Get Paid to Create: Day 1 of a Free 5-Day Challenge

Why do we develop? To share a thought: an idea, a story, a paradigm. To assist another individual, possibly, just by saying something others hesitate to state.

Something is for sure: when you ask an innovative individual why they do what they do, their very first response is practically never ever, “I do it for the money.”

We may even create to feel a little bit more comprehended, a little less insane. Or as Flannery OConnor once stated: “I dont understand what I believe till I read what I compose.”

We all have to consume. And who would not like to be paid to do what they like, to share their deal with the world? It would definitely make some things easier.

Since thats not how art works. Something unique and generous you share with the collective meant to be passed on to others. And presents, as we all know, arent offered with an expectation of reciprocity.

Ive been doing my own imaginative work of writing, speaking, and creating online courses for 10 years now; and for 10 years, Ive been paid to do it. And from my own experience of dealing with over 20,000 creators (authors, artists, musicians, and more), I can inform you two things:

Ill paraphrase that Disney quote to drive this home: We dont make art to generate income. We generate income to make more art.

So lets get on with it.

Since its no fun to eke out an imaginative presence questioning when or from where your next meal is going to come. Or much better put, your work is worthy of much better.

Second, the most effective imaginative people have found a predictable way to get paid to produce. For some, its a substantial income, even a significant organization. For others, its a good living wage. However for many who have actually made a career of making things, they have discovered a consistent way to earn money off their work.

During this challenge, Im going to ask you to take action. Im going to ask you to participate and enjoy videos in an experience that if you take my guidance and take this process (and more notably, yourself) seriously, it might change everything.

As Walt Disney when stated, “We dont make films to make money. Cash, I wrote in my book Real Artists Dont Starve, makes a much better implies than it does a master.

My objective for you is to go from zero to one. To get unstuck in a significant manner in which will enable you to create momentum in your work so that you can lastly earn money to create.What does that appear like? Well, we will be focusing on:

For five days, starting today, Im going to send you a brief lesson like this e-mail. Some days, Ill ask you to go watch a video. Other days, Ill welcome you to a live video streaming on Facebook. Every day, Ill ask you to do something. Because thats how change takes place. Not by listening or enjoying or checking out. By doing.

Today is all about getting set up. Its about getting positioned so that you can take action.

Determining what you want to offer
Who will buy it
How to offer it
What tools and resources you need to offer it
And what to do next

Develop a complimentary account on Thinkific (or a similar site that permits you to offer digital products). If youre currently set up on one of these sites, excellent. I suggest Thinkific, since its easy and versatile and the individuals who run it are super great. However you just need to be ready to accept payments for your item. Examine out this tutorial from Thinkific if you require help doing this.
Produce a new item and name it whatever you want when youre set up. You can always alter the name later. However we wish to be ready to go when its time to offer.
Join our Facebook group and state hi. Youll be utilizing this group to sign in every day when youve finished your assignment.

Prepared to do this?

To get unstuck in a significant method that will allow you to produce momentum in your work so that you can finally get paid to create.What does that appearance like? As soon as youre set up, develop a brand-new item and name it whatever you desire.

As Walt Disney once said, “We dont make movies to make money. Second, the most successful innovative people have discovered a predictable method to get paid to develop. For a lot of who have actually made a career of making things, they have found a consistent method to make cash off their work.

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