Blog Post Ideas? Send Your Best Pitch About Freelance Writing

“What post concepts are on the calendar for the next few months?”

Makes sense? Working ahead is always a good idea.

” Lets deal with getting 6 to 8 weeks ahead.”

Thats a great idea. Theres just one problem …

So you d think I d simply dip into my inbox flooded with article ideas, sort out the bad ones, reach out to the freelancers with fresh ideas, and make some tasks.

When Carol Tice asked me that on a recent Zoom call, I understood the well of post concepts for Make a Living Writing was running low.

About 99.9 percent of the blog post ideas and pitches authors send are terrible. As in:

Freaking. Kidding.

Seriously. Its bad (Ill reveal you in simply a sec). And its time to do something about it.

Want to compose a visitor post for Make a Living Writing? Heres what you require to know:

Initially … Please stop sending out remarkably bad pitches

Put yourself in my shoes. Youre the editor of a popular blog site about business and craft of freelance writing.

And you require to make some projects to keep the 1,200-blog-posts-and-counting device going that releases useful advice for freelance authors every Tuesday and Friday.

So lets have a look at my inbox. Heres a couple of pitches Ive received in the last couple of days for Make a Living Writing:

I am likewise a blog writer and I like to discuss gardening related subjects.
Here is a concept I believe would resonate with your readers: The 8 Manliest Alcoholic Drinks of All Time
I wish to publish my informative and special article on your site associated to: Technology/Business/Web Design/WordPress/social media/graphic style
Tell me, are you thinking about a guest short article for a blog site on how to live an entire year in Russia without a refrigerator?

Would you accept any of these blog site post ideas?

No. No, you would not.

Not if you can read, have a pulse, or understand the difference between a Lamborghini and a Ford Pinto.

Opportunities are pretty excellent even a grade-school-age kid whos been stuck at home for months in between fake school and an everything-is-closed sort of summer holiday, can inform these pitches do not have anything to do with freelance writing.

I have to give these independent authors props for taking the effort to pitch an idea. I indicate, its one of the very best ways to land freelance composing assignments:

Put yourself out there
Come up with some good post ideas, and
Reach out to an editor

Its all for absolutely nothing if your blog site post ideas do not have anything to do with the target audience or the website youre pitching. Please, stop sending out bad pitches to editors.

Make producing excellent ideas one of your superpowers

With that little rant out of the method, what are we trying to find? Your finest post ideas about freelance writing. :

When you do not have any composing samples, how to get started
Imaginative marketing methods to discover self-employed customers
Utilizing social networks to connect with freelance composing potential customers
Tips for writing blog site post headings that bring in readers
Guidelines about SEO every freelance writer must understand
Apps, pointers and tools to boost performance
How to set your rates or raise your rates
How to burglarize a brand-new niche as a freelance writer
Tips to turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead-generating device
Advice for laid-off journalists attempting to go full-time freelance
Strategies, ideas, and hacks to find high-paying clients
How to write for non-profits and earn money
How to get retainer customers or long-lasting clients with great deals of work
Your success story from absolutely no to where you are now as a freelance writer
Thoughts, ideas, and skilled advice about content marketing for freelancers

Spark any blog post ideas? Great. Heres what to do next:

Pitch your best post concepts about freelance writing

Its open pitch time for Make a Living Writing. If youre foaming at the mouth with a terrific blog post idea today, lets hear it in the Comments area below. If you require a little more time or assistance to brainstorm some concepts, do the following:

Lets see what youve got. Submit your article concepts for Make a Living Writing in the Comments area. Well return to you as quickly as possible, if it appears like a great fit.

Send your blog post concepts and pitches in the Comments area listed below..

Evan Jensen is the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing. When hes not on a writing due date or catching up on e-mails, hes training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

Share your experience or offer a play-by-play account of how you get more customers. Knowing from other authors personal experiences is a powerful way to teach, encourage, and assist other freelancers move up and earn more.

Read the blog. FYI, theres more than 1,200 posts on all sort of freelance composing topics. Get familiar with the style, material, and audience, prior to you pitch a visitor post idea.

Its open pitch through Aug. 31.

About 99.9 percent of the blog post ideas and pitches concepts submit are authorsSend Your finest blog post ideas about freelance writing. Trigger any blog site post concepts? If youre lathering at the mouth with a fantastic blog post concept right now, lets hear it in the Comments section listed below. Submit your blog post ideas for Make a Living Writing in the Comments section.

Theres simply one problem …

Write a pitch with a working heading and a short summary of the points youll cover in the guest post. No pre-written posts, ramblings, or novel-length submissions.

Got a blog post idea about freelance writing? Pitch in the comment section below.

Establish an original concept about the business and craft of freelance writing. We do not accept any generic, researched-off-the-Internet writing subjects weve all seen 1,000 times previously.

Lot of freelance subjects, guidelines, and details to help you pitch an idea that gets accepted. No, we dont desire a pitch about living refrigerator-free in Russia, or anything else unassociated to independent writing.).

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