From Amateur Blog to Pro Blog: How to Level Up Your Writing

When I initially began blogging in 2008, I set up a free account with Blogger, and simply began writing about whatever I desired. It was excellent! I grew more as an author in a couple of months than I had studying innovative writing in college.
Up until I realized no one was reading my blog. Eventually, I decided I didnt just want to have an amateur blog.

It took 4 years, however in 2013 I finally did it. I became an expert blogger and writer (and today, am still doing it!). In this post, I desire to share how you can take your amateur blog and turn it into a pro blog.
Can People REALLY Make Money From a Blog?
Yes! However that does not indicate it will be easy. Now that blogging is so established (and most who are earning cash have actually gone from blog writers to ecommerce specialists), breaking in is harder than ever.
I do think its possible, however it will be an uphill climb, taking clever preparation, writing and marketing skills, and lots grit!
Heres the important things though: if I can do it, you can too. I started as aspiring blogger and now my blog makes over $100,000 a year. It may take you a while (it took me about five years to make a living blogging), but you can do it if you focus and keep attempting things.
In this post, I wish to share the biggest things that have made the difference for me.
10 Steps to Going from Amateur Blog to Pro Blog
What is the course to become a professional blog writer?
1. Choose the Right Blogging Foundation (i.e. Self-Hosted WordPress or Squarespace).
One of the first thing I found out as an amateur blog writer was that all the best bloggers had self-hosted WordPress blogs, meaning they paid 5 to ten dollars a month to hosting business to keep their blog site on the hosts computer systems. Its sort of like paying a marina to dock your boat. (Check out, for instance, my preferred blog site host, Bluehost.).
Ultimately, I learnt that if you didnt have one of these self-hosted blog sites, experienced bloggers took a look at you like an amateur. They could discriminate between a self-hosted blog and a totally free blog site immediately, and as quickly as they did, they thought twice about reading (and linking to!) your stuff.
I was shocked. My free Blogger blog wasnt simply losing me readers; it was decreasing my authority.
Today, many professional bloggers also use Squarespace, which I think is fantastic. Its a little bit more pricey than a self-hosted WordPress blog site, and it offers you a lot less control, however its easy to utilize and get begun with rapidly. You can discover more about Sqaurespace here.
The point, however, is to produce a strong blogging foundation by utilizing the right tools. You can learn how to construct a professional blog site from my author website tutorial here or go on and sign up for Bluehost and construct your WordPress blog here.

Ready to upgrade your blog site? Construct your.
self-hosted WordPress blog here.

2. Track Your Progress.
When I first started blogging, I was content to simply compose and publish my posts, understanding that my writing was out in public for individuals to discover.
However then I started questioning, was anybody really reading my writing? So I set up Google Analytics to see the number of people were actually visiting my blog site. It took me an hour, but I figured out how to place the hieroglyphic-looking code into my theme and opened up my analytics page.
I discovered out there had to do with seven people reading my blog. Thats it? I thought.
It was then that I chose to start a quest to get more readers. The lesson here is this:.

People read blogs to solve their problems, NOT to increase your ego.

What gets determined gets managed. If you desire more readers, are you measuring the number of you presently have?

Its only after you start measuring that you can make tactical choices about how to improve that number.
3. Concentrate On Solving Peoples Problems.
One of the most significant advancements in my blogging was understanding this:.
People read post to resolve their issues.
To put it simply, they check out for themselves, not for you. Unless theyre actively following you, they could not care less about you.
Instead of chasing individualss attention, just offer exceptional services to their problems and let them pertain to you.

4. Pick the Right Topics.
And by subjects, here I suggest a group of problems (see above).
Theres a dispute in the blogging community about whether you require to pick a specific niche for your blog site or not. Everybody states composing about whatever you want doesnt work.
Instead, your blog site needs something to tie it together, so that when people consider that topic, they think about you.
Choose a topic you can become a professional in, that you have endless interest about, and ideally one that does not have too lots of people in it however also does have a couple of individuals.
For me, I began by writing whatever I desired, realized that wasnt working, blogged about travel for a while, and then rotated to teaching creative writing, which was my true enthusiasm (and a fantastic way to discover while I taught).
Determining what subjects to compose about– and hence what issues to solve for individuals– may take you a while, whichs okay. As soon as you select something, stick with it for at least six months.
5. Write Great Blog Posts.
Content, as they say, is king.
The other things are necessary, dont get me wrong. Having fantastic style (which well touch on toward the end), building a strong network (which well talk about next), developing on the right blogging platform, all of that is very important.
But if you cant write great post, you wont get very far.
By the way, here Im not talking about being an ideal writer. Utilizing correct grammar, preventing typos, and having great syntax are all useful, however you can still be a great blog writer even if youre not an ideal author.
No, what you should do is write posts that effectively capture peoples attention and assist them fix their problems.
Heres a structure that I use constantly in my blogging to do that (to read more about it, discover my best blog template here):.

Determine the problem. What is the issue individuals are facing that you will help them resolve in this short article? Inform the reader how you can help them.

I personally used Convertkit to host my email newsletter for years, and I highly recommend it for authors. You can sign up for complimentary with up to 100 subscribers. Your email list is a great place to invest, however, so this ought to be one of your very first upgrades.

How can you be generous today? Share in the remarks.
8. Build Your Email List.
Email is the number one finest marketing channel for offering things online. Much better than Google ads.
People who sign up on email invest more money and are more likely to buy in the first location.
That suggests if you wish to take your amateur blog site pro, you need to be utilizing it to construct your e-mail list.
How do you develop an e-mail list? As soon as in a while, note here that Im not talking about a Google Sheet with a bunch of e-mail addresses you copy and paste into an email every. Here Im speaking about a list of individuals who have subscribed in your email marketing software application to get updates from you.
Unsure which email marketing software to choose? Here are the 2 I suggest:.

Be Generous.
Request Help.

If they subscribe, offer away a brief ebook or one-page guide to readers.
Deal a chapter of your book for totally free.
Do a giveaway. Ive provided away apple watches, flights to Paris, copies of Scrivener, copies of ProWritingAid, $100 Amazon present cards, and more. I like and Kingsumo for hosting giveaways, but Gleam is my current favorite. Take a look at Gleam “.

End with a concern for discussion. Blogging is a two-way medium. Welcome discussion with some kind of concern.

Fix the problem. What are the specific actions to solve the issue?

Evaluation other authors books or discuss other authors blog sites to create relationships with them (see pointer # 6).
Host a complimentary webinar based on a core subject. I use Zoom for live webinars, and teach about coming up with bestselling book ideas and how to end up being a bestselling author. Have a look at Zoom “.

If you wish to grow your blog site, do book marketing, offer more books, or make money to write, do more of those 2 things.
Be more generous.
Ask for more assistance.
Here are some ways being generous can assist you grow your blog:.

Identify the problem. What is the issue individuals are dealing with that you will help them solve in this post? Inform the reader how you can help them.

Call your readers to action. Call your reader to act!

Expert blog sites have professional post! So lets do a short writing workout start and practice laying out a blog post, utilizing that six-step template we discussed above:.

Simple is better. The focus should be on your writing and on helping your reader, not on smart style.
The very best tools Ive discovered for my blog site are the following:.
If you want to make your amateur blog site look like a professional blog, getting Divi to produce a clean, simple appearance and using Canva to spruce up your images will go a long way!
Your Most Important Goal to Build Your Amateur Blog.
As an author, whether youre writing fiction or nonfiction, your essential resource is trust. Individuals want to understand why they ought to trust you, why they must spend their valuable time checking out the words you compose.
And if you break that trust, for instance by having an ugly, amateur blog site, they will not remain long.
Do not let your future readers down. The world requires to hear your voice, but first you need to provide a reason to.
If you do this right, theyll follow you for a life time.
Excellent luck!
Wish to upgrade your blog site? Examine out my guide: Building an Author Website. Or go ahead and upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress website through Bluehost.

End with a concern for conversation. Blogging is a two-way medium. Invite conversation with some sort of concern.

Make the problem individual. How have you personally experienced this issue? Create a connection with the reader!

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is likewise the author of the new book.
Crowdsourcing Paris, a real life adventure story embeded in France. It was a # 1 New Release on Amazon. You can follow him on.
Instagram (@jhbunting).

Solve the issue. What are the particular actions to resolve the issue?

Joe Bunting.

Tell a solution story. Construct your authority by speaking about how you resolved the problem.

By the method, observe how this post follows that exact same format. Because it works, thats! Discover more about this article template here.
If youre questioning how long your posts ought to be, inspect out our Best Blog Post Length guide.
6. Make Friends With Other Bloggers.
And preferably make friends with bloggers who are a little ahead of you.
Why? Because we learn from individuals not simply from our own experience. One of the most significant factors The Write Practice has grown so much throughout the years is that one of my good friends, Jeff Goins, had begun blogging ten months before me and taught me whatever he was learning. (And one of the reasons he grew so much is that he made buddies with and gained from Michael Hyatt.).
We grow through relationship. Thats real in life. Its real in work. And its true in blogging.
Go to conferences, follow other blog writers and reach out to them over e-mail, make pals. Something Ive found is that these type of relationships wont simply serve you over your career, they can become a few of the very best pals you have, since they get you in methods lots of people dont.
7. Be Generous.
All marketing comes down to two concepts:.

Take fifteen minutes to produce a summary for a problem youre presently experiencing. Just consist of a brief expression for each of those actions (and if you have a multi-step service, like I have in this post, do not hesitate to rapidly detail all the actions).
When your time is up, post your composing practice in the comments section listed below. And if you post, please make certain to offer feedback on at least three other authors details.
Delighted writing!

Tell an option story. Build your authority by discussing how you fixed the problem.

Call your readers to action. Call your reader to take action!

By knowing what issues individuals are really trying to find aid on, you can better write post that fix those issues.
Examine out Ahrefs here.
10. Dont Have an Ugly Blog.
I put this last for a factor.
Individuals stress too much about how their blog site looks. And I get it. Its easy to invest dozens of hours adjusting your blog, believing this is how youre going to end up being well-known, by having your blog look perfect.
It will not work.
You can have the most gorgeous blog site on the planet, however if youre not fixing peoples issues, they wont read your writing.
No, simply ensure your blog site is not awful. How?

In this short article, I want to share how you can take your amateur blog and turn it into a pro blog.
One of the first thing I discovered as an amateur blog writer was that all the finest bloggers had self-hosted WordPress blogs, meaning they paid five to 10 dollars a month to hosting business to keep their blog on the hosts computer systems. I installed Google Analytics to see how numerous people were really visiting my blog. I discovered out there were about 7 individuals reading my blog site. People fret too much about how their blog looks.

Make the issue personal. How have you personally experienced this issue? Develop a connection with the reader!

White background.
Clear, readable typeface (minimum 16 pt size).
Simple image in every post ( makes this easy).
Simple color combination (no greater than 4 overall colors, e.g. white, black, blue for links, plus an accent color).

Mailerlite. Simple and effective (but not quite as simple or effective as the next tool, Convertkit), a number of my composing students have actually discovered Mailerlite to be a fantastic option for their author newsletters. You can register for Mailerlite here.

How do you develop your email list? Return to step 7 and be generous!
9. Find out How to Use SEO.
My single biggest traffic source isnt social networks or even my e-mail list. Its search!
Understanding how online search engine send out brand-new readers to your site is one of the finest methods enhance your amateur blog.
What is SEO?
Browse engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your content so individuals utilizing search engines can quickly discover it.
The very best part is that if youre following the blog writing template I talked about in step 5, youre already doing this!
How do I utilize SEO?
I utilize a tool called Ahrefs to discover what readers are looking for in my niche. Heres a keyword, a typical phrase people search for, and that The Write Practice ranks extremely for, “creative writing triggers.”.

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