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. They were extremely helpful and practical, and I had an actually positive experience. I held my own, I worked truly difficult. I indicate, you have to strive to show yourself. I sort of made that a style in the unique too, because you cant get away from it as a female in firefighting, you have to resolve it. Oh, you know, your water, your food and all of that, you have to pack that in on your back a great deal of times. If youre fortunate, youll have rote accessible fires, however in Alaska, the majority of its remote. So, youre dropped off on a mountain top in a helicopter at a base camp, and after that from there, you trek into the fire, which is what we did, and we d trek four miles each method and then do our shift and then hike the four miles out. The majority of the time, the helicopters could not be freed up to carry. We were on our own. Howard Lovy: Unfortunately, due to environment modification, there will be more material for LoLo to deal with as she blogs about the devastation of forest fires and its effect on human lives. LoLo Paige: Its incredible,

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s name, but lets start early, when she first realized she was an author. LoLo Paige: Actually, it came about in the sixth grade.

Listen to my interview with LoLo Paige.

and so on. So, I took every one of those journeys and I created a love, therefore thats the next thing Im going to launch. I entered it in a RWA chapter contest and it won top place in the Terra contest in Florida, which I believed, well, yeah, theres a lot of older individuals in Florida, of course they d like this love, you know.

I went to a Catholic school in Butte, Montana, which was a melting pot for all kinds of different people.

LoLo Paige: Back then, there were barely any females in it, it was mostly a male controlled profession. Howard Lovy: So, how did she get into writing? LoLo responded to that concern when I asked her whether she had her share of close calls as a firemen.

Due to the fact that I have a lot of pals, readers, that have said, gosh, I wish we had more baby boomer love out there, we simply dont have that. So, I started composing those and I was traveling once a year. Up until COVID, I was taking a trip as soon as a year with a group out of California with my cousins, that got me into that, and we began traveling all over the place. Last year, we went to Germany, the year prior to we did France and Spain

A number of highlights from our interview:.

My guest this week is LoLo Paige, who informs tales of action, adventure, secret, love, all blended together with a great offer of heat. LoLo put out forest fires prior to she put away her firefighting devices and picked up a pen.

And I studied the marketplace, it began as femaless fiction, and I didnt have any love in it, and my spouses all, wheres the love? And I believed, Oh, heres this macho Alaska guy informing me I required a love interest in my story. I hooked up with the Romance Writers of America, here in Alaska, and we have a terrific chapter

oh, can she cut this, you understand? And they size you up, but they were really, you know, the ones that I worked with, were amazing

On writing love.

LoLo Paige: I got into acting back in college in Missoula, Montana at the University of Montana. Howard Lovy: But it was experience and love that called to LoLo, both in real life, and in the category she chose for her first book. LoLo Paige: Yes, I was at a writers conference called the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference in Homer, Alaska, and I fulfilled some of the folks that came up.

I held my own, I worked really tough. I imply, you need to strive to show yourself. I sort of made that a theme in the unique too, since you cant get away from it as a woman in firefighting, you need to resolve it.

I figured that was a quite good achievement. Howard Lovy: There are a lot of accomplishments to LoLo

once you publish as soon as book, even though I wrote fiction, and even though I wrote a romanceComposed people love sending me articles and pictures posts photos through social images and whatnot, and theyre asking me these technical questions, and Concernsm the first to say, IState not a technical fire science expert.

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they are an inspiration to other authors. My guest this week is LoLo Paige who tells tales of action, romance, mystery, and adventure, all mixed together with an excellent offer
of heat, actually. LoLo put out forest fires prior to she put away her firefighting equipment and got a pen. Now, she can remember her real-life adventures and create

So, as I aged, I type of meddled it, but I wasnt actually severe about it. And I went off to the University of Montana and discovered myself in forestry school, and then entered firefighting that method, because back then, the seasonal jobs were constantly promoted for summer season, and as an university student, I had an interest in that, as fire science belonged to the forestry curriculum. Thats how I got into the firefighting aspect. Howard Lovy: Growing up in Montana, LoLo had a natural interest in the health of forests and through forestry, she found firefighting.

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when you release a book, despite the fact that I wrote fiction, and although I wrote a romance, people are sending me short articles and photos and photos through social media and whatnot, and theyre asking me these technical concerns, and Im the first to state, Im not a technical fire science expert.

On being a female firemen.

Being a mining town, I had the nuns in elementary school that got me into creative writing and after that my family encouraged it, my sis and mother and so on.

The Romance Writers of America, they began a chapter called Aged to Perfection i.e. skilled romance with older folks and older folks, suggesting older than 35. In romance, I guess thats getting old. I composed one with characters in their fifties and sixties, child boomers.

Considering that I check out a lot of romantic thriller, I wished to put a little bit of a thriller element, and so I did that. Im on book two, where Im really going entire hog on that crime part of the action. Howard Lovy: Both writing a book and battling fires featured their own special challenges. Which one is more hard? LoLo Paige: Well, I believe battling a fire is simpler actually, however although its scarier, at times, theres obstacles to each. The physical labor aspects, Im five foot two, so when I first entered into it, the guys would all take a look at me, you understand how men they cross their arms and they take a look at you like,

My guest this week is LoLo Paige, who informs tales of action, experience, secret, love, all mixed together with a terrific offer of heat. My guest this week is LoLo Paige who informs tales of action, secret, love, and adventure, all blended together with an excellent deal
of heat, literally. LoLo Paige: I got into acting back in college in Missoula, Montana at the University of Montana. Howard Lovy: Unfortunately, due to environment change, there will be more material for LoLo to work with as she composes about the destruction of forest fires and its effect on human lives. LoLo Paige: Its remarkable,

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I do research and I do have individual experience, and so I can talk from that element. I have to be really mindful in how I engage with that, since there are fire science experts out there and I rely on them. I have them review my circumstances before I release them. Howard Lovy: The next frontier is love for, and about, individuals like me, who are, lets say, a bit more skilled. LoLo Paige: And then I have another series Ive started called, The Wanderlust Series, with older characters.

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Since I was whimpering about, Oh, how do I get begun, I dont know what to compose about. Thats when I wrote the story about the near miss out on with the team, thats essentially how I got into composing Alaska Spark. I got into critique groups and all of that, and they assisted me form the novel.

smoldering page turners. LoLo Paige: Hello. My name is LoLo Paige. I live up here in the North in Alaska and I am a writer. I recently released my first book during lockdown in quarantine.

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