How to Write a Freelance Proposal: 8 Expert Tips to Get Clients

“Send me a quote.” You hang up the phone on a high. And then you panic … Im not exactly sure how to write a freelance proposition to get clients.

You Google it: how to compose a freelance proposal

Try it this method: What if you discover how to write a freelance proposition that knocks their socks off?You know: “Youre hired. When can you get started? If youre looking for a little assistance in the “how to write a freelance proposition,” department youre in the ideal place.Check out these expert ideas on how to write a freelance proposition that helps you land more tasks.

Your marketing efforts are lastly settling. Youre getting more leads, and scheduling more calls.

You download a bunch of totally free resources.

That ever happen? Weve all existed eventually.

The thing that appears to be the last piece of the puzzle is learning how to compose a freelance proposition that gets those hot leads to pay you handsomely.What if you send a proposal, and your prospect ghosts you? Or they balk at your rate?

Possibly you pull a book from your rack, dust off the cover, and turn open to an earmarked page, desperate to keep in mind or discover how to do this.

The art of how to write a freelance proposition to land well-paying customers

Curious about how to compose a freelance proposition and charge what youre worth?

Inspect out this recommendations from Liz and Jonathan to produce much better propositions and charge what youre worth.

We just recently captured up with Liz Farr and Jonathan Stark on the Freelance Writers Den podcast to speak about how to make it take place.

Jonathan is a previous software application designer and author of the book Hourly Billing Is Nuts: Essays on the madness of trading time for cash.

Liz is a certified public accountant and freelance author for accounting and bookkeeping businesses.

How do I compose a freelance proposal? And how much should I charge? These are some of the most common concerns freelancers ask.



Theres more than one way to estimate a project. If youre interested in offering yourself a raise, charging higher costs, and assisting your clients be successful by composing terrific material, learning how to compose a freelance proposition and charge pro rates is where its at.

1. What is value-pricing for freelance writers?

Liz: Value pricing is not about simply charging higher rates. Its more of a service design and state of mind shift that just charging higher freelance writing rates. The basic concept is that your rate for work need to catch a portion of the advantage that your client gets from the work you offer.

2. Why is worth pricing a better method than a hourly rate?

Jonathan: Think about it this method. When you charge by the hour, you end up synthetically limiting your earning potential. Its bad for your earnings margins, your state of mind, and your customers.

Liz: You could bill hourly or use a rate sheet. Worth prices means youre looking at the value yo offer based on your capacity, and use that to set your minimum prices.

On the other hand, value rates results in a lot of advantages like increasing your earning capacity, developing much better client relationships, and enhancing work-life balance.

3. How do you get a client to see the value of your work?

Jonathan: When a prospect concerns you, this is going to sound terrifying, you try and talk them out of hiring you. You do that by having the “Why conversation,” which has three steps. Heres what you need to ask:

Why do you desire to hire me? List off all individuals who damage you, charge less than you, including authors on fiverr and Upwork. If you think what you do is excellent, now is the best time to raise those pricing objections, and theyll see that youre worth it. When you get these questions addressed, prepare your proposition and include their responses verbatim.

Why do you require this task? Whats the function? Basically, you have them convince you they require this material to help them achieve an objective.

Whats the timeline? Why not put this off another month, another year? Why is this urgent? Youre searching for projects that are immediate. The tighter the timeline and danger involved if the customer does not get this project done, the more you can charge.

Liz: I like to call it having a value conversation. You ask a series of in-depth concerns where you truly try to get in deep with your customers, their company, their challenges, and their goals. You want to ask questions like:

What are you trying to accomplish?
How does this piece fit into your sales cycle?
What are your pain points?
Why are you working with a freelancer instead of producing this in-house?
What would success appear like for you? Can you put a dollar amount on that?

4. When you discover how to write a freelance proposition, how is it different that the common pitch?

Liz: Youre more of a business partner than a supplier. Youre not just providing a service. Youre not an order taker. Youre a freelance writer, and an expert. You truly need to offer a lot more in regards to services and be a company partner. You truly need to step up your video game and provide more worth. But it also suggests youre going to be able to make more cash.

5. If Im a brand name new writer, can I find out how to compose a freelance proposition?

Jonathan: Its easy to think per hour is the way to go when youre beginning. If I was just starting, I d begin with worth pricing and a fundamental proposition. Initially, I d discover a method to get outcomes for someone. Find 3 best customers. Perhaps you do a job totally free or an affordable price. And you do this in exchange for feedback and a testimonial. Its a quicker method to find out, get clients, and start making cash than going to an innovative composing course.

6. Is writing a proposal just a technique to charge greater rates?

Liz: This is not about attempting to gouge your customers. This is about supplying value. For a really little client, you might just supply the bare-bones deliverable like a post or a case research study. For a bigger client, you may put together a proposal with images, social media posts, a landing page for the case research study, and a blog site post to drive traffic to the case study.

7. How do you estimate a project in a proposal?

Jonathan: Find out roughly how much the project is worth to your customer. A client task is no various. When you figure out the value and the reasons they need this job completed, prepare a proposition with 3 different levels and prices.

Liz: After you discuss the task, prepare a proposition with three choices. And the Fist-Bump bundle with the deliverables, plus whatever under the sun so that your client could fundamental pop everything into their marketing device and go.

8. Whats the biggest obstacle with writing proposals for freelancers?

Prior to you can raise your freelance composing rates and charge greater charges, you have to truly think that the work youre supplying is worth that cost. And thats going to be shown in your freelance proposal.

Master the freelance proposal to move up and earn more

Need suggestions on how to write a freelance proposal? Lets discuss in the remarks listed below.

How do I write a freelance proposal? When you comprehend what your writing skills can achieve for a client and learn how to write a freelance proposition that places you as the writer for the job, you can charge higher rates.

Attempt it this way: What if you learn how to write a freelance proposition that knocks their socks off?You know: “Youre employed. If youre looking for a little help in the “how to compose a freelance proposition,” department youre in the ideal place.Check out these professional ideas on how to write a freelance proposition that helps you land more projects.

When you understand what your writing abilities can achieve for a client and discover how to write a freelance proposal that positions you as the author for the job, you can charge greater rates. Take time to ask questions. Learn. Instead of just taking an order for a writing assignment, put on your specialist hat to better understand your clients business, challenges, and goals. And compose a proposal they cant refuse. Youll be better, making it much easier for you to move up and earn more.

And then you stress … Im not sure how to compose a freelance proposal to get customers.

Evan Jensen is an independent copywriter for fitness and health businesses. Hes also the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing.

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