Freelance Marketing: 18 COVID-Era Tips to Find Great Clients

Whats freelance marketing appearance like throughout a worldwide pandemic?

How do you find excellent customers? With tactical freelance marketing efforts.

A lot of companies have been thrown for a loop throughout this COVID-19-induced economic downturn, but that doesnt imply you ought to put your freelance marketing efforts on the back burner.

Seriously. Many business require more content right now, not less.

How about a little aid from pro-freelance authors who are already doing this?

Find excellent customers and snag them, even in an economic crisis.
Make money well, due to the fact that less customers does not relate to less pay.
Recognize niches that pay well and keep growing, even throughout an economic slump.
Spot companies that are rotating their services to address the requirements of the brand-new COVID marketplace.
Utilize your network, old leads, and previous clients to land tasks.

Want assist with freelance marketing to land excellent clients? See what these 18 freelance experts advise to reserve more work and get paid well.

We reached out to experienced freelance authors to reveal you how to:.

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1. Always be pitching to remain completely booked.

Amanda AbellaCEO and founder of Make Money Your Honey.

Heres my one tip that constantly helped me when I was freelancing.

You dont have adequate potential offers in the pipeline. The solution: Always be pitching.

And its an even larger problem during times of crisis.

Amanda Abella.

The most significant freelance marketing issues authors have with getting customers is always the exact same.

Always be pitching.

2. Market your niche abilities & & authority to stand apart.

Ruthie BowlesContent marketer & & creator of Defy the Status Quo.

The majority of independent authors who want to make money more and be viewed as their customers partner desire to be appreciated for the understanding and experience in their heads.

Ruthie Bowles.

Given that March 2020, Ive seen MORE chances for:.

Market your authority. Build relationships. And turn content engagement into discussions.

My leading suggestion for getting customers is the exact same as it was pre-earth-shaking-chaos: Market your authority.

As an outcome, Ive been making the most of this not just for my customers, but for myself, too. And the outcomes have been phenomenal. I have a restricted number of client spots, and they keep filling.

However they do little to absolutely nothing to really market that extremely vital part of their business..

Authority marketing.
Virtual speaking chances.
Podcast interviews.
Expert contribution demands, and more.

3. Local freelance marketing helps grow your recommendation network.

Ive obtained speech and site copy gigs just, since I made it understood to everybody I knew in my location I was a writer..

I got involved in the regional school board elections, helping candidates.

Hope Clark.

Hope ClarkAuthor & & freelance writing specialist.

You feel practically like family, which makes lots of clients feel much safer. Make this type of freelance marketing a habit, and pretty soon everyone understands you as one kind of writer or another.

During a time when you cant fulfill and welcome and present yourself, Ive discovered that going to those you currently know in your immediate area eases a few of that COVID stress.

Plus, people are most likely to desire to fulfill you personally, social distancing, naturally, if you are local.

This is an election year.

Now Im THE writer of my town, asked to assist this individual which, this company and that.

4. Follow the financing & & pivots to find writing opportunities.

Mandy Ellis.

Remarkably, many companies continue to get large quantities of funding despite the present conditions.

Even if you send some LOIs (Letter of Introduction) and get a, “Not right now, however lets remain in touch,” action, things are changing so quickly that they could extremely well require a writer sooner than they believe.

Plus, since theyre changing with the times, theyre not only getting funding, but progressively increasing their income, which implies they can manage expert writing rates.

Mandy EllisAustin freelance author and coach.

Check out where the cash is streaming in terms of funding and VC (Venture Capital) companies.

When COVID-19 hit, many companies placed on the brakes. Now that its September and they see its not going away, theyre ramping up content development and making considerable modifications to their material strategy.

Think tech industries, sustainability, innovative health care, and health/wellness companies. And anybody whos pivoted to assist out business desperately impacted by COVID-19.

Youll be able to identify which companies are ramping up if you pay attention to whos making the ideal shifts with the economy and current trends. And youll find a large pool of great clients.

Enjoy whos pertaining to the rescue in these times (business increasing profits since theyve rotated), and youll see a great deal of terrific customers that require material to explain what they do, how they help, and why they made modifications.

5. Reactivate old clients & & causes attract work.

Ed GandiaAuthor, freelance writing expert, & & coach

Same with not-yet-ready leads whove contacted you in the past but never converted to clients. They a minimum of currently understand who you are and might even trust you to a certain extent.

Ive found that one of the fastest, most convenient, and least-tapped opportunities for landing lucrative work is your past or dormant clients and your not-yet-ready potential customers (potential customers that were interested when you first reached out, but who didnt have a project at the time).

Utilize a really simple subject line.

And my preferred method of “reactivating” these opportunities is with an extremely brief e-mail that pleads to be addressed.


Here are a number of examples …

Its typically easier to discover opportunities with dormant or past customers who already know, like and trust you. So youre over that difficulty.

SUBJECT: White paperHi Joan, Are you still thinking of writing that white paper on range knowing security obstacles?- Ed.
TOPIC: Content repurposing ideaHi Jamie, Have you considered repurposing some of your webinars into white papers or e-books?- Ed.

Withstand the temptation to further qualify your question or to include more fluff to your intro. Solve to the point.
Constantly end with a concern.

Ed Gandia. A lot of writers focus all their attention on finding brand-new customers when it comes to drumming up new service.

The keys to making this work:.

Customize each message. In many cases youll have the ability to use most or all of it from one possibility to the next. Utilize previous information or insights if they would include some customization to your note.

6. Stay in touch with clients for more work & & referrals

. Jennifer Goforth GregoryFreelance tech-writing professional.

Jennifer Goforth Gregory.

While there is work out there, it might take more self-employed marketing to find it.


My recent writer study discovered that:.

Some companies have ramped up composing requirements while others have actually downsized.

59% earned more in the very first half of 2020 than the first half of 2019.
38% made substantially more in the first half of 2020 compared to last year.

The biggest takeaway from my survey:.

You need to stay in touch with existing customers far more routinely than before.

79% of the writers who earned the same or more in 2020, compared to 2019, said that they got work from proactively connecting to clients.

Customers are so hectic right now that you need to remain top of mind, specifically with clients you have not dealt with in a while.

If youre trying to find new clients, ask your present clients for recommendations, both to other departments and tasks (if a firm), and to colleagues outside of their company.

Give yourself some grace if youre struggling with freelance marketing right now. Each of us has many additional stressors and concerns nowadays, and we require to be kind to ourselves. You can only do the very best we youre capable of at one given minute.

Inspect in with your existing customers a minimum of every two weeks.

7. Go all-in with freelance marketing to grow your composing service.

We began our organization in January of 2020. Yeah … not the most optimal time as it ends up.

However, instead of folding up shop and trying to “wait this thing out,” we went all in on showing love to our audience.

Andrea Hubbert.

Andrea HubbertCo-founder of The Solopreneur Society and Freelance Writing Expert.

Developing an offering for solopreneurs to help them prospect with soul throughout the pandemic.
Releasing an economical, yet fully custom-made, brand identity service to help clients produce legendary brands that can weather any market shift.
Kicking up the academic opportunities readily available to our peeps, since we wanted to guarantee that our kindreds had the ability to come out of the other side equipped with more buzz, buyers and spending plan.

Every one of these techniques– developing just-in-time content, adding a new service offering with an attractive rate point, and helping your clients continue to move on with their own companies– can assist you make sales in the time of COVID-19.

This consisted of:.

8. Develop numerous freelance composing income streams & & referral sources.

Laneic LavelleContent strategist & & copywriter

Ive likewise diversified my earnings, so I dont simply rely on people who require to outsource.

Some of my profits comes from my online course, which runs as an evergreen funnel.

Laneic Lavelle. Right now Im getting the bulk of my clients through referrals and taking part in tops.


Hosting a course has actually even assisted me land some freelance composing clients..

9. Reach out to rescue customers in need of freelance aid.

If you dont know how to manage social networks, write to rank for SEO, or manage WordPress, NOW is a good time to find out. These are profitable upsells …

Companies require freelancers throughout economic difficulty.

Plus, when business fire loads of workers, most of the marketing group goes (blog supervisors, copywriters, editors, social media managers, etc.).

The start-ups and companies that have actually fired or furloughed staff members are outsourcing.

Kayla LeeFreelance writer & & company consultant.

Kayla Lee.

Clients like authors who can write a blog, enhance it for SEO, publish it in WordPress, and share it on the businesss social networks accounts..

Discover contacts at companies with recent layoffs and send out an e-mail or LinkedIn message. Understand and let them understand you can assist throughout this difficult time.

10. Networking is an easier way to win clients than cold-pitching potential customers.

Naomi NakashimaFreelance writing expert & & coach

Naomi Nakashima. Focus on your previous clients and lean on your network throughout a pandemic or financial crisis.

For example, if theyre attempting to pivot far from regional marketing to internet marketing, be the writer and expert to handle the modification.

By assisting your clients prepare for the long term, youll produce a great deal for both of you.

Its always been easier to win brand-new service from previous customers than it has been to win new customers. Start by assessing what your previous customers new requirements are.


Theyll be pleased to deal with someone who currently comprehends their audience. Hiring you will make it much easier for them to continue to attend to their audiences needs, even if those needs are shifting.

11. Usage LinkedIn to establish relationships with possible self-employed clients in your niche.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
Support relationships with your current LinkedIn connections.
Connect with new contacts on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn to nurture and start relationships with people/companies in your industry who need your services.

Gertrude Nonterah, PhDNurse, scientist, and freelance health care writing expert.

Build relationships. Its by far the most efficient way Ive drawn in new prospects and clients during this season.

Effective service owners and freelance writers hang out structure significant relationships on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail or whatever medium you choose. Just keep structure.

Gertrude Nonterah, PhD.

Although the pandemic has actually indicated lay-offs and spending plan cuts, the fact is that companies (including my specific niche … health and wellness) still require academic content..

12. Get used to fulfill market demands of freelance composing customers.

Shanae Patterson.

Shanae PattersonFounder of The Ultimate Freelance Guide.

What do your freelance clients and potential customers need right now?

Actually think of what your capacity and existing customers may need throughout a time like this and work that into a brand-new product or service. For example:.

If you offer eBooks, and theyre kind of on the pricey side, think about composing a few shorter eBooks and offering them at lower prices. Not only will it help increase your authority aspect, however itll provide your audience more affordable choices.

Gaining new skills that assist your clients and prospective customers survive the pandemic.
Broadening your list of freelance marketing and writing services.

You may require to adapt to fulfill market location demands by:.

Take a complimentary or low-cost course that teaches you how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns, then include that to your list of services.

13. Use LinkedIn tools to get in touch with your perfect clients.

Tom PopomaronisEVP of Innovation at Massive Alliance, factor with CNBC and Entrepreneur publication.

My top pointer would really be to take advantage of LinkedIn one of 2 ways.

Tom Popomaronis.

1. If you have Sales Navigator, you can filter a target market by those who have actually “published on LinkedIn in the last 30 days”. This is such a critical filter for you to then drill down to exactly what your prospect is stating so you can hyper-align a pitch to them, appropriate to what theyre sharing or speaking about.

2. If you dont have Sales Navigator, I suggest browsing hashtag groups, appropriate to your industry, and finding comparable commentary. (You may have to dig a bit deeper on this one and do some scrolling, though). Potential customers are talking about their requirements every day!

14. Construct your individual brand to attract more freelance work.

The single greatest differentiating factor between the freelancers who are busier than ever and those in requirement of more jobs today– is whether they have a strong personal brand.

Ryan Robinson.

The freelancers who are prospering have actually invested effort and time into:.

Ryan RobinsonBlogger, podcaster, & & side-project aficionado.

Ive spoken with some freelancers who are overbooked with new jobs these past couple of months, and others who are struggling to keep existing clients and draw in brand-new ones.

No matter the market youre in, these are quite weird times.

As lots of customer budget plans have gotten tighter when it comes to employing outdoors specialists, the priority appears to have actually moved even more towards dealing with freelance writers whove branded themselves as an authority within their spaces.

Building their own blog sites.
Growing their social networks neighborhoods.
Developing connections with other leaders in their industry.
Aiming to get included on recognizable publications.

15. Niche marketing constantly settles for freelance writers.

When you do, everything ends up being clearer.

Steve SlaunwhiteSpeaker, author, & & copywriting specialist.

Youll quickly learn:.

What these companies need from you (as an author).
How to approach them.
What to state to ignite their interest in your services and employ you.

Pick a specific niche market.

Steve Slaunwhite.

16. Smart freelance marketing methods will assist you find excellent clients.

Carol Tice.

Carol TiceFreelance Writers Den creator and founder/writing-business coach of the Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator mastermind.

Here are three things my coaching trainees and I have actually found are working right now:.

1. Discover prospects by examining Whos Viewed My Profile? on LinkedIn.

Its a great time to purchase a month of Premium (theres a level thats just $30), and get the data on who examined out your profile. Those are the hottest leads youll ever find!

Anybody who appears like a prospect, shoot them an InMail and ask if they were trying to find a writer. Keep constructing your LinkedIn network, as that will get you found on more searches– and in turn, get more prospects examining out your profile.

2. Search for winners.

Remember that some markets are growing now– business that supply online learning tools. Make winners your targets.

Even in struggling industries, you can find innovators, if you check out the company news outlets– the cruise lines that are now providing virtual trips.

Bigger, better-funded companies are aiming to double down on marketing, to take market share from rivals during this crisis. Google for biggest/best business lists in your sectors and prospect to those leads.

3. Pitch freelance work to OLDER full-time task listings.

Things might have gone crazy, they never made that hire, or possibly that hire cleaned out. And listings from a month back arent getting a lot of responses, so youll stand apart.

17. Start discussions with your freelance customers to learn more about their content requirements.

For some of my clients, company slowed. For others, it got.

Meagan WilliamsCertified material strategist & & health-tech freelance author.

Utilize your customers to get much deeper insights.

Im in healthcare, and weve been going through a great deal of chaos in the last few months.

Meagan Williams.

What you learn can help you refocus your freelance marketing efforts and keep work streaming, even as things continue to unfold.

Start conversations with your customers about why things are taking place and what they expect to see in the future.

18. Follow up with your leads to land more assignments.

Whats been most practical for me is acting on leads that Ive linked with pre-COVID.

Heres an easy way to bear in mind to follow up: Set calendar pointers to sign in with present, previous, and potential clients (both month-to-month and quarterly).

Need aid with freelance marketing? Lets discuss in the remarks.

Quinisha WrightFreelance monetary author & & consultant.

As an outcome, Ive been taking advantage of this not just for my customers, however for myself, too. I have a limited number of customer areas, and they keep filling up.

If youre having a hard time with freelance marketing right now, give yourself some grace. Potential customers are talking about their requirements every day!

Follow-up is constantly crucial. But its a lot more essential right now.

Level up your freelance marketing efforts to get great clients.

I recently landed $1,600 of work, because I followed up routinely with a lead back in March.

Wish to move up and make more as a freelance author, even during COVID-19? Level up your freelance marketing efforts with these pointers from professional authors who are currently doing it. NOW is constantly the best time to begin.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isnt composing copy, shes working on her forever-in-progress initially novel.

Even if they do not have work at the moment, this keeps you in mind for upcoming projects.

Quinisha Wright.

Desire to move up and make more as a freelance author, even during COVID-19?

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