Freelance Writing Myths: 12 Bogus Beliefs Holding You Back

Have some restricting beliefs about what you require to understand, do, or feel to get the ball rolling in your freelance writing biz?
Stuck on a specific action that you cant get previous to move forward or improve clients who pay you quality rates?

Feeling stuck? Theres a great deal of suggestions out there about freelance writing.

In this post, were busting 12 common freelance-writing misconceptions so you can stop hole-ing up behind false walls, break through barriers, and create the freelance writing profession you want.

Sure, a few of its good.

Every author has their hang-ups. Possibly you think you need a bigger network. Or maybe youre persuaded you need to take all the courses prior to starting. Maybe you think you need to know whatever other writers are doing, so you dont make any errors.

But some ideas you may have about freelance writing can leave you feeling like youre standing in cement or gradually suffocating in the grip of a python.

If youve made $5 or $50,000 from self-employed writing, heres the thing … It doesnt matter.

Every author has a hard time with certain freelance writing myths that can hold you back. And it does not have to be that method.

1. I require to understand which specific niches generate income

Option: Look for specific niches that combine your experience and understanding with demand and excellent rates.

Heres the thing … No matter just how much cash a specific niche may make one freelancer, it does not ensure youll make the exact same. They may have specialized knowledge, years of experience, or get super excited about subjects that sound to you like seeing paint dry.

This is among the most common questions we get in the Freelance Writers Den, due to the fact that authors think that if they simply select the best specific niche, theyre set.

Misconception: You believe you need to know and investigate all the leading money-making niches prior to you begin.

Where can your previous task experience work to your advantage?
What types of clients remain in that niche with adequate earnings to pay freelancers excellent rates?

It matters more that you can continue discussing a topic and building your understanding base, which then brings money, than trying to pinpoint niches that may not work out for you. Successful AND fun constantly wins.

2. I need to know every kind of drawing up there

Myth: You think spending significant hours researching all the types of writing you could do will help narrow down the kinds of writing you like or wish to do.

Service: Scratch the surface area of info about a kind of composing to see if it might be a fit for you and your ideal clients. Then start marketing to see if any of your prospects have that content project in the works.

I cant inform you how many hours Ive wasted in my seven years of freelancing finding out about writing tasks Ive never done, so dont fall under the very same trap.

Dont know how to write a white paper or case study? Uncertain what material strategy means? You may not understand now, however Im sure you could figure it out.

FYI. It will not. Youre not in fact getting and writing paid if youre investing all your time investigating what you could be doing.

3. I need to know everything about running a freelance service

FYI … Ive been writing for over a decade, freelancing nearly as long, and I still do not know whatever about running a freelance composing company. That should assist any newbies breathe a sigh of relief that running a company is a continuous knowing procedure.

Myth: You think you require to understand everything about running a freelance composing organisation prior to starting. Ahem … its type of difficult to know whatever, and its why a great deal of freelancers never ever get begun.

Solution: Just start. You might flinch at that holiday e-mail you sent out to clients with a truly embarrassing typo (which I did).

Utilize what youve got, in the situation youre in, and take the steps to do better every day.

4. I require to know the length of time it takes to …

Myth: You think theres a universal quantity of time it takes to finish a task. And till you discover what it is, youre not going to move an inch.

This is like asking someone: “How long does it take you to clean your house?”

Theres no method to even begin comparing, let alone how that would assist you find out the length of time it would take you to do it.

You reside in a tiny, one-bedroom, one-bathroom house in the city with a pet dog that sheds a lot.
They live in a vast 5,000-square-foot home with 4 bedrooms, three restrooms, a playroom, a completed basement, and a number of kids.

I totally understand when were crowdsourcing to get an idea for time management. Oftentimes, Ive found that my price quote compared to others is method off. That other freelance writer may:

Be a quicker scientist
Be a slower/faster author
Have more experience as a freelancer or journalist
Use a VA to assist them out
Have a different schedule

Its difficult to equate their writing and marketing skills to your. Plus, you might steer yourself away from a great job since someone stated it took them two weeks to finish, when it would have taken you 4 days.

Option: Instead, track yourself with a time tracker. Then create averages in a spreadsheet, so you have an idea to measure for your task timelines. Its not about just how much time it takes another person to compose. Its about your own average time to complete a job.

5. I need to take a lots of online courses

Solution: The reality is, its up to you to execute what youve discovered through action integrated with trial and mistake. Dive into courses, but dont get stuck in the learn-and-churn state of mind that prevents you from using understanding to grow your company.

You think you require to take online courses to build a successful freelance composing service. You keep taking courses, without taking action.

Hi. Im Mandy Ellis, and I enjoy online courses.

I dont let my love of learning hold me back from taking required forward steps in my organisation. Ive taken lots (probably even hundreds) of online classes, and they provide outstanding foundations.

6. I need to work for totally free or dirt cheap for a while

Myth: When youre starting out, you believe you have to take low-paying work like $25 for a well-researched short article with specialist interviews thats 1,500 words. Possibly you think you even need to work for totally free.

Service: Just like you do not need numerous clips with all types of composing examples to get customers, you do not need to work for complimentary or for peanuts simply to get clips.

Charge what youre worth.
Discover the large swimming pool of terrific clients who pay well for valuable material.
Hang around marketing to those potential customers instead of churning out 100 short articles monthly at a content mill.

I might not have ever worked for totally free, however I definitely worked for dirt low-cost for method, method too long … like years.

Remember those authors who started at $1/word at the newsstand mags? That was a dream I believed was years away. Thats just because I started writing for such low rates.

7. I need to feel all set

Myth: You think everything has to be best prior to you can begin. You delayed pitching or even accepting work, since youre not ready..

This is still among my greatest struggles so Ill give you the within scoop.

Solution: Sometimes, its about leaping and learning how to fly en route down, as cliché as it sounds. But it makes you grow much faster than hoping and wondering when youll feel prepared to grow a freelance or begin biz. Nothing will ever be ideal, specifically if you do not start, fail and attempt, gain from your mistakes, and keep going.

FYI … Every time I felt I wasnt prepared and took the action anyways, it exercised better than I hoped. You cant prepare for a step youve never taken. And anything that presses you to be a much better writer and entrepreneur is going to make you feel un-ready.

8. I require all the right tools.

Misconception: You believe you need a long list of tools (that generally cost money you dont have), and make reasons about beginning up until you do.

From SEO keyword research to interview taping to invoicing, Ive seen all kinds of questions about every random tool in the Freelance Writers Den.

Reality: Im a big geek when it concerns discovering the best product, but finding the best tool doesnt pause my organisation.

Option: Start your freelance writing organisation lean with totally free tools. If it fixes a problem or conserves time, only add a brand-new tool to your organisation.

DO NOT spend hours trying to find the finest billing template or grammar checker.
DO Spending hours hitting your deadlines and looking for quality clients.
When the requirement occurs, proceed and look for a good-enough tool to eliminate irritating issues, like a calendar app that helps schedule interviews or client calls.

9. I require connections.

Throughout the years, Ive known writers who started freelancing with thousands of LinkedIn connections. However me, I had zero connections and no network to mention and still built a business I love.

Reward: You might realize its a bonus offer to develop your LinkedIn network after youve begun freelancing. Why? You start making connections with the premise that youre a freelance writer in certain niches.

Connect by email or LinkedIn with a fast letter of intro.
Go to a virtual or local in-person networking occasion.

Option: Although its a good perk to begin freelancing with a big network, you do not require one to begin your composing career. You can merely:.

Both are efficient methods to build your business while building your network.

Misconception: You think you require a substantial network of contacts in your specific niche. You get overloaded thinking of growing your network. So you either do nothing, or invest too much time networking. And insufficient time pitching, working, and making money to compose.

10. I need an author website.

Reality: You do not need a writer site to start or discover your very first customer.

Sites are an ever-evolving beast that you fine-tune as you grow and add photos, clips, and reviews. Ive had hundreds of website templates and styles myself.

Option: Build your site along with your organisation and youll see growth in both. Or just utilize your LinkedIn profile as your calling card to get your very first clients, then buy developing your author site.

Myth: You believe you need an author website before you can start marketing to discover clients and get paid to compose. And because youre not a web designer, you put it off for days, months, years or weeks. Your website does not get developed, and you dont get any customers. Sound familiar?

Theres no reason that spending time on beautiful themes, adding the “ideal” clips, or getting whatever in place ought to stop you from reaching out to potential clients right now.

11. I require a huge portfolio.

Misconception: You think you need an enormous portfolio of freelance composing samples for potential customers to take you seriously. So you talk yourself out of marketing, or work for lousy customers that do not assist develop your portfolio.

Ever heard stories of freelance writers whose very first clips came from the New York Times or Wall Street Journal?

These writers had absolutely no clips and landed a few of the most sought after bylines.
They didnt flash a huge portfolio.
They wrote a remarkable, special pitch that was prompt and captured the editors eye.
It had to do with the composing chops they displayed in their audition (AKA their pitch) that got them the area. Therefore can you.

Option: Think huge, and start pitching. Everyone starts with absolutely no clips. Its the writers who keep marketing, sharpening their writing skills, and acting who wind up with giant, glossy portfolios.

12. I cant get self-employed work if I live in a little town.

What freelance composing misconceptions are holding you back? Lets talk about in the comments.

You think you need to take online courses to develop a successful freelance composing organisation. It makes you grow much faster than wondering and hoping when youll feel all set to grow a freelance or begin biz. Reward: You might recognize its a bonus to build your LinkedIn network after youve started freelancing. You start making connections with the premise that youre a freelance author in particular specific niches.

Let me alter your mind about this …

Option: Seek out where the big wheel live to get the customers, work, and pay you desire. Dont hesitate to go big and reach out to companies in Silicon Valley, New York City, Seattle, or Austin where many specific niches are not just succeeding, but growing rapidly.

Let me alter your mind about this …

Which freelance writing misconceptions do you fight with a lot of? We play lots of head video games with ourselves as authors. The ideas that hold us back from the customers, life, and income we want can be the most insidious. How can you break through these misconceptions to start, go up, make more, and make a living writing. Follow Carols recommendations: “Be a writer, not a waiter.”.

Myth: You believe residing in a village without numerous large companies and too far from a cosmopolitan hub limitations your capability to land top freelance writing customers.

Several graduates of the Freelance Writers Den 2X coaching program are thriving and live flourishing small towns.

Mandy Ellis is an Austin-based freelance author and material marketing strategist. Shes also a freelance composing coach, and co-host of the Bootcamp: Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs with Carol Tice.

You can develop a successful freelance composing service.

Several graduates of the Freelance Writers Den 2X coaching program are growing and live in villages. Why? Theyre searching for nationwide opportunities in states where their niches are growing. Often the very best clients live in a various time zone.

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