How to Tell If You’re a Highly Creative Person (It’s Not What You Think)

If youre an extremely innovative person who has constantly questioned your own creativity, it might just be that you were looking at things the wrong way. In the days ahead, slow down and observe yourself. Do you link to the world frequently through your brain, or through your heart?

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So, what we end up with is a lot of instinctive, extremely creative individuals in society who never own their presents, and who the majority of the time do not even believe they have presents. Instinctive, right-brain individuals self-judge themselves mercilessly and do so much damage to themselves with vital self-talk and unfavorable idea patterns because many of us have actually gotten a lot feedback from other people that were weird or spread, or they cant follow our method of figuring things out, or we make things too complicated. In other words, color inside the lines please.

If you are an user-friendly individual, that means you dont use believing to do the heavy lifting when it comes to bending your imaginative muscle, you use sensation.

When you pick up a popular book on creativity or your manager at work tells you she wants you to be more creative, possibilities are that youre being pressed to “believe outside the box,” or, “believe bigger,” or, in the words of Apple, “believe different.”

Believe, believe, think.

And if youre an user-friendly individual who is extremely creative, this mistaken belief does more damage to you than anyone else. You have the most imaginative energy and power when you use importance, metaphor, and example; and when you can check out human motivation, emotion, and connection.

Imagination is an idea that appears to be discussed constantly these days. There are articles and sites and books and all sorts of exercises on “how to be more creative,” “how to reconnect with your creativity,” and “why imagination is so important.” A lot of these resources provide useful suggestions, but numerous also fizzle entirely.


Your response to that question can change your life.

Being extremely imaginative is not just about believing.

The products of imagination are not the end goal, theyre really more like side results. And the trait of high imagination is not found in a list of items. Its a deeply-wired level of sensitivity to appeal. Again, this is not something that originates from thinking. Its not about objectively evaluating various things worldwide to examine if theyre in proportion, or effective, or right, although those elements might enter play. Rather, its a natural responsiveness to that which has true appeal– even if that charm is hidden or tough for others to see– and its inherent in the highly creative individual.

The important things about being extremely creative is that its not everything about thinking. This is difficult for us to comprehend, because as a society, were all programmed with the belief that practically everything comes down to how we can believe harder, think smarter, or think much faster. So, when you pick up a popular book on creativity or your supervisor at work informs you she wants you to be more innovative, possibilities are that youre being pushed to “believe outside package,” or, “think bigger,” or, in the words of Apple, “think various.”

This is absolutely incorrect.

This viewpoint on what makes for an extremely innovative individual is so tough for us to accept since were just not trained that way. We are informed there is an ideal method to do things. And if we dont do things in this method, someone quickly speaks up and tells us that were doing it incorrect.

And if youre an instinctive person who is highly creative, this mistaken belief does more damage to you than anybody else. What we end up with is a whole lot of user-friendly, highly creative individuals in society who never ever own their presents, and who most of the time dont even think they have presents. If you are an intuitive highly innovative individual the secret to breaking free of these hazardous beliefs is to understand what you are and how you work, and that its not incorrect, its simply various. If youre a highly imaginative person who has actually always questioned your own imagination, it might simply be that you were looking at things the wrong method.

I talk more about how right-brain dominant people can access their intuition and utilize it in their writing (whether theyre writing fiction or narrative) in my Intuitive Writing video course, and I go deep about a bunch of other stuff for intuitive writers too. How to work with characters like theyre genuine people for one (an important turning point for so numerous obstructed user-friendly writers), and the 3 most typical mental blocks user-friendly authors come up against. Given that I put out the course this last January, Ive heard from hundreds of writers who have all told me the exact same thing: They had no idea that there was truly absolutely nothing wrong with them, not as an author, and not as a person. Once they learnt that they are a right-brain individual living in a left-brain world, whatever else clicked into place.

The second most destructive misconception about imagination in our culture is that creativity has to do with the end outcome, it is the sum of the parts we put together when were “being creative.” It is the item. We presume that if somebody is extremely innovative then she or he must have the ability to indicate a long list of items theyve developed: books, or paintings, or photographs, and even cupcakes. We believe that if we ourselves are creative then we will have something to reveal for it. We will have proof in the kind of a tangible thing that we can send to others for judgment and approval.

If you are an user-friendly extremely creative person the secret to breaking devoid of these harmful beliefs is to comprehend what you are and how you work, which its not incorrect, its simply different. You are a person who is dominant in right-brain consciousness living in a society that is dominant in left-brain awareness. Its not that youre broken, you just clash with the system.

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