How to Become a Copywriter: Getting Started & Finding Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Wondering how to end up being a freelance copywriter? This newbies guide will show you detailed how to become a copywriter and start making genuine money in this financially rewarding composing specific niche!


What Is Copywriting?

Prior to looking for a copywriting position or freelance contract, its crucial to look truthfully at your own abilities and specialties. Some concerns that may be advantageous to ask yourself include:.

Before we begin on the nitty-gritty details, its worth taking a birds-eye view of the topic: What is copywriting? And what is a copywriter?.



Now, its time to learn the basics of how you can end up being a copywriter and start finding freelance copywriting jobs. The guide listed below breaks down our suggested procedure step-by-step.

On the other hand, examples of tasks that are not copywriting could include standard blog posts, informative and “how-to” guides, and fiction novels..

How to Become a Copywriter: 8 Simple Steps for Beginners.

Are you a great writer?.
Do you have examples to prove it?.
Do you have any sales experience?
Do you have any understanding of consumer psychology?.
Do you have any business or entrepreneurial experience?
Do you need some training prior to with confidence stating that you are a competent copywriter?.
Do you understand anything about search engine optimization (SEO)?
Do you have any subjects that you are a true expert in?
Do you understand the difference in between content writing and copywriting?.

Some examples of copywriting include landing pages, small company websites, e-mail marketing, online ads, item descriptions, publication ads, and even cereal boxes..

The term can also associate with scenarios where the goal of the writing is to inspire a certain action from the reader. Writing with the goal of motivating people to sign up to a newsletter, or make a political contribution, would also be considered copywriting, although there is no “selling” included..

Simply put, copywriting is writing “copy”, which can be defined as words with the goal to sell, encourage, or influence. Whenever a writer develops a piece of content with the goal to sell a product and services, the activity could be called copywriting..

Action 1: Evaluate Your Skills and Specialties.

Note: The terms “copywriting” and “copyrighting” are often puzzled. Copywriting refers to real writing, while copyrighting describes the legal process of signing up a copyright or hallmark. If you tell someone you are a copywriter, they may presume you work in a legal field!

Do you understand when you read excellent copy, rather than bad or mediocre copy?

Copywriting is a skill that takes some time to develop. By beginning with an assessment of your own present skill levels, you can be better gotten ready for what is to come.

Most copywriting does not focus heavily on SEO efforts, although SEO writing principles can still be useful for site work. Copy is usually more concentrated on transforming a reader who is currently on the page, rather than just drawing in that reader to the page in the first place..

For outright novices, here is a brief crash-course on freelancing, with a particular focus on self-employed copywriting. You can discover MUCH more inside the Den, but heres a great place to begin:.


Action 3: Create a Portfolio Website.

Copywriters can truly charge as much as they want, so long as they can show that their work is worth the cost. In many cases, copywriting can have a direct, measurable effect on business outcomes.


Per-word rates are really typical for content writing, but less so for copywriting where fewer words are typically utilized..

Copy is typically much shorter, more direct, and more convincing than basic material writing. Even composing a 5-word advertising heading is considered copywriting– and experts could charge hundreds, if not thousands, for those 5 words..

Consider this: If you can have a prospective client arrive on your website and your copy encourages that client to hire you, that definitively proves that you do have appropriate copywriting skills..

Per-project rates may apply to tasks like creating the copy for an entire site. Per-project rates differ commonly depending upon the scope and experience level– something like a site copywriting project might be as little as a few hundred dollars, or as much as $10,000+.
Per-hour rates prevail for all kinds of independent copywriting jobs. Novices might charge around $25 per hour, intermediate writers may charge around $50 an hours, and specialists may charge in the variety of $100 or more per hour in some cases. Top-tier copywriters may charge $300 per hour or perhaps more.

Action 2: Understand the Basics of Freelance Copywriting.

Because producing your own site is the perfect chance to hone your copywriting skills, while likewise plainly showing your copy to the world..


Copy is designed to offer or convert in some other method. Customers will anticipate outcomes from your work, not simply a particular number of words..

Copywriting rates differ by experience level and by the outcomes produced..


For most freelancers, you can sign up for a fundamental shared WordPress hosting plan. Install WordPress and search the variety of pre-built templates and styles. Remember, the point here is to flaunt your copywriting skills, not your web development chops– so dont worry about utilizing a template.


Is your preliminary portfolio going to be flawless? Definitely not. It will likely be something that you modify lot of times over the coming months and years, as you further sharpen your abilities. However at the exact same time, do you think a customer will hire you to work on their website or task, if you havent even invested the time to create your own site?.

There are some fundamental concepts that you will want to learn if youre new to freelancing. The world of freelancing is quite different from the world of standard employment– and this can be particularly true for copywriters, who typically need to often pitch to discover brand-new customers, and require to have not only exceptional writing abilities, but excellent sales skills..

The majority of independent copywriting tasks will be charged per task, per hour, or per word.

Building a website these days is much simpler than it used to be. For newbies, we suggest using Bluehost for discovering your domain and establishing your hosting. Bluehost makes it really basic to set up a standard WordPress-based site..


All independent copywriters need to develop a portfolio site– even if they dont yet have much of a portfolio to display..

If youre interested in some assistance, the Freelance Writers Den is a paid neighborhood that assists freelance authors find well paying jobs, improve writing skills, and level up the company side of a freelance career. The Den has a heap of valuable courses and resources for copywriters and content writers alike..

Bluehost provides a number of benefits for brand-new freelancers. Its one of the more cost effective hosting strategies out there, and it also uses very easy to use tools for web advancement, including 1-click WordPress installs..

Copywriters are normally induced as independent specialists.
Freelancers can discover work by pitching small companies, making an application for posted jobs, or partnering with web developers and firms.
The most typical types of copywriting jobs available are direct-response copywriting, such as landing pages and e-mail marketing, and small business website copywriting. However, copywriting is utilized in almost every business and industry, so there is a variety of work available..

Typically, work will be provided by means of Google Doc, Word Doc, etc. and submitted for modifications. Anticipate customers to require revisions. Copy is something that will frequently need to be fine-tuned, and requires a lot more attention to detail than basic content writing or blogging..

The rates for copywriting are typically a fair bit greater than for material writing. However, more is typically anticipated of copywriters.

Copywriting is extremely project-dependent. The approach for a dentists site will be much various than the technique for an e-mail marketing project for a nonprofit.

Click on this link to register for Bluehost webhosting and start building your portfolio today!

Its time to get paid with some real freelance copywriting tasks. Your first couple of jobs most likely wont be the finest paying tasks ever, but the point here is to gain genuine experience through real clients– preferably ones that you do not know personally..

Step 5: Find Your First (Unpaid) Gig.

Step 4: Hone Your Skills in Sales, Psychology, Persuasive Writing.

Consider any company owners in your family or friend group. Take an appearance at their sites or promotional materials.


To really find out copywriting, you need to practice. And with no experience, you will likely struggle to discover paying clients in this specific niche given that it plays such a critical role in a company succcess. This may be a case where its wise to start off with a couple of tactical unsettled freelance copywriting gigs..

There is a LOT to find out about here. Realistically, you need to spend at least 10-20 hours studying and learning the fundamentals prior to you even take on a job. However, acknowledge that to become a knowledgeable copywriter, you require to actually get some experience under your belt. Which leads us to our next step..

You dont require to get your PhD in any of these topics, but you desire to find out enough that you might hold an affordable discussion about any of the topics. The web is a terrific place to begin (including the links above), but dont avoid selecting up a book or 2 on the subjects that interest you most..

Now, its time to do some research and knowing! Before you can reasonably finish any sort of copywriting task, you will want to find out the essentials of convincing writing and copywriting, as well as the essentials of consumer psychology.

Moving on from the outright essentials, you will want to familiarize yourself with the core copywriting abilities, including:.

Action 6: Find Your First (Paid) Gig.

How to write an attention-grabbing heading.
How to compose a gripping worth proposition.
How to compose a landing page that transforms.
How to compose a sales email that is really opened and checked out.
How to write ads that sell.
How to write scripts for videos, radio advertisements, etc. (if you prepare to operate in these areas).

Copywriting is NOT content writing. I repeat, copywriting is not content writing. To create decent content for websites or blog sites, you actually simply require fundamental composing skills and some knowledge of how the internet works. But to produce excellent copy, you need to understand the psychology behind the words, and the mind state of individuals who will eventually read your copy..

Once youve completed a job or 2, its wise to get feedback from an experienced copywriter. You can ask the neighborhood in the Freelance Writers Den, or reach out to somebody you understand in the industry. Ideally, you desire detailed feedback, not just from business owner, however also from someone with real experience as a copywriter. Use this feedback to make modifications and improve your copy.



Where can you discover freelance copywriting jobs?

You can then approach them (in individual if you know them or via e-mail) with a pitch on how you can enhance their copy, and how much you would charge. Nevertheless, pitching will be more effective once youve developed a more excellent portfolio..


There are also gig platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, however, we largely suggest preventing these platforms. They take substantial charges out of your revenues, the rates are frequently bad, and it can be extremely tough for new authors to land their very first gig.

And dont hesitate to get some training either.

The Freelance Writers Den has resources for refining writing abilities (the SEO bootcamp has some excellent info for ending up being an SEO copywriter), landing brand-new clients, enhancing performance, and managing the day-to-day aspects of running a freelance company. Its helpful for both copywriters and content authors (and you will find that you might want to do both)..

Heres just a little list of some choices:.

Action 7: Improve Your Skills.

A good place to start finding gigs is to pitch services.

You can also have a look at some terrific copywriting suggestions here.

You can continue practicing, checking out books and blogs on the topic, and thoroughly reviewing the work of other authors to find out copywriting techniques and hone your abilities. On that last point, when checking out the copy of other writers, dont simply look for expressions and words to take– think about the psychology and reasoning behind the copy to comprehend why the author is utilizing those words.

Copywriting is an ability that should be constantly studied and practiced.

Theres also the alternative of finding independent copywriting jobs on quality task boards. Simply understand that not every chance you come across on these boards will be rewarding, so filter appropriately and method with some level of caution.

One of the finest ways to level up your freelancing video game is to join the Freelance Writers Den. This membership service consists of more than 300 hours of special classes, boot camps, eBooks and various other finding out products. Plus, youll be able to discover and ask concerns from a neighborhood of over 1,500 like-minded freelance writers!

Believe about some small local companies that may have obsoleted or poorly composed copy on their sites or promotional materials. There will be lots of these. Maybe its the regional gym you go to or a preferred dining establishment..

When you get skills and experience, you can easily begin charging more and more– but in the beginning, you will need to be client.

Click here for more information about the Freelance Writers Den

Step 8: Run Your Business.

Here is something essential to bear in mind: As a freelancer, you are a company. And as a business, there are various jobs that you will need to deal with. The list below covers some of the most important tasks:.

Invoice customers to earn money on time (check out our freelancer invoicing guide).
Keep precise records of both income and expenditures.
Set aside money to pay for self-employed freelancer taxes (we advise setting aside around 20-25% of your income).
If they have any extra requirements, following up with old clients to figure out.
Looking for brand-new clients and projects.
Continually enhancing your abilities.
Pitching your dream clients.
Adding brand-new samples to your portfolio, and taking off less-impressive jobs.
Networking with other authors, company owners and marketing experts.


So there you have it: How to end up being a freelance copywriter in simply 8 steps!

This guide sets the structure for you to build a growing freelance copywriting organization– but obviously, you will require to put in the work to make that dream a reality. As you hone your abilities, bolster your portfolio and gain self-confidence, you will have the ability to land increasingly higher-tier tasks, and make more cash!.

Per-hour rates are common for all types of independent copywriting jobs. In lots of cases, copywriting can have a direct, measurable effect on company results. Remember, the point here is to reveal off your copywriting abilities, not your web development chops– so do not worry about utilizing a template.

Copywriting is NOT content writing. To genuinely learn copywriting, you need to practice.

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