International Insights: Indie Friendly Aggregators

For todays edition of the Alliance of Independent Authors International Insights hosted by Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard, were carrying on to indie friendly aggregators.

Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard

Today for that reason Ill be looking at the circulation (not the other pros and cons, which are beyond the remit of this essay) provided by 8 of the most popular indie-friendly aggregators throughout audiobooks, ebooks, and POD. They are BookBaby, Draft2Digital, Ebook Partnership, Findaway Voices, PublishDrive, Smashwords, StreetLib and XinXii.

However even if we can go direct with them all we require to consider a) whether it is worth the additional work that involves, and b) how much reach we will be losing out on if we do not likewise use an aggregator.

When it comes to going wide and going international we will significantly require to depend on 3rd party distributors, or aggregators, to reach consumers around the globe.

One last point before we look at the circulation in detail: Aggregators modification and develop in time. If weve looked at an aggregator in the past and discovered it wanting, do not compose it off permanently. Pop along and see whats new. We may discover ourselves pleasantly shocked by whats now on deal.

As weve formerly explored, of the Big 5 indie-friendly outlets Nook is US just, while Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo in between them provide us some excellent worldwide reach. The majority of us will have the alternative to go direct with some or all of these and thus eliminated the “intermediary” distributor.

Do take special note of the reality that three of the aggregators mentioned here use their own shops where we can offer direct to consumers and get wonderful margins. The drawback is these stores are not readily noticeable to customers. If we make the effort to drive traffic to these stores– what I call Direct-to-Consumer-lite– these stores can be invaluable properties.

A reminder here that none of the aggregators Im about to cover require exclusivity and naturally we can use one, more than one, or all, as matches our customer program.

Do keep expectations realistic. If you are going direct with the primary outlets like Amazon and Google Play and just utilizing an aggregator to mop up the smaller retail and subscription choices then naturally aggregator revenues will be lower than if we use them to access the bigger customer points.

If we put all our eggs in one aggregator basket then we take a danger– remember what took place to Pronoun? As well see below, each and every aggregator has its distinct consumer points and there is no one aggregator that can do it all for us.

At which point, full disclosure offered the topic: I work for StreetLib. But as always, the information that follows will be factual to the best of my understanding and any mistakes or omissions will be remedied, so please recommend of anything does not prove out.

While beyond the scope of this essay, do remember each aggregator uses special value-added services– whatever from formatting tools to discounts on 3rd party services to promo chances to … the list is endless.

Okay, so here, alphabetical order, is what distribution each aggregator uses:


POD distribution: will include Amazon, Ingram, Barnes & & Noble and WalMart, but at this phase the beta is by invite just.

Ebook Distribution: Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Tolino, Scribd, Overdrive, 24Symbols, Bibliotecha, Baker & & Taylor, Hoopla and Vivlio.

Based in the UK, Ebook Partnership deals with ebooks. It needs up-front payment and pays 100% net royalties.



Based in the USA, Draft2Digital deals with ebooks and has a POD circulation service in beta. It operates a pay-as-you-sell system, so no up-front payments needed.

Ebook Partnership.

POD distribution: Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & & Noble, Powells, WalMart, NasCorp, Bookazine, BPDI Corp, Diamond Comics, Christian Book Distributors, Baker & & Taylor, Ingram, BookBaby shop.

Ebook circulation: Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, OverDrive, Copia, Gardners, Baker & & Taylor, eSentral, Scribd, Ciando, Vearsa, Hoopla, BookBaby Store. In addition, BookBaby uses the chance to get into Kindle Unlimited through KDP Select, but note this is an either/or alternative simply like going direct to KDP Select. , if you pick this choice with Bookbaby you should be unique with the ebook title in Select for ninety days.

Based in the USA, BookBaby handles ebooks and POD. It needs up-front payment and pays 100% net royalties.

Ebook circulation: Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, eSentral, Bookmate, Scribd, Storytel, OverDrive, Hoopla, EBSCO, Baker & & Taylor, Askews & Holts, Gardners

Based in Germany, XinXii has been a traditional favourite of indies, but Im consisting of XinXii here simply as a cautionary note and with no further information.

Based in the USA, PublishDrive manages ebooks, audiobooks and POD. Ebook circulation: Amazon, Apple, Nook, Google Play, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Scribd, Storytel, Bookmate, Dreame, 24Symbols, Perlego, Tolino, CNPeReading, JD, Dangdang, gardners, Ciando, eSentral, DBook, Konyv, Bookshout! Based in Italy, StreetLib manages ebooks, comics, publications, podcasts and audiobooks.

( See this post on how indies can gain rewards from global book fairs).

Ebook circulation: Amazon, Apple, Nook, Google Play, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Scribd, Storytel, Bookmate, Dreame, 24Symbols, Perlego, Tolino, CNPeReading, JD, Dangdang, gardners, Ciando, eSentral, DBook, Konyv, Bookshout!, E-letöltés, OverDrive. Hoopla, Odilo, Bibliotecha, Mackin.

One final point prior to we look at the circulation in information: Aggregators change and develop over time. If you choose this option with Bookbaby you should be special with the ebook title in Select for ninety days.

Audiobook distribution: Google Play, Kobo, Gardners, OverDrive, Bookmate, CNPeReading, Findaway, Storytel.

POD circulation (currently just Italy, however enjoy this space): Amazon, Goodbook, IBS, Il Giardino dei Libri, La Feltrinelli, Libreria Universitaria, Mondadori, StreetLib Store.

Oct 30-31 (India) Delhi Book Fair online.

Nov 04-14 (UAE) Sharjah International Book Fair in-person.

Ebook distribution: Apple, Nook, Scribd, Kobo, OverDrive, Baker & & Taylor Axis 360, Gardners, Tolino, Bibliotecha, ODILO, Enki, Smashwords Store.

Oct 22-25 (Nigeria) Ake Arts & & Book Festival online.

Up-coming International Book Fairs and Festivals.

Caution: the Smashwords circulation page is a little out of date, for example including Bookworld (Australia), Crossword (India), Play (UK), PickNPay (South Africa) and Eason (Ireland) as part of Kobos sub-reach when in reality these shops no longer sell ebooks.

All of us understand distribution partners change and sites can not constantly be updated immediately, but claiming to distribute ebooks to stores that have actually not sold ebooks in 5-7 years recommends assisting keep us at the cutting edge of brand-new developments in the market might no longer be at the leading edge of XinXiis operations.

Ive emailed XinXii and had no response to questions. These are my issues: While the website appears to be practical, the audiobooks link goes no place and the list of ebook distribution partners consists of New Zealands Whitcoulls, which stopped selling ebooks way back in 2013, Club Bertelsmann which closed in 2015, and Indias Flipkart, which also stopped offering ebooks in 2015.



POD circulation: Amazon, CNPeReading.


Audiobook circulation: Audible, Bibliotecha, BookBeat, Google Play, Il Narratore Audiolibri, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Mlol, OverDrive, Scribd, Storytel, StreetLib Store, Tocalivros, Ubook, YouScribe.


Oct 30-Nov 9 (Algeria) Algiers International Book Fair online.


Based in Italy, StreetLib deals with ebooks, comics, audiobooks, publications and podcasts. StreetLib also has a POD alternative but this is presently only available in Italy as the pandemic decreased the programs advancement. Expect even more developments in 2021. StreetLib operates a pay-as-you-sell system, so no up-front payments needed.

Findaway. Based in the USA, Findaway Voices deals with audiobooks for indies. It requires up-front payment and pays 100% net royalties.

Based in the USA, Smashwords deals with ebooks. It runs a pay-as-you-sell system, so no up-front payments required.

Nov 24-30 (Philippines) Manila International Book Fair online.

Audiobook distribution: Amazon, Google, Kobo, Audible, Nook, Bibliotecha, Storytel, Scribd, Chirp, Hibooks, OverDrive, Hoopla, WalMart, Beek, Baker & & Taylor, BajaLibros, Nextory, AudiobooksNZ, AudiobooksNow, ODILO, Bidi, AuthorsDirect, EBSCO, Follett, Fuuze, 3LeafGroup, Mlol, BookBeat, LibroFM, Perma-Bound, Ubook, Bookmate, 234Symbols, Anyplay, Audiobooks, Hummingbird, Leamos, Wheelers, eStories, Rakuten Play, InstaRead, Axiell, PapayaFM.

Based in the USA, PublishDrive manages ebooks, audiobooks and POD. It requires up-front payment from brand-new customers and pays 100% net royalties. It provides one title free with minimal distribution alternatives.

Ebook circulation: 24 Symbols, Amazon, Apple, Artcivic, BajaLibros, Baker & & Taylor, Nook, Bidi, Book Republic, Casa del Libro, CNPeReading, Decalibro, Feedbooks, Gandhi, Google Play, Hoepli, Hummingbird, IBS, Il Giardino dei Libri, Izneo, Kobo, Kobo Plus, La Feltrinelli, Leamos, Libreka, Libreria Universitaria, Librisalus, Macrolibrarsi, Mlol, Mondadori, Nineva, ODILO, Omniabuk, OverDrive, Perlego, Peru Bookstore, ReteIndaco, San Paolo Store, Scribd, STARY Dreame, STARY FicFun, StreetLib Store, Tolino, Unilibro, Webster, Winvaria, Youboox, YouScribe.

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