Get Paid to Write: 23 Fresh Health & Wellness Markets to Pitch

Wish to make money to discuss health and wellness?

Even prior to COVID-19, need for material in this specific niche was growing.

And its not simply health publications. You can get paid to compose about health and wellness for:

Regional, regional and national health and health publications
University and health center publications
Trade pubs and association publications
Health clubs, supplement companies, fitness devices businesses
Personal fitness instructors, health coaches, health specialists, and more

Know this … Youre one pitch far from landing a project to earn money to write about health and wellness subjects.

Its like exercising or eating healthy. Take a long time to work out every day or make a plan to enhance your diet plan, and youll get outcomes. Pitching and landing freelance composing jobs works the exact same method.

Sound great? If youre brand-new to freelancing, youve been having a hard time to earn money to discuss health and health, or you want to go up and earn more in this niche, now what?

How about a little assistance to get paid to compose about health and wellness?

Inspect out these 23 fresh markets and start pitching.

This publication has a quarterly in addition to its online version. It concentrates on holistic health and progressive concerns. There are various standards for in-print and online submissions. You can connect by email to managing editor Kristi Dorian.

Rates: Range from $25 to $50 for print, $10-$ 25 for online


This self-help publication for the Atlanta area offers posts on various subjects, one being health. You can connect to editor Cory Olesen at

Rates: $50-$ 75 for health and wellness round-ups; $200 for a multi-page functions

This publications primary audience is African-American communities throughout southern California. Get paid to compose by pitching short article concepts on health and wellness. Contact publisher John Banks-Morgan by e-mail.

Earn money to compose for this Canadian publication by pitching short article concepts on health and wellness, ideally by Canadian authors. They accept fiction and poetry, nevertheless, only in unusual cases. You can pitch the editor and contact publisher Joseph Roberts by email.



Rates: $0.10 a word


Published six times a year, Climbing is trying to find function writing and photography around the pastime of climbing up, lifestyle, and health. Make certain to take a look at all the publications departments prior to pitching. You can find editor Matt Samet on LinkedIn.

These Chicago-based publications have bi-annual print and bi-weekly online editions. You can make money to write for these clubs by pitching people-centered stories about health issues. Send your pitch and some clips to editor Eve Becker via email.


Rates: $0.35 a word

Rates: $0.50 a word for print, $150 for online stories

Rates: $50 per article (average 550 words) with no limits on contributions

You can earn money to compose for Eating Well by pitching story concepts on healthy consuming and nutrition. There are various area editors, so examine the guidelines for names and contact information.


Rate: $1 a word

Rates: $0.83 to $1 per word


This Medium club provides readers information and viewpoints on health and health, as long as theyre backed by science. Desire to make money to write for Elemental? Get ideas by having a look at past short articles on mind and body topics here. Pitch executive editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.

This subscription magazine releases 10 times a year. It features articles on healthy living and fitness. You can reach out to deputy editor Michael Dregni by email.


Rates: $1 a word

This publication (previously Health Management Technology) has an online and print version. Get paid to compose for Healthcare Innovation by pitching feature-story concepts and case research studies.


Rate: Depends on assignment

This is a trade publication published by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. The target audience is fitness and health experts.


Rates: Depends on task

This regional Seattle club is everything about fruit and vegetables, farming, and feeding its neighborhood well. Want to get paid to write for PCC Markets Magazine? Pitch relevant regional and seasonal posts to editor Rebekah Denn by means of email.

Rates: $0.22 a word

This nationwide magazine runs more than 60 regional variations. Its focus is on all things related to natural living, from fitness to individual development. Try to find your local editor before pitching.



Rates: $250-800 range per task

Rates: $0.60 and $0.70 a word.

Publisher Peter Solveson produced these 2 publications for Colorado health centers and healthcare specialists. They consist of health short articles and doctor profiles. You can reach out to Peter by means of email.


If you wish to make money to write for a female-focused health and fitness website, get in touch with FitnessRxWomen Online Editor Callie Bundy by pitching a concept for an article. Articles need to focus on training, weight reduction, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle routines for women.

Rate: Depends on task


For the running enthusiast, this publication features short articles on training, nutrition, injuries, and more. Hailey Middlebrook is the digital editor.

Rates: $1 a word

This broad-reaching publication covers health and spirituality, from the mainstream to the fringe. You can reach out to editor and publisher Ben Nussbaum on LinkedIn.


Rates: reported around $1 a word

Vice publishes distinct angles on all sorts of subjects, including health. Theyre trying to find clear pitches on initial takes. Editors wish to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts. You can pitch editor Kate Lowenstein at


Rates: $0.32 a word


Vibrant Life is searching for favorable, advantageous stories on all elements of health and wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual wellbeing. You can send finished articles by means of e-mail to editor Heather Quintana.

Rates: Ranges from $100-$ 300 per article

You can get paid to compose for these clubs by pitching people-centered stories about health concerns. Get paid to compose for this Canadian publication by pitching short article concepts on health and health, ideally by Canadian authors. Get paid to write by pitching article concepts on health and health. Publisher Peter Solveson developed these 2 magazines for Colorado healthcare facilities and health care specialists. They consist of health posts and doctor profiles.

Heres your writing exercise to get outcomes:.

Rates: $0.43 a word

Voxs Health and Science section encompasses all elements of health, from transmittable illness to psychological health. Pitch editor Eliza Barclay by e-mail.

Pitch & & make money to write about health and wellness.

Want to make money to discuss health & & health? Lets discuss in the comments.

Ready to work your pitching muscles to get paid to discuss health and health? These editors are searching for strong authors who comprehend the niches and audience in this area.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and health author living in the Southern United States. When she isnt writing copy, shes dealing with her forever-in-progress first unique.

Read the guidelines.
Get acquainted with the bar, magazine, website or service.
Compose a strong pitch, and send it.
Repeat until youre completely booked.

Rates: $25 to $150, depending upon article positioning and length.


Build your writing muscles one pitch at a time to move up, make more, and make a living writing.


This holistic and integrative health publication is interested in anything regarding a progressive healthy way of life, from spiritual growth to sustainability and yoga. They rely heavily on freelance contributions, and pay rates vary by topic area within the magazine. You can find editor Gina Salvati on Twitter.

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