Freelance Marketing: 4 Holiday-Smart Ways to Book More Work

Its simple to come up with factors for not doing any freelance marketing to line up brand-new writing clients up until January.

Its that many terrific time of the year– for falling into the doldrums and slacking off on your freelance marketing, that is.

You believe:

But taking a 6-week freelance marketing trip is a bad concept. This results in January panic, when you have to cold-start your marketing after New Years. Top-earning writers are constantly marketing.

Everybody is on holiday, anyway. Why pitch?
The days are brief and I feel drowsy.
Ill have company soon, or be traveling, so who cares?
Im hectic with clients and couldnt take a new gig now, anyway.

Keep in mind, it can take weeks or months for freelance marketing to pay off. So prospecting you do now lays the foundation for more and much better freelance gigs in the coming year.

How can you overcome the difficulties of attempting to get freelance marketing done during the hectic vacation season? Here are 4 ideas:


1. Drop them a line.

How slick is that for freelance marketing? No ones going to toss that away.

This is a good time of year to remain in touch with previous and existing customers with a fast thank-you card. Let them understand you value the opportunity to work with them!

Few authors send out written notes in the mail, so this is a terrific method to stick out and build relationships.

You can likewise utilize that card to hold a beneficial little memento to keep your name in front of them. A refrigerator magnet or pencil works fantastic. I understand one author who once sent out iPad styluses with her name and e-mail engraved on them, in a direct-mail campaign.

2. Provide in order to get.

You desire a little token that states, “I value you,” not something that screams “Im a worthless, desperate suck-up.”.

Providing customers presents has actually not gone out of design. The technique is to give something meaningful, but not too pricey or lavish.

Specifically if youre dealing with magazine editors, keep in mind that they might well have strict rules about declining gifts above $10 or $20 in worth. So youll require to be creative with this sort of freelance marketing!

A small-denomination gift card to a preferred store, or even a nicely wrapped little bag of chocolates can be a sweet way to say thanks.

3. Work the schmooze angle.

So thats probably not going to occur throughout COVID craziness.

When I freelanced for the Los Angeles Times, among the perks was getting to attend their yearly holiday office party. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know editors much better on a personal level in a casual setting away from the usual deadline pressures.

Do any of your local clients (or prospective clients) throw vacation celebrations? See if you can wrangle an invite! Even though this may look a little various with COVID-19.

What about a Zoom call, or drop-in/drop-by occasion where you use a mask and keep your social distance?

This type of freelance marketing is still a possibility to build relationships, and pick up nuggets of info on how editor requires might be changing in the coming year.

All of us are worthy of an opportunity to settle back and visit during the vacations. If none of your clients throw celebrations, see what local networking groups are doing that may use a chance to fulfill brand-new contacts.

4. Get a running start.

Do any of your regional customers (or potential clients) throw vacation celebrations? This angle will assist bring in functional customers where the supervisors are great coordinators, too.

Whats your freelance marketing prepare for the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments.

Taking a 6-week freelance marketing vacation is a bad idea. This leads to January panic, when you have to cold-start your marketing after New Years. Top-earning authors are constantly marketing.

This makes you appear like a successful professional whos reserved up. You likewise come off as a great coordinator. This angle will help bring in practical clients where the supervisors are excellent planners, too.

Heres how: When you send out pitch or introduction letters out, point out that at this moment, youre booked up, but youre taking a look at your availability after the New Year. Will they have any needs coming up?

If youre hectic with family or scheduled through completion of the year, you can still do efficient freelance marketing.

I know too lots of authors who work straight through the vacations. Keep some freelance marketing going, however likewise attempt to take some time off, even if its simply for a few days.

Do your freelance marketing– then unwind.

Youll return revitalized and ready to take on the brand-new tasks you sowed seeds for at the end of this year.

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