such as:

When life occurs, it can result in modifications and difficulties in how you approach your writing career and the kinds of clients you wish to attract.

TIP: Ive discovered that taking individual inventory of abilities, interests, passions, and experience every few years can result in brand-new discoveries that lie concealed in your core.

Career obstacles
Financial challenges
Health issues
Household matters or stretched relationships
Even good things can be challenging like getting married, starting a brand-new task, or sending out kids off to college.

5. Black-swan events

Black-swan occasions are unpredictable occasions with widespread consequences. The 9-11 terrorist attack, the 2008 monetary crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic are all examples of black-swan events.

Ive endured a number of these as a freelancer:

IDEA: Working in several niches will help you hedge versus a loss of earnings due to unexpected occasions you cant control.

Previously this year, I lost some customers when the pandemic negatively affected the niche I was running in. In 2008, the monetary crisis led to a loss of half my property customers in 3 months.

6. Musings and night sweats

Chance for capacity. Similarly, if there is something you are losing sleep over, examine it to see if it might be a chance for you get to your foot into someones door.

Dreamers can invest a lot of time chasing after rainbows. If youre like me, you may discover yourself combating your finest nature as a freelance author.

It is possible to turn these inner struggles into income. You have to be deliberate about it.

Danger anlaysis. Train yourself to view opportunities through a risk-analysis paradigm rather than a blind concentrate on the potential rewards.

7. When the moonshine still runs dry

In the words of Forrest Gump, “It happens.”

Just since youre facing a moment described above doesnt imply its time for you to pivot. But do not rule it out.

Take a minute to examine yourself and your composing niche to see if you may be missing something critical that may inform your decision.

SUGGESTION: Dont stress over this. Just do your finest work, and realize you might wake up one day and require to pivot.

How to make your pivot points.

Its best not to have to pivot.

through GIPHY.

By selecting profitable writing niches to begin with, you can reduce any necessity for rotating later in your career.

If a once-lucrative writing specific niche turns sour with no sensible explanation, dont be surprised.

Do yourself a favor and borrow a play from the investing world: Diversify!

You might discover it beneficial to dip your toe in the water initially to determine if you like writing in that specific niche before you rewrite your site copy and rebrand all of your social networks profiles.
Before you pivot, speak to a couple of authors in the niche youre thinking about to see what topography is like.

Take individual stock, initially, to figure out if you have the abilities and experience to work within a specific niche BEFORE you dive in.

POINTER: By diversify, I indicate choose 3 or four niches to focus on. Why? If one of them dries up, youll have the others to lean on.

If you decide to pivot from one writing niche to another …

The very best time to alter your composing specific niche?

The incident led to my taking a newspaper modifying position, which later on led to the launch of my freelance writing profession.

Continue to take personal stock of your passions and skills and keep one eye open for brand-new chances. Bottoms up! Might 2021 be a great year for you no matter which composing specific niche you serve.

TIP: By diversify, I indicate choose three or 4 niches to specialize in. May 2021 be a terrific year for you no matter which writing specific niche you serve.

Allen Taylor ghostwrites books for executives, blogs about fintech and SaaS, and develops content methods for small- and medium-sized regional businesses.

Are you thinking of changing your composing niche? Let and leave a remarks go over.

When you do not have to pivot, its. If you keep two to four unrelated niches where you have some understanding and skill, youll constantly have some customers and some earnings no matter what else is going on worldwide.

POINTER: If you pursue these niches, I advise placing safeguards on how numerous opportunities you go after. Its a wise way to avoid ending up with too numerous eggs in one basket only to find an imbalance of rotten eggs.

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