Freelance Writing Jobs: 26 Fresh Home & Garden Pubs That Pay

Trying to find freelance writing tasks?

Theres a curious niche that started growing more deal with all the self-isolating and DIY tasks going on. Its the house and garden niche.

Is this your niche? Or maybe youre interested in breaking into the home and garden specific niche.

Bear in mind this niche isnt just for green-thumbs in the garden. The home and garden niche includes construction, landscaping, house enhancement, and DIY, too.

These pubs are niche-specific and want authors who are knowledgeable about home and garden subjects. And they have imaginative and clever audiences who know their stuff.

Just recently featured in the Writers Digest, American Gardener is a publication of the American Horticulture Society. From plant searching, horticultural treatment, and “suitable” gardening, to plant lore and literature, there are ample opportunities for freelance composing jobs with this pub devoted to ecologically accountable gardening.

Wish to land self-employed writing tasks in this niche? If you can inform, entertain, or solve an issue associated to house and garden, editors will pay well for your work.

All set to land some freelance writing tasks in the home and garden niche? Go into this list and start pitching.

Pitch these 26 house & & garden clubs for freelance writing tasks.

Garden and landscaping clubs, in specific, are trying to find writers who have services to issues and arent afraid to do a little research to give their readers the real scoop.

If you know where to find SMEs to interview (master gardeners, specialists, landscapers, builders, growers, entrepreneur, DIY-ers, and so on), nurture those leads and come up with some story concepts to land independent composing tasks

Rate: $300 to $600 for functions and $150 to $200 for departments

Editor: Find features director Samuel Cochran on LinkedIn.

Coastal Living accepts pitches for their home and garden area 8 months prior to publication, so get those ideas in early! Send strong concepts on seaside homes, way of life, travel and food (with photos!) for finest consideration.

Rate: Anywhere from $0.56 to $1 per word reported

Editor: Find house and garden director Sarah Gunn on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This bar is referred to as a service magazine that concentrates on material its busy readers can use today. The number one magazine for Canadian ladies has a devoted home and garden section and a prize for existing full-time journalism students.

Rate: Reported $0.30 a word in 2018

Editor: Editor David Ellis is on LinkedIn.

If you have a story on “the next finest thing” in worldwide style, pitch ADVERTISEMENT! Make sure that you have an unique viewpoint and incredible images before sending your pitch to take a crack at with this iconic mag.

Rate: $1 per word reported

Dwell offers multiple choices for landing freelance composing jobs and tasks, so check the standards for particular submission information. Theyre searching for stories about contemporary house style, budget plan breakdowns, and lessons discovered, amongst others.

Editor: Email Home and Garden area editor Ellen McGauley at

Rate: Reported $1 per word

This bi-monthly publication specifies to the Lone Star state and provides various methods to break in as a regular factor. They have a personal essay column called “Between Neighbors” thats open to submissions of 600-700 words. The majority of feature short articles are designated, however you can break in with a distinct point of view on Texas gardening.

Editor: Email Rich Binsacca, editor-in-chief.

Editor: Editor-in-chief Alexander George is on LinkedIn.

Write about all aspects of garden care in your area of the U.S. or Canada for Fine Gardening. Owned by Taunton Press, this publication also puts out three other clubs committed to the crafts of homebuilding, sewing, and woodworking.

Editor: Find editor-in-chief William Hanley on LinkedIn.

Editor: Email editor Jean English at

Editor: Pitch digital director Lauren Matthews on Twitter.

This magazine is released four times a year by staff writers, but consists of a number of articles by freelancers in each problem. Find a breakdown of agricultural topics in the standards to hone your concept and pitch with photos for an included edge.

Editor: Gina Salvati, editor, is on Twitter.

Have a short article on outdoor areas in you? Pitch to Popular Mechanics! In their words, this magazine is about “marvel, interest about the world, and getting your hands dirty.”.

Rate: Pay has been as high as $0.40 a word.

Rate: reported rates of $0.42 a word average (for ELLE publication).

Editor: Email editor Pat Stone.

Editor: Find editor Steve Aitkin on LinkedIn.

Editor Pat Stone wants the very best personal garden writing on the human side of the art-form out there. They publish four times a year, so its finest to send for an approaching problem well in advance.

Rate: spend for features and sponsored content has to do with $0.59-$ 1/word.

Sunset covers outdoor living and house design in the 13 western United States, British Columbia, and Mexico. Freelance submissions are accepted for posts on brand-new houses and remodellings, ideally with “previously” pictures!.

Rate: They pay up to $150 for pieces (approximately 2,000 words).

Rate: Pays in between $100 to $200 per page for a feature short article, and $35 to $400 for department pieces, depending upon length and complexity.

Into urban farming or part of a generational farming tradition? The most common freelance composing assignments and tasks offer tips for small farmers and those just getting started by pitching Hobby Farms.

Rate: spends for unpublished work.

Rate: $25 a suggestion.

Whole Life Times has an interest in anything regarding a progressive healthy way of life, consisting of living sustainably in your house and garden. Pay rates vary based upon several subject sections within the publication.

Editor: Find editor Jessica Shelton on LinkedIn.

This pub assigns self-employed writing jobs to skilled homesteaders who can write well and capture readers interest. Check out their authors guidelines for information on submitting illustrations, pictures or proposals, and finished manuscripts (1000-2500 words).

Editor: You can submit to the editor, Roger Sipe, on Twitter.

Rate: $25-$ 100.

Rate: $0.50 a word.

This site accepts submissions with quality photographs for its Country Lore section. They vary from 100-300 words in length. Their features are often assigned to contributing editors, but a knowledgeable author can land self-employed composing jobs with an inquiry and one-page overview.

Rate: $50.

Editor: Send submissions to editor Oscar “Hank” Will by email.

Have a flair for embellishing? This post gives the rundown on pitching to publications like Elle and others in the interior style area. Be sure to follow their ideas when emailing your pitch!

Professional Builder has numerous construction publication brands, including ProBuilder, ProRemodeler, Building Design and Construction, and more. They pay for feature-length articles for their print variation and more just recently for much shorter online-only material.

Rate: $100.

Have some recommendations for fellow gardeners? Garden Gate spends for garden style tips like this post on how to pick plants that prosper in shade.

Editor: Email editor Emily Grosvenor or discover her on LinkedIn.

Editor: Send digital story concepts to senior web editor, Ileana Llorens by email.

Rate: average is $1.17 a word.

Rate: $0.25 per assigned word for freelance writing, and, if there is travel needed, $ 0.40 a km after the first 60 kilometers travelled. (Canada).

Rate: $0.20 a word.

Rate: pay $25 to $150, depending upon article positioning and length.

Editor: Senior editor Jim Gunshinan is on Twitter.

Rate: $50 to $200 range, depending on quality, type and length.

Early morning Chores has freelance composing tasks and projects for writers knowledgeable and knowledgeable in sustainability. Discuss practicable actions their readers can utilize in their daily lives in areas like homesteading, animal and gardening care.

Rate: $0.67 per word.

Editor: Find senior editor Sherri Ribbey on LinkedIn.

Rate: Undisclosed, negotiable, payment on publication.

Editor: Editor Sally Kuchar is on LinkedIn.

Editor: Email Georgette McCulloch, editor-in-chief, at

Editor: Email senior editor Anna Bjorlin at

Discuss Minnesota house and garden projects finished within the last three years for Midwest Home. This bar assigns independent writing jobs on architecture, remodels, interior design, and landscape and garden style, however they ask that you do not pitch the exact same story to several media outlets while waiting to find out about your question.

This glossy mag is directed towards a high-income readership. Theyre trying to find dynamic and welcoming stories that include interviews and research study on home interiors, outsides, and home life; renovating and property; gardening, landscaping, and building.

Rate: Varies depending upon the experience of the author and the length of the article; anywhere from between $0.75 a word and $1.15/ word. Sometimes for large articles or series theyll work out a charge.

Editor: Multiple editors can be discovered here.

A magazine for wealthy style lovers, Luxe covers the whole design market. They accept job posts, home trip pieces, and more.

Editor: Senior editor Vanessa Lawrence is on LinkedIn.

House Energy is a small not-for-profit that publishes a variety of content specifically on residential energy usage. Freelance writing jobs and projects usually consist of: patterns, functions, side bars, field notes, and columns. This pub values concise writing tailored to their highly particular audience of energy officials, contractors, program supervisors, weatherization team members, and makers of energy-efficient products.

Rate: $300 and up for functions.

GH accepts self-employed health stories along with submissions for their “Blessings” column. The most successful pitches provide fresh material tailored towards the mags readership of 25 million ladies.

Rate: $0.20 per word up to a maximum of $500, plus $10 for each piece of useable art.

Editor: Visit the about page for team bios. Contributor Steph Coelho is on Twitter.

Editor: Submissions and inquiries need to be emailed directly to the publisher Jay White.

Oregon Home uses practical suggestions and guidance to Oregonians transforming their interior spaces. Know up-and-coming craftspeople or other makers in OR? Pitch these and other home, garden, DIY, and style ideas to this Beaver-state club to land independent writing jobs.

Pitch upbeat, useful, and amusing stories to Mother Earth Livings editorial advisory group. They meet every three to 6 months to score questions on their viability for the clubs healthy, ecologically conscious readers, so expect a bit of wait time before hearing back.

3 suggestions to pitch home and garden pubs.

Oregon Home provides practical guidance and guidance to Oregonians transforming their interior spaces. Pitch these and other home, garden, DIY, and style concepts to this Beaver-state bar to land freelance writing jobs.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and health author living in the Southern United States. When she isnt writing copy, shes dealing with her forever-in-progress initially unique.

If you get declined or dont hear anything after sending out a pitch, dont offer up. Every pitch you send out gets you closer to your next assignment. Keep growing!

Develop some photo abilities. Being able to provide some premium pictures with a pitch in the home and garden area makes you a lot more appealing to an editor.

Check out the standards AND repeat concerns of the publication prior to pitching.

If you wish to compose for house and garden pubs, follow these three tips to increase your opportunities of landing assignments:.

What home & & garden markets do you advise? Share in the remarks.

Look for methods to utilize your knowledge, expertise, experience, and your network of home and garden SMEs, to pitch story ideas and land freelance composing tasks.

Coastal Living accepts pitches for their home and garden area 8 months prior to publication, so get those ideas in early! House Energy is a little not-for-profit that publishes a range of content solely on residential energy consumption. Their features are frequently appointed to contributing editors, however an experienced author can land independent writing jobs with a query and one-page overview.

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