Gabbling Into The Void 6: Billy Peltzer’s Mogwai Problem

Invite once again to the Pandoras Box of Little Baby Blog Site Posts, where I once again show my failure to concentrate on a single blog post and rather loose unto the world a flock of little half-ass blog site posts. Fly, my pretties, fly.

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I did not understand Grant Imahara. I saw him in passing at a couple cons, however I know a great deal of individuals who knew him, were close to him, and by every report he was a real spirit, and a beautiful individual. And I understand just from watching him on TV, he had a light and a love of learning and exploration and engineering that was appealing, and the loss of him is harsh. And then theres Naya Rivera and Kelly Preston. Its just, 2020 requirements to enter into the sea. This year. This fucking year.

I loved it an entire lot– I imply, its dark and gross as fuck. Its a nasty, enormous show, however theres a good heart in there someplace, beneath a lot of spilled viscera. Lotta ew going on there.

Our issues are chained together, and suffer force multipliers when chained this method, like an unavoidable Mortal Kombat combination. Take the school issue. If we had a robust pandemic response federally, if we had a social safety net that helped people through these chaotic times, if we had health care, if we took care of instructors, we may have this problem much better shored up.

S.A. Cosbys Blacktop Wasteland is out, as is Stephen Graham Jones The Only Good Indians. Ive heard remarkable things from relied on folks about both, and so Im excited to get my fangs into them. Nearly done Survivor Song by Noted Monster Paul Tremblay, and unsurprisingly, that book cuts deeeeep.

Mentioning problems, Im having computer system issues. Weeks back, I was having heavy slowdown issues– sluggish booting, slow opening programs, everything. I updated my Mac to the newest OS, Catalina, and poof, problems gone. Now, theyre back. Its not as slow, but it appears to pertain to rendering graphics– sometimes I get flashy, strobing panels on animated menus, often a graphic takes a while to deal with (whether on web or in Photos), things just seem to take a while to spin up. Unsure if Im having memory problems or GPU problems. But its fucking irritating. The system is useable (evidenced by me typing this now). Didnt discover infections or malware. Didnt find any HD issues. Often Im getting high activity on kernel_task through the activity monitor? And its still sluggish( er) to boot, too, suggesting something beyond simply GPU. I dunno. Shit. When once again, I blame gremlins. Genuine gremlins this time, not metaphorical ones.

Okay, probably also our personal problems. I suggest, Im not sayin, but Im just sayin.

Take the school issue. If we had a robust pandemic action federally, if we had a social security net that helped people through these chaotic times, if we had health care, if we took care of teachers, we may have this problem better shored up. Speaking of issues, Im having computer system issues. I upgraded my Mac to the latest OS, Catalina, and poof, problems gone. Not sure if Im having memory issues or GPU issues.

This is of an irritable little old guy baby bird. Just as human babies often look like old guy, so do fledglings.

I do not know how valuable that is, or even how real, however I try to have some small mote of optimism in the dark, like one only lightning bug over a nighttime field, looking for a buddy. One little light. One little flickering light.

Mentioning viewpoint? Go play Superliminal. Simply do it. Go. Go!

Ive been baking again. Send help. You can see the outcomes at IG.

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