Gabbling Into The Void 5: The Void, in 3-D

What Im trying to state is, take COVID extremely seriously. In specific, take warnings about neurological damage with substantial issue. Even more, its worth recognizing that survival– while great!– doesnt indicate a life complimentary from signs or issues. We need to stop pretending like this is simply the influenza, like you get it and move on, like we understand the margins of this thing. We do not. Even with a vaccine, its effects will be with us for a while. Wear a mask. Attempt to stay remote. Stop going to parties and bars, for shits sake.

In much better news, Far Side is back. The Far Side is back?!

HULLO HULLO. It is I, your bearded Charon assisting you down the rivers of the Underworld. Come, take a boat trip with me to the bubbliest, barmiest of blogtowns.

Come, take a boat ride with me to the bubbliest, barmiest of blogtowns.

Its been a year, now. Happy birthday, Wanderers. The little big book has actually been out for a full year, and its done extremely well and Im happy, but do you keep in mind when it was fiction hahaha aaaaghhaaAAAAGHHHH yeah me too. Holy shit, its at 989 reviews at Amazon– ?! Thats a helluva thing. Im still very pleased with the book. It was serendipitous in the reception and the writing, and similarly so– if more uncomfortable– in how it periodically would come to mirror a few of reality. I dont believe the books journey is over, and it continues (somehow?) to sell quite well, and Im just glad its out there and did okay. I remember taking a roadway trip to do research study for it and– wow, keep in mind trip? Remember going places? Remember doing stuff outside your house. Obviously, since we live in Two Americas, there are great deals of people who keep in mind those things well, because they just did them like, recently. Half our regional cases are from individuals who believed, “Nows an excellent time to go to Myrtle Beach, where I can rub my nose in some coronavirus with lime, infant.” Seriously, our cases in PA are originating from out of state. Due to the fact that individuals simply cant be clever and keep it under control. IF I DONT GO TO THE BEACH ILL DIE, they state, before going to beach and capturing a disease that could kill them. Cool cool cool, very cool.

Like this:
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Our garden doth grow. Been eating snap peas, which have been sweet. Our radish days are gone. Got kale that requires harvesting. Shishito peppers blooming. Peas starting. And something called “Dragon Beans” which are, no joke, growing taller than anything we have supporting them, so Im pretty sure theyre some sort of mythological bean. We likewise utilized garden compost to help jump start our blueberries, but I guess the garden compost had squash seeds in them since now the blueberries have some squash friends growing along with them? Im sure thats fine.

What Im attempting to say is, take COVID extremely seriously. In specific, take warnings about neurological damage with substantial issue. I keep in mind taking a road journey to do research for it and– wow, keep in mind roadway trips? IF I DONT GO TO THE BEACH ILL DIE, they state, prior to going to beach and capturing a disease that could eliminate them.

Wear a mask.

ANYWAY thats all she wrote, I believe.

A casual suggestion that you can find me on Instagram. Its @chuck_wendig over yonder.

I have all sort of news I cant yet share. One day Ill share it. For now Im sitting on a nest of eggs that only I know exist. HATCH, LITTLE NEWS GOSLINGS, HATCH.

I got a hammock. Its particular purpose was for reading– to detach from the world and to select up a physical book and just read it. My pleasure reading has been irregular as hell since all this began, but lem me inform you, I started Paul Tremblays Survivor Song yesterday, and in a blink, I was 100 pages deep. I have not read 100 pages of a book in one sitting given that before the Quarantimes. Paradoxically, its a book about a virus– an upgraded rabies infection. Its horrifying. Tremblay is a monster. A terrific monster who is a helluva writer. What are you checking out today?

Some TV Im enjoying? I started up both The Boys and Doom Patrol and … all right, listen, I wasnt sure about The Boys.

I understand, starting off genuine amazing? Im just stating, polio is one of those diseases where it infected a lot of individuals– but a bunch didnt show signs, a bunch got the equivalent of an influenza, and a smaller portion ended up with muscle issues, paralysis, and death. As if that werent sucky enough, some folks got a follow-up round of PPS (Post-Polio Syndrome) anywhere from 15-40 years later.

Beer me, barkeep. I had something called Cocoa Cow from Sunriver and hot dang that was great. Its like dessert, other than its beer? I wan na put some vanilla ice cream in it. You might as well press pedal and pitter-patter due to the fact that if youre going to be unhealthy.

I saw a video that has actually made me laugh so tough I wept. Its Akilah and Milana. Just watch it and enhance your life one thousand percent.

Heres a flower.

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