Do I Need To Tell You To Vote? Vote. Vote!

Make a plan to vote. Get others to vote. Vote early and in-person if you can. Donate to candidates, phone bank, knock on doors, talk to loved ones and next-door neighbors. Voting is individual however democracy is a community, its about making your voice heard, which neither ends nor begins at the ballot box. Lets roll up on this democracy like a tide, like a healing wave, nourishing and cool to those who require it, salted and squashing to those who fear it. Lets gooooo and get it done.

VOTE. Jesus Christ on a Ferris wheel, voooooote. I mean, thats it, right? You got ta take part in our democracy. This is it. This is the huge game. You dont vote, you bench yourself. You bench your option, your liberty, your opportunity to grab a couple of inches on this big-ass wheel. Individuals combated and passed away for this power. They still are combating for the right to do so, to have their voice sign up with the chorus. If you shirk that task and turn down a right that others are having a hard time to maintain and possess– thats like parading a plate of food in front of a starving person and then choosing youre not hungry, so you throw that shit in the trash. Vote, vote, vote. You got ta goddamn vote.

However Chuck, Who Should I Vote For?

Theres just mayhem.

Do not vote for Donald Trump, for fucks sake. Jesus Christ. What the fuck.

” But the stock market.” Fuck the stock exchange. Thats not a genuine thing. Its the heartbeat of the rich and powerful. Says absolutely nothing about the real economy. Hes gon na fuck with your health care, take away the limitation versus pre-existing conditions, make you shackled to your company once again. Because that assists the abundant and effective stay rich and effective– the less they give you, the more they take for themselves. Hes them. Hes not you. Hes not a commoner. Hes not even a business person. Hes a clown who took control of the circus and all the other clowns love him.

Hes here to get abundant, while youre here to get fucked. Hes a liar. Hes a vampire. A tick embedded in the American skin, drinking and drinking till he gets so puffed up he cant even move any longer. I indicate, ha ha, never mind all the wanton bigotry and sexism, but maybe you do not care about that. If you were considering electing him, then you dont.

Hes one of those abundant guys who pretends to be your pal while he makes you work for him at a cut rate, and then he takes all the credit. Hes got all the curiosity of a bulldozer. Hes got the compassion of a dumptruck.

Thats it.

Selfishness and chaos.

I suggest, you fucking understand who. If your response there is, “Well, Donald Trump,” then like Jeff Probst on Survivor, I got absolutely nothing for you, head back to camp. Wheres his health care strategy?

That shitbird is in it for himself.

However Chuck, Biden Is Something Or Other Blah Blah

Shit, he was in the White House. He actually understands the job. Hes a legislator. Not even a politician– a real lawmaker, shown for decades.

” But hes still not ideal and he did this or said that.” Were on a deserted island, okay? And theres 2 boats off this thing. One is a janky hell-boat loaded with illness and rats and scurrilous Russians, but theres a gold toilet on it which is honestly too heavy and is most likely gon na sink it eventually. The other one is a great boat, a typical boat, its maybe nothing elegant, it smells a little like Scranton, but you understand what? Its solid, itll get us off the island. Its a good boat. We like that boat. Dont piss on that boat simply because its not the private yacht you wanted, okay? We never ever get the private yacht. There are no luxury yachts coming. The luxury yachts do not come out by doing this. The luxury yachts are bullshit anyhow. We need real boats, and this is a real boat, so get on the real boat and lets get off this fucking island.

He wasnt my person in the primary, wasnt my 2nd, maybe wasnt even my 3rd, however hes who we have, and Ill be honest, hes done a helluva job so far. Bernies moved him left. Warrens moved him left.

However Chuck, Something Third Party

This is an existential election. Its not the time to play games.

Were a substantial nation and we only get two parties, one of which is wandering so far ideal you cant even see them anymore, and the other which is … well, theyre someplace between a Noble Institution and a Hot Mess, and typically end up with all the aplomb of a Homeowners Association. Yeah, I want we had a more variegated landscape, politically. I also want for a pony and so far, one hasnt showed up.

A third party vote is a vote thrown into a hole. All youre doing is ceding your option to fate, and even more, recommending that you are of such fantastic opportunity that neither candidate matters to you, and that the problems that will afflict many Americans will escape you completely, so fuck those individuals. Your vote is a ladder to assist them up.

No! No. Bad citizen, bad. What did I inform you? There are 2 boats. 2! Not three. Two. That third boat youre gon na elect, its never showing up. It cant. The dock has room for 2 boats. I wish it had space for three boats, however you cant want the third boat into existence. Due to the fact that it cant get close enough to land since the docks dont allow it, itll constantly remain out to sea.

To get that landscape, we require third celebration candidates down-ballot. We require ranked choice voting. We require the electoral college to fade into history.

Seriously Please Just Get It Done, Fucking Hell, Ahhhh

Vote, vote, vote. You got ta goddamn vote.

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Get others to vote. A third celebration vote is a vote thrown into a hole. Go vote, vote blue, ever and ever amen.

Here is a photo of a bird. The bird desires you to vote.

Dont vote for Trump. Vote down-ticket too and send out a message to the GOP because they have no ethical compass any longer. Go vote, vote blue, ever and ever amen.

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