A Midsummer Pimp and Promote

A couple of times a year we toss open the virtual doors of WITS and use up the remarks section for your outrageous self-promotion. This wonderful takeover typically doubles the size of our to-be-read piles with all the excellent books we discover in the remarks area. With this pandemic, more reading product is a great summertime reward.

Several years back, we borrowed the name of this event from the wonderful Chuck Wendig. Heres how it works:

Pimp out somebody elses work — this can be a favorite author, book, blog writer or post youve read, a fantastic instructor or simply someone who had extensive impact on you as a person or an author. Please restrict your comments to one work.AND

Promote among your projects that youre thrilled about — a pastime, a blog site, a book, or a brand-new instructions your writing is taking you. You choose. Just tell us about it in the remarks! (Please restrain your enthusiasm to simply one of your WIPs.) The rest of us will leap in and “ooooh and ahh” at you, and likely promote your job even further since were just so darn ecstatic today.

Well start you off with some P&P from the WITS Team

From Ellen

Pimp: Eldred “Bob” Birds Karma series, introduces us to author James McCarthy who progresses from a protected male into a sharp investigative journalist willing to put himself in harms way. The stories are page-turners with strong characters in settings that make you feel like youre best in the middle of the action. These books are a great deal of fun to read.

This fantastic series is suspenseful with a scattering of humor. The series in order is: Killing Karma, Catching Karma and the future launched Cold Karma.

Promote: Im working on my site and would enjoy to get eyes on it: http://ellenbuikema.com/. I share on topics ranging from writing to recipes to help with children at house. This is excellent fun for kids.

From Jenny

The first three chapter books in The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon Series are New Beginnings, School Days, and Summertime.

Pimp: If you are searching for a young readers series of books, I recommend having a look at Charlie Chameleon and his adventures. Our WITS staff member, by Ellen Buikema writes this series which assists children ages 3-9 develop compassion and cultivate insight into their lives. The multicultural stories cover situations kids usually experience like getting lost, moving, starting a new school, making pals, family getaways, operating in a group, and dealing with bullies using positive approaches. Each chapter ends with one or more activities for moms and dads and children or instructors to do together, related to the actions in the stories.

Delighted Reading and Stay healthy, y all … Jenny and the WITS Crew.

Promote: I invest my days making items, companies and individuals look great. When this pandemic hit therefore many of my buddies got laid off, my side hustle ended up being assisting them power up their LinkedIn profiles. Ive always done these for business, however I had a blast helping people end up being more searchable, expand their networks, and get jobs.

My P&Ps are really looped and Im quite excited about both sides of this coin.

* * * * * *.

Theyre teaching me whatever I need to understand to develop a “LinkedIn for Success” series of classes, beginning with a pilot class. Let me know down in the comments!

Promote: If you delight in a fast paced book with a girl protagonist who utilizes wit and moxy to endure an incoming asteroid, try my current launching book: IMPACT, A Young Adult Sci-fi Novel. Nala Nightingale utilizes surprise skills beyond her broadcasting training to conquer her cunning captor Edison and his mysterious underground world.

This book is composed for teens or adult readers who would take pleasure in an optimistic book with lots of twists and turns..

Creator, Danny Iny, likewise composed a rockin book called Teach Your Gift. Pimp: If you are looking for a young readers series of books, I suggest checking out Charlie Chameleon and his adventures.

A few times a year we throw open the virtual doors of WITS and offer up the comments area for your shameless self-promotion. This wonderful takeover usually doubles the size of our to-be-read piles with all the great books we discover in the comments area. These books are a lot of enjoyable to read.

From Kris (KMaze).

Pimp: Ive been taking some training through Mirasee, to teach me how to introduce a successful online class series, and I cant say enough good ideas about them. Their understanding, their hand-holding, their resources (I could construct a shrine to their resources) are simply first-class. Creator, Danny Iny, likewise composed a rockin book called Teach Your Gift. (Available on Kindle Unlimited!).


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