Book Covers 101: Updating Your Cover

by Melinda VanLone

Reserve covers are a lot like fashion, other than the expectations change throughout years instead of seasons. Everyones seen the cover of their favorite book modification over the years, whether its generally released or indie. You may even be considering how good it would be to change your own book cover to something more exciting or more “now”, but something is holding you back.

If you invested a lot of money on your present cover, its difficult to swallow that it might need updating. After all, thats much more cash and time youll have to invest. However theres a time and place for everything, which means theres a time when changing your cover is the right move.

Some Reasons to Change Your Cover

1. Trends Change

Just like most things in life, nothing lasts forever. That pattern of just revealing a bare-chested torso today could suggest that your book is out of touch with modern-day times tomorrow. When needed, its a clever service practice to keep up with the present patterns and change. Your book is an item, after all, and it requires the finest packaging for the marketplace.

2. Categories Change

When they do, they tend to come with brand-new expectations for cover art. A steamy love today, for instance, needs more flesh revealing on the cover to suggest the heat level of the story.

3. Authors Change … Their Minds

Youve probably found out a lot because your very first book cover was commissioned. The world is a very different location than it was a few months or years back. What worked then possibly simply does not work now.

Possibly It Is Timing

Evaluating the market, target readership expectations, and total service life can provide engaging clues as to when it would deserve the plunge into new art. :

1. Sales have fallen off the charts

Whatever your peak was on sales, if theyve taken a nosedive even with pumped up advertisement spends and excellent click-through rates, together with other marketing efforts, the very first thing to play with is the cover art. Often that a person modification can bring readers back.

2. Strategies Have Changed

If you started out thinking you were writing a stand-alone, however then it became a trilogy … which kept going … your series and brand name might require a refresh to bring cohesion. Readers enjoy to understand that books in a series belong together and the simplest method to show them that is with the cover art. So if the brand name is looking spread or dated, a refresh can breathe new life and bring brand-new readers to your backlist.

3. The Brand Feels Dated

Here we are years later and now that cover feels out of date, stiff, I dislike the font style, and it doesnt attract the reader Im looking for. It was time for a change, so recently I took the plunge and re-branded all 5 of the Xannon covers to update them to the present category expectations. The brand-new appearance attracted more readers and made my advertisement spends more reliable.

While it costs money and time to re-do a cover, in the end, it might lead to brand-new readers and more sales … and how could that not be worth the effort?

Do you have book covers you want or require to upgrade? What are some covers youve seen that you love? Melinda is open for questions down in the comments!

Back then, it was fairly typical in New Adult Fantasy to see wonderful symbols as the main focus, and no actual individuals. A lot of big names were taking this technique, so I did too.

If you are generally released, getting the cover art altered might not be something you can manage. That does not indicate you shouldnt ask about it, and point out the factors why you believe a modification would assist market the book much better.

When I initially introduced my House of Xannon series, I studied the market and current trends and placed the book within the New Adult category. At that time it was a new niche, hardly specified, and had little expectations. Attempting to bridge the space in between Young Adult and plain old Adult wasnt easy for the art world.

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About Melinda

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It was time for a modification, so just recently I took the plunge and re-branded all five of the Xannon covers to upgrade them to the existing genre expectations. If you are generally released, getting the cover art changed might not be something you can manage.

Book covers are a lot like fashion, except the expectations alter over the course of years instead of seasons. Everybodys seen the cover of their favorite book change over the years, whether its generally published or indie. You might even be thinking about how nice it would be to change your own book cover to something more exciting or more “now”, but something is holding you back.

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