How to Pitch & Win Freelance Writing Clients Without a Bullhorn

Or youre frozen, believing about putting yourself out there on social networks, and telling the world, “Im a freelance author.”

Youre sitting at your computer wrestling with how to pitch an editor.

Possibly youre anxious about a call with a possibility.

That ever take place to you?

How to pitch freelance prospects, land assignments, and earn money well is on your mind … A LOT

Thankfully, you do not need a bullhorn to get in touch with prospects and land well-paid writing projects. Heres how to win and pitch as a freelancer, even if youre an introvert.

And that voice inside your head keeps piping up …

Maybe youre not cut out for this.
What if they find out you dont understand everything?
What do you understand about how to pitch this organization, magazine, or prospect?
If only you were more confident, more social, more outgoing … If youve ever got stuck believing you do not know how to pitch or you cant win at freelancing, due to the fact that youre not the loudest person in the room, youre not alone.

Meet Tom Albrighton: The Freelance Introvert

Tom Albrighton

What would you do if you got laid off from your task in the publishing industry? Thats precisely where Tom Albrighton discovered himself about 15 years earlier.

He chose to put himself out there and offer freelancing a shot … on his own terms.

Today, hes taken a niche as a freelance editor and B2B writer. And hes the author of The Freelance Introvert:.

Searching for suggestions on how to win and pitch at freelancing, even if youre not the loudest individual in the space? Take a look at Toms pointers and advice from a current interview inside the Freelance Writers Den.

Q1: Can you be an effective freelance writer, even if youre an introvert?

Tom: Yeah, for sure. Ive been freelancing for near to 15 years. Prior to that I came up through non-fiction book publishing. And Ive been an introvert my entire life.

I utilized to be referred to as shy. But gradually, Ive recognized thats simply my character. Im quite a solitary person. Im delighted on my own. Im pleased dealing with my own. I believe the older I get, the more introverted Ive ended up being, and thats just fine.

Q2: Whats helped you the most with how to pitch and win at freelancing?

Listen carefully to prospects and customers. Its important to truly listen to what individuals are saying. And recognize you do not always understand what theyre saying the very first time around.

Under pledge & & overdeliver. How do you do it? I try and keep expectations with freelance composing prospects reasonable. Beat them, rather than building up the expectations and then falling short.

Tom: Everyone finds their own course to freelance success. I always encourage everyone to explore their own path and not necessarily copy what Ive done. Some ideas that have worked for me include:.

Provide value. I like to discover the customers who fit my service, and actually concentrate on assisting them to the best of my abilities.

When you really listen, in some cases youll believe: “Oh, I can see what theyre getting at now. I might see what they were trying to state or didnt quite feel they might say.”.

Plus, being a good listener is just part of who you are, if youre an introvert.

Q3: Whats the different between being a shy author and introvert freelancer?

Frequently when youre fulfilling prospects and customers for the first time if youre a shy writer … You feel uncomfortable and tense in company. And its always there.

An EXTROVERT draws energy from other individuals, feels energized by business, wishes to be around people, maybe feels a bit low and lacking direction when theyre alone.

For an INTROVERT, its the other way around. You draw energy from being alone rather than from remaining in company. You get energy from your alone time. You can manage business if you wish to. You simply prefer not to be in company for a lot of the time.

If youre an introvert freelancer … Shyness, is just a feeling. Being an introvert is more of a character characteristic.

Tom: Theres a common mistaken belief that introvert instantly equates to shy. Theyre really different.

Q4: What are the drawbacks of being an introvert freelancer?

Tom: Well, I can go literally weeks, perhaps months sometimes, without seeing anybody face to deal with about freelance work. For me, that really enhances my wellness.

You get too much of what you want. You have to sit with your own thoughts and problems excessive. Its how a great deal of freelancers start to second-guess how to pitch, how to get customers, how make more. You should be talking with other individuals, but you simply do not. Which can turn into a brooding, downward spiral. However if youre part of a neighborhood like the Freelance Writers Den, you dont need to work alone.

As a freelancer, you need to be self-directed. Youve got to keep the entire show on the road, and that can be challenging for introverts.

There are some drawbacks of becoming too shy as a freelance author:.

You avoid marketing and reaching out. You know you require to do some outward-facing jobs, however you do not. For instance: Read the guidelines for a prospect on how to pitch an idea, and then do it. Market yourself. Get on the phone and deal with customers. You wont have a freelance composing business if you do not put yourself out there.

Q5: What are some strengths of being an introvert freelance author?

These are a few of the important things that make introverts fantastic freelancers.

Tom: Its a character characteristic. So this isnt real for everybody, however introverts tend to be independent and self-motivated. You:.

Dont need to draw energy from others.
Have the skills and discipline to set your own targets and goals, and inspire yourself.
Dont get taken out of shape easily.
Listen really carefully to what individuals say, remember it, and you act upon it.
Have the ability to focus.
Value long-term client relationships, over short-terms ones.

Q6: What marketing techniques do you suggest to get self-employed work?

Evan Jensen is the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing. Hes training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon when hes not on a composing due date or capturing up on emails.

You do not require a bullhorn to be a freelance writer.

Tom: You need to choose a sustainable marketing activity. You cant approach it with a spring-clean mindset, do one enormous splurge, and get it out of the method. Consider it like this:.

If youre an introvert freelance writer, youve got a lot going for you.

It requires to be sustainable, and something you enjoy. The marketing you do right now is setting your reality 6 to 12 months down the line.

Need aid landing freelance composing gigs? Lets talk about in the comments.

If youre an introvert freelance writer, youve got a lot going for you. Its a strength that can help you move up, earn more, and land great clients … in your own method. Look at it this method, and youll be great.

Marketing is the generation of future cashflow.

Just share your reality, your thoughts about being a freelance author.

If youre a bit more old-school like me, discover a perfect customer and send out a pitch. Select a firm or an organization that youve constantly wanted to work for, and just compose them an actually, truly good pitch letter.

I try and keep expectations with freelance composing prospects sensible. If youre part of a community like the Freelance Writers Den, you do not have to work alone.

Im talking about the shorter LinkedIn posts rather than truly long short articles. Ive seen a lot of writers get organization this way. Simply share your truth, your thoughts about being a freelance writer.

Heres three strategies I recommend:.

If you do not put yourself out there, you wont have a freelance composing company.

Practice your elevator speech. This can really help you when a prospect says: “Tell me about yourself.” (Thats sort of a trigger for introverts. When I hear that, I immediately believe: Oh, I do not wish to talk about myself. I do not want to expose anything to you.). So rather of going crazy, spend some time right now to compose your individual pitch. When prospect or client asks, that way youve got a reaction.

If you desire to get severe about how to pitch and land customers, you need to pick a freelance marketing activity youll really do every day or every number of days.

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