How to Build and Manage a Book Launch Team

How do you develop a book launch team? Today Im going to share some methods that I utilized with the launch of my novel and offer some ideas for what you can do with your book launch.

Whew. Yesterday, I launched my book, Surviving Death. The launch worked out, the book became a # 1 New Release on Amazon, and it would not have actually been so successful without my book launch group. They were amazing helping me get the word out about my book!

What is a book launch team?

Lets start with the basics: what the heck is a book launch team?

The response is quite easy. A book launch group is a group of people who agree to spread out the word about your book on the day of your release, and preferably for a week after.

Simply put, your book launch team assists you offer books.

5 Steps to Build a Book Launch Team

How do you get the many of a book launch group? Here are five tips:

1. Ask Everyone

Do not ask individuals the night before your launch date. You require to start collecting your book launch group at least a month prior to your book release.

Some writers choose smaller book launch groups of individuals they understand. However I do not truly recommend going that route. Ask everybody you know. Ask on social networks, ask your author email list, and ask your loved ones. Contact people personally.

I sent an e-mail to my author list requesting individuals to join. I also published on social a couple of times asking for aid. (The asking for help bit is necessary. Do not make your post incredibly long or give a summary of your book. Just state something like, “Can you help me out? Im launching a brand-new book and would love your aid getting the word out!”).

Why ask everyone? Youre trying to find the most word-of-mouth possible. I wound up with over 2 hundred people on my book launch group for Surviving Death. The more the merrier!

2. Be Clear About What You Want from Your Book.

I imply be really clear when I state be clear about what you want. Write step-by-step directions and provide an outline of how the procedure will work. Remember the majority of these individuals have probably never took part in something like this prior to, so theyre not going to know what to do!

I composed all the post copy, but encouraged them to fine-tune it if they desired. I also made various mockups and teasers videos of my book so they might post on Instagram and other outlets.

I set up a Facebook group along with an e-mail list for my book launch group. From there I could communicate precisely what I needed from them, give them freebies, and get them engaged with my book.

3. Provide Your Book Launch Team an ARC.

I utilized BookFunnel, a book marketing tool that makes it easy to disperse books totally free, to give my launch team their ARC. Heres what it looks like:.

Evaluations are crazy important and you desire that social evidence while youre releasing so individuals are intrigued enough to purchase. If youre lucky, you likewise might have a couple people who compose book reviews on their blogs as well, so youll definitely desire them to have time to get that up.

Heres why: book reviews evaluations.

For your book launch team, you wish to provide time checked out the book before launch day so they can compose a review during your launch week.

An ARC is an advanced reader copy. Youll wish to offer every person in your launch group a free copy of your book. Yes, complimentary.

I did not inform them to share anything about the book at that time. I increased the price right prior to launch day.

4. Keep Your Team Engaged.

Because you recruited your group rather a bit ahead of time, keeping their interest up for your book can get hard. You need to amuse them in order to keep them considering your book and interested in assisting you get the word out.

I focused on giveaways and a guessing game with my team. This way I got to talk about my characters (book hype), offer them some insight into how the composing process works (people are always curious), and got interaction in the group.

I pointed out previously that I began a Facebook group for my Surviving Death team. Facebook groups are great ways to maintain engagement with your book. When it comes to enthusiasm, emails work well for instructions but arent so terrific.

5. Reward Your Launch Team.

Surviving Death is offered now on Audible, Kindle, and in paperback! Get your copy of Surviving Death here.

Another idea on rewarding your launch team: its not about bribing them. Its about having enjoyable with your launch!

Get imaginative, but make sure your rewards match your book. I teach composing around here, but it wouldnt have made good sense for me to offer an exclusive writing session with my launch team, given that Surviving Death is a work of fiction, not a writing how-to.

Belonging to a book launch group is clearly a volunteer situation. Everyone on your team is doing you a favor. Never forget that!

Keep in mind to have fun.

While youre in the process, remember that this is your dream and have fun with it! Each launch is a discovering experience and there is no “best” method to construct and manage your book launch group.

With this launch, my rewards to my team were concentrated on the swag and signed proof copies. Depending upon what type of book youve written, you might do other things like an “ask me anything” session, a chance to take a class taught by you, exclusive bonus offer material, or giving them discounts on other items.

Have you ever constructed a book launch team? Any other concepts not mentioned here? Let me understand in the remarks!

Do not forget to share your writing in the remarks. Lets share some book launch group concepts!

Sarah Gribble.

Sarah Gribble is the best-selling author of lots of narratives that explore unpleasant circumstances, basic worries, and the general wonder and fascination of the unidentified. She just launched SURVIVING DEATH, her first novel, and is presently dealing with her next book.
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The launch went well, the book ended up being a # 1 New Release on Amazon, and it wouldnt have been so successful without my book launch group. Some authors prefer smaller sized book launch groups of people they know. I ended up with over two hundred individuals on my book launch group for Surviving Death. Each launch is a finding out experience and there is no “perfect” method to develop and handle your book launch team.


Pretend youre on a quest to get a successful book. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and blog about how that feels and what you would do.

Have you ever built a book launch team?

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