Freelance Writers: Are Sleazebag Clients Getting You Pregnant?

One day youre attempting to stand apart in the sea of freelance authors to land a gig, make cash writing … even a little money.

Heres a question for freelance writers, you probably have not thought of. Are dirtbag clients getting you pregnant?

Sounds ridiculous, best? You wouldnt do that.

Heres the thing. Most freelancer writers do not go searching for dirtbag customers. It sort of just … you know … takes place.

Youre smarter than that. You wouldnt fall for some scum benefiting from freelance writers.

And after that one day, you realize youre screwed.

Ive seen this take place to freelance writers over and over. And Im exhausted and ill of seeing freelance writers get played, made the most of, and removed of the money they deserve.

Have you ever been screwed by a dirtbag client? Want to prevent the mistakes of making this mistake?

In this post, Im going to reveal freelance authors what a scum client looks like, how they try and utilize you, and what you can do to tell these losers to get lost so you can go up and earn more.

The fairy tale of the freelance writers and dirtbags

You were so thrilled when you initially met.

A prospective brand-new freelance writing customer!

The romance was on.

You got all dressed up, headed into town, and fulfilled up.

You were hoping it would be a short get-acquainted thing and rapidly result in a serious dedication to hire you for some good, steady composing work at an enticing rate.

Lots of self-employed authors would be envious!

It ends only with the unclear idea that you ought to set another meeting to talk even more.

During which they told you the whole history of their lives and their company.
However could not quite get around to specifying their writing job.

Instead, the meeting took 90 minutes …

This is what freelance writers do, best?

After the next marathon conference, it starts to dawn on you:

Youre being utilized as a complimentary specialist. This customer does not know what they want composed. They might not have much cash, either.

They cant commit

However the story on what they desire written keeps changing …

Why? In your mind, theyve already become your client.

Still, you state yes.

And now youve invested hours in this client.

Finally, the huge day shows up. They inform you what they desire you to write.
The um, size of their thing ends up being disappointingly small.
So is the price theyre paying for freelance authors like you.

Youve spent a lot time with this client, youve simply got to land them. Otherwise, youll seem like a sucker for wasting a lot time.

In your head, youre already in bed with them.

Youve fallen for their hard-luck story.
The owner is fighting cancer!
Business does such fantastic work and assists people … even independent writers like you!

They drop hints that they have “budget plan constraints.”
They cancel phone calls at the last minute.
You start to wonder if theyre speaking with other freelance authors, too.

Youve fallen in love. You want this customer! Youre hot for them.

Its a trap a lot of independent authors have actually succumbed to.

The only way to validate the dates youve already happened with them is to practiced the relationship.

You attempt to break it off, however its hard.

This isnt the relationship you were imagining at all.

Caution bells are clanging. However you do not listen …

What occurred here?

Freelance authors and the unfortunate tale of getting knocked up.

There are a lot of users and losers out there all set to benefit from freelance authors. Theyll stroll all over you if you do not set borders for the relationship. Theyll leave you broke and alone.

And now youre stuck nursing the squalling, grouchy child that is their misbegotten, underpriced task through to its sorry conclusion.

Freelance authors get sucked in by loser customers and end up making peanuts.

Heres what you got ta learn about freelance writing clients:.

Youve let a scum prospect get you pregnant with their job.
You purchased their sob story.
You tolerated their dysfunction, instead of cutting them off.
You let them suck up your time.

This unfortunate tale of organization romance failed is one I hear all frequently.

How can you prevent an undesirable customer pregnancy?

Observe the 30-minute rule. I attempt not to let any initial conference go longer than a half-hour before we move the discussion to defining the job and talking about rates. More than that, and I consider myself to be doing pro bono consulting work for them.

As fast as they inform you what their task is, ask them their budget. “So, it sounds like 10 pages of Web material about your microbiology lab that needs interviews with your group and a couple of outside experts. If they were thinking $100 for the entire thing, you want to find that out quickly, so you can ditch this loser before you get attached.

When you take this method with freelance composing potential customers, its easier to spot the losers before you get sucked into their lies and dysfunction. And youll be one step better to landing customers prepared to pay you professional rates.

Inquire to specify their job. Carefully however securely, bring the conversation around to just what they want done. Yes, you should interrupt them if needed. A blowhard possibility can pontificate about themselves for hours otherwise.

Deal to speak with. If they dont know what they desire, tell them you more than happy to help them conceptualize about what they need composed at $100 an hour from here forward. Youll be impressed how quickly this news focuses the minds of the majority of entrepreneur and allows them to find out what they want.

Here are my tips for freelance authors:.

Have you gotten in bed with dirtbag clients? Leave a remark and tell us your story

A lot of freelancer authors dont go looking for dirtbag customers. This client does not know what they want composed. You want this customer! You dont listen …


Youve spent so have actually time with this client, youve just got have actually simply them. There are a lot of users and losers out there ready to take benefit of freelance authors.

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