Before You Build Your First Product, Do This

Day 5. Today is the day where this becomes real.

Far, weve determined why we develop, the importance of making money off our art, how to know what to offer, and to whom, and so now … its time to sell.

The other day, I asked you to discover who might be interested in your item, that is how you pick to package a service to a felt requirement. I wanted you to float the idea out to a little group of individuals for feedback.

Did you do that? What did individuals say?

At this point, youre trying to evaluate demand. Ideally, this would be done through a survey or some sort of open online forum where people can easily respond, “Yes, I d love to buy that book or listen to that tune or take that course!”

10 or so– youve shown that there is some demand for this concept of yours when you get a good amount of people informing you this– state. Now, its time to verify it.

And you must not believe them. Do not think anyone until they pay you. Since thats when the rubber fulfills that proverbial road. Thats when you actually understand if somebody values something, when they exchange real cash for it.

This is the just real method to confirm if someone actually desires it as opposed to their just stating great things to you. Because many people will not inform you the reality. Or they might state, “I would totally check out that book!”

This is the point at which many individuals rush ahead of themselves. They either develop what they want without considering what other individuals really want, or they rush to make it at the very first sign of interest.

What do you do?

This is constantly true. So prior to we develop our item, lets sell the concept to someone. A few someones, maybe. And once weve gotten actual money for this thing, we can start constructing it.

Sell one. Do not buy a storage facility or get a VC just. Just offer one.

This is often called product recognition, and its really simple however often neglected. People buy the concept of something before they purchase the real something. Think about it. When you see a product on Amazon prior to you include it to your cart, you are, in your mind, purchasing that thing initially as a concept. Which is to state, you arent buying the important things. Youre buying the idea.

Today, we are going to up the ante and ask you to ask someone to buy this something from you.

How do we do this? Really easy:

My objective with this obstacle is to help you go from absolutely no to one and offer you the roadmap to keep going.

Reach out to anyone who informs you they have an interest in the thing that you are making. If they told you “I would absolutely buy that from you!” then the next step is to in fact inquire to pay you.
Send this person a basic message, something to the effect of: “Hey! How does that noise to you?”
If you do not hear back, follow up a few days later on. Do this one more time prior to moving on.
Do this with ten individuals and see if you can get at least someone to buy.
If you can get them to purchase it, congratulations. Youre in organization. If not, its back to the drawing board.

Today is the “last day” in this challenge, but Ill be following up more with you over the next several days, sharing some next steps for you to take your idea and scale it into a real item. Ill also be checking in to see what questions you still have and welcome you to a live training and Q&A discussion where you can share any battles youre still having actually about making money to develop.

That stated, this process works if you do. What do you say?

I am often shocked by the concepts that take off and the ones that flop. The trick here, I believe, is to learn a certain level of durability and not get too connected to any particular concept.

Sound good?

Day 5. Today is the day where this ends up being real. This is the final day in our five-day obstacle. Individuals purchase the idea of something before they purchase the real something. And if you missed out on a day, be sure to go check out that lesson.

I d enjoy to hear from you with simply an easy reply to see how youre discovering this obstacle if youre not on Facebook. Hit reply to let me understand how its going.

In the meantime, youve got some asks to make. Circle back in the Facebook group and let us understand how it went! And if you missed out on a day, make sure to go check out that lesson.

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