Autogolpe —Another Word for Seizing Power

By Maeve Maddox

Throughout the current unclear times, I have stumbled upon a new word (new to me) to explain an extralegal maneuver to take power in a nation that has a recognized federal government: autogolpe.
autogolpe (noun): a situation in which a nations leader, who came to power by way of legal methods, keeps a hold on office by unlawfully assuming amazing powers.
The prefix auto is, of course, the Greek word for self, but golpe is from Spanish. Like French coup, golpe describes a blow or a strike, delivered unexpectedly and rapidly.
In Latin America, the word autogolpe refers to a military coup initiated by a countrys elected leader to take over the federal government.
On 5 April it was 14 years since previous president Alberto Fujimoris autogolpe, which suspended the 1979 constitution and dissolved congress prior to drafting a brand-new constitution adopting a unicameral system.– Latin News
An autogolpe differs from a coup détat in that the latter topples the established federal government– including the current head of state– and puts another in its location. The autogolpe maintains the recognized government, however extends the powers of the legally chosen leader beyond what was meant under law.
The German equivalent of French coup and Spanish golpe is putsch, and like them, putsch can be used to refer to an effort to overthrow a government, specifically by violent methods.
The Beer Hall Putsch (8-9 November 1923), also understood as the Munich Putsch, was a stopped working coup détat by Adolf Hitler to take power in Munich, Bavaria.
English is specifically abundant in words for efforts to resist the recognized order. Some suggest armed revolt with the intent of toppling the government. Others suggest resistance or disobedience without always meaning to change the federal government.
insurgence: the action of rising versus authority; a rising, revolt.
insurrection: the action of rising in arms or open resistance against established authority or governmental restraint.
mutiny: a disobedience of a considerable number of soldiers, sailors, prisoners, or the like against those in authority.
rebellion: an arranged armed resistance to a recognized ruler or federal government; an uprising, a revolt.
revolt: An act of renouncing loyalty to developed authority, specifically through cumulative armed disobedience; an insurrection, an uprising.
transformation: the overthrow of a recognized government or social order by those formerly based on it; forcible substitution of a brand-new form of government.
riot: a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd; a break out of violent civil condition or lawlessness.
sedition: a collective motion to topple a recognized federal government; a revolt, rebellion, mutiny. Sedition also refers to any conduct or language inciting to rebellion versus the made up authority in a state.
subversion: the action of overthrowing a ruler, country, or government.
uprising: an insurrection; a popular increasing against authority or for some common function.
Whereas many power grabs have as their objective the facility of a various government, the revolt of anarchists has as its ideal a lack of federal government.
anarchy: A theoretical social state in which there is no governing individual or body of individuals, but each person has absolute liberty.
The actual significance of anarchy, from Greek words for state and head, is “a state or nation without a chief.” As a political movement, anarchy is limited in its success because its extremely hard to arrange individuals who will not take instructions.
Another word Ive found out from the endless short articles about civil discontent is anomie.
anomie: the absence of accepted social requirements or worths; the state or condition of a private or society lacking such requirements.
In my view, anomie is scarier than all of the others.

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