Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Review: Will This Help You Master Screenwriting?

As an author and business person, learning and enhancing the tools that keep me in service are a high concern on my everyday list of to-dos. And no one can afford to be stagnant in the organisation of writing.

It can be challenging to find reputable sources and learning tools that make sense for authors. Everybodys got an opinion, from your Aunt Joan to the writers in your Facebook groups.
A professional. Someone who has experience and a tested performance history. An individual who can share their experiences and knowledge.
Thats where MasterClass comes in.
Prior to we get started, I want to share a couple fast notes. Initially, Im a writer, not a movie script writer, whichs how Ill be evaluating this course.
Second, a few of the links in this review are affiliate links. Those assistance money my coffee so I can keep writing and sharing what I discover with you. Most significantly, they didnt impact my opinions in this evaluation.
Now, lets get into the evaluation.
What Is MasterClass and How Much Does It Cost?
MasterClass is a site that features online courses from leading specialists in a variety of fields. The first time I saw an advertisement for MasterClass, I was thrilled– who would not desire to find out tennis from Serena Williams or how to compose narratives from Joyce Carol Oates?
Each course is held online and the curriculum is developed by the specialist whos teaching it. They usually run from in between 2 to 5 hours in length, with specific class videos that you can enjoy anytime after purchasing the course.
MasterClass has 2 choices when it concerns price:

You can acquire each private course for $90.
You can buy an all-access pass to all courses for $180 a year, or $15 each month.

Aaron Sorkin has dealt with whatever from The West Wing to The Social Network to Moneyball. His experience as a film writer is profound, whichs why I picked him for this evaluation and to gain from as an author. If we desire to keep readers coming back to our books for more, we all need to enhance our discussion.
Have a look at a few of his qualifications in the screengrab I took below.

Will You Benefit From the Course?
Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this review, its worthwhile to mention who this course would be finest fit for. The brief response is: writers. Fiction authors, more particularly.
Its geared toward playwrights or screenwriters, however, if you look at the lesson strategy, youll notice theres a lot that novelists can take advantage of here. A few broader subjects include producing story ideas, establishing characters, researching properly, forming great writing habits, and comprehending story arcs.
All of these subjects must equate quite well for authors of novels in all the genres of fiction.
The jurys out until we dive into what the course material is like and how much info is provided by our seriously over-qualified teacher.
My Review of Aaron Sorkins MasterClass.

You can likewise gift courses to your buddies. There are a variety of courses just for composing alone (twelve at the time of publishing this short article) which I think is well worth the all-access pass. But MasterClass isnt simply for authors alone.
Now, MasterClass has some fantastic offerings. And I figured, what much better way to do that than to find out from a fantastic, award-winning movie script writer?
Thats why I chose Aaron Sorkins MasterClass
Take an appearance at Aaron Sorkins MasterClass here. Now, lets enter into what works and what doesnt.
Who Is Aaron Sorkin?

Aaron Sorkin is an Oscar-winning screenwriter, director, producer, and playwright. If you saw A Few Good Men and abhored Jack Nicholsons character, Jessup, you can thank Mr. Sorkin for that.
Who could forget this exchange, stuffed with tension?

Aaron Sorkins writing course consists of:

35 lessons, consisting of, however not limited to, subjects such as: crafting story ideas, character production, story guidelines, story arcs, composing workshops focusing on The West Wing, writing scenes, and writing habits. Each of these classes is available to you at any time as soon as youve spent for gain access to.
Lessons ranging from 4 to 25 minutes each.
A class workbook.

That is a great deal of info for $90 or $15 each month.

To read more about whats inside the MasterClass,
click here.

What I Loved About Aaron Sorkins MasterClass
Let me count the ways in which I liked the content of this course. Pretty much.

Pitching your story is important for screenplay authors and for authors. In one of the lessons, Mr. Sorkin actually goes over how to pitch your story or concept and what concerns you can expect to be asked afterward.

The Social Network Screenplay.
A community of similar writers learning in addition to you.

In general, this is an extensive online writing course. Its well believed out and covers concerns you didnt even know you had.
What I Didnt Love
There were extremely few things I didnt like about the course. I think I just had one main issue with it, which was the community section. It wasnt as intuitive as I wouldve liked it to be. It was sort of stiff and difficult to interact with other trainees in the course.

You get more than what youre paying for, no matter which method you slice it with this MasterClass. There are thirty-five lessons packed with details, and I was inspired by each one.

Aaron Sorkins sense of humor. I discovered Aaron to be a great teacher, easy to listen to and clearly knowledgeable about what he was teaching. He was amusing too! Nothing sells me more than humor, and his amusing style made it easy to pay attention. Thats what you need in a teacher.

The West Wing Writers Room. In a series of eight fantastic lessons, Aaron Sorkin takes a seat with screenwriting plans and trainees to “break” episode among the fifth season of The West Wing. Breaking something is basically determining the start, middle, and end of the whole story in your head. This was remarkable to experience and incredibly useful.

A Few Good Men movie script.

ALL the lessons. There was important, actionable information in every lesson that enhanced my writing and even how I consider composing stories. He teaches you how to compose stories that audiences actively participate in, thus keeping them engaged. Thats precisely what you need as an author. I discovered the “composing routines” and “developing characters” lessons especially informative. My favorite was the “writing captivating discussion” lesson, as thats truly what I wanted to get down.

The Screenplays. Uhhh … who doesnt desire to have actual copies of acclaimed movie scripts to discuss? This was such a pleasant surprise for me when I initially bought the course. I got thrilled at the possibility of discussing them.

I wouldve chosen something more like a Facebook or Slack group (though I understand thats not possible).
Thats a small grievance.
Dont get me incorrect, there is a neighborhood where you can bounce concepts off each other, however its in the format of an online forum. It wasnt bad per se, but it was the one thing I didnt delight in as much in this course.
My Verdict: Is Aaron Sorkins MasterClass Right for You?
The wealth of understanding provided in the course far exceeds any small setbacks it has. I highly suggest this MasterClass for budding or skilled authors who wish to enhance. We can all stand to gain from a master of screenwriting.
Its well worth the cost, and you can duplicate the course, return to the videos whenever you like, and speak with a bunch of other authors who are going through the course and completing the lessons with you.

Steve Jobs connection and spotting list.

Prepared to take Aaron Sorkins MasterClass and master screenwriting?
Click to sign up

The MasterClass is informative and fun. And it offered me motivation to get up and get composing in the early morning. Lets face it, all of us go through periods where were stumped or demotivated, and Mr. Sorkin tackles that in the class too.
So, if youre interested in improving your skills as an author, not simply a film writer, what are you awaiting? Inspect it out.
Have you taken Aaron Sorkins MasterClass? What did you believe? Let us know in the comments.

Its your turn to practice your writing wits. The format depends on you– write a scene of prose, like a novel or short story, or a scene of a script, your own movie script for a struck TELEVISION show.
Despite the format you pick, the focus is the very same: this scene is dialogue-heavy.
Your prompt: a character has just gotten problem, and its up to them to provide it to another person. Perhaps theyre a reporter at a news outlet, or an assistant on the presidents staff, or a moms and dad sharing something unpleasant with their spouse.
Take fifteen minutes to write. When youre done, share your practice in the remarks area, and make certain to leave feedback for your fellow writers.

Brendan Hufford

The wealth of understanding presented in the course far surpasses any small problems it has.

There are a variety of courses simply for writing alone (twelve at the time of publishing this post) which I think is well worth the all-access pass. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this evaluation, its rewarding to discuss who this course would be finest fit for. Let me count the methods in which I loved the content of this course. It was sort of difficult and stiff to communicate with other students in the course.

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