Into vs. In To: The Simple Guide to Keeping Them Straight

Stuck on the difference in between “in to” and “into”? Youre not alone! Dont worry, though, Ive got you covered.

The quick version:

Heres a writing timely so you can practice into vs in to:.
Theres a hole somewhere. Possibly its in the ground, maybe it remains in area, maybe its in a fence, but its there. Compose for fifteen minutes about that hole, utilizing into and in to effectively as typically as you can.
Post your practice in the remarks and leave some feedback for your fellow writers.

Joe Bunting.

Here, these prhasal verbs are constantly “into.”.
Into Is a Preposition.
Apart from phrasal verbs, into and in to are quite easy to find out.
Into is a preposition, which indicates it denotes a location, and in this case, a movement toward a place.
It can likewise denote some type of transformation. :.
Jim became a car.
Keep in mind, in this case, you would not say, “Jim kipped down to a car.”.
And if Jim were driving the vehicle and not performing a Kafka-esque transformation, you wouldnt say, “Jim turned into the driveway,” since that would mean he ended up being a driveway. Which would be type of unusual, right?
” In To” Are Two Separate Words.
” In” and “to” are two unassociated words: the adverb “in” and the preposition “to.”.
Sometimes they run into each other (by the run into, not bump in to each other, because phrasal verbs, those bothersome things). And when that happens, mayhem takes place. Simply remember what we talked about above, though, and youll be great.
” In” and “to” can have many significances depending upon the verb that comes before “in,” however a common one is “in order to.”.
Are you fighting with “into” vs. “in to”? Post your problematic sentence in the remarks area, and if youre a grammar pro, see if you can assist somebody out by addressing their question!

Continue reading for the longer description, plus examples of into vs. in to. Or download ProWritingAid, my preferred grammar checker, which can help you get these two words best instantly. Download ProWritingAid.
” In To” vs. “Into” Is Hard Because of Phrasal Verbs
A phrasal verb is a verb made from two words. There are a number of phrasal verbs that contain “in,” and this is the start of all our troubles.
Here are a few of the phrasal verbs including “in”:.

Into vs. In To
Use “into” to explain where something is: going inside something else.Use “in to” based on the verb that comes prior to it. It can have many meanings, however heres a quick idea that covers some of them: if you can change it with “in order to,” usage “in to.”

Dont worry, however, Ive got you covered.

Run into.
Cut into (I break both know into and cut into are also on the list above, but they have different significances. You cut into a piece of cake however cut in on a dancing partner).
Check out.

Heres why this matters:.
When “in” becomes part of a phrasal verb, its always “in,” not “into.” Altering it to “into,” even if the preposition would be proper, would alter the significance of the verb.
Heres an example of a phrasal verb used correctly and incorrectly:.
Correct: Can you log in to your computer system for me?
Incorrect: Can you log into your computer for me?
Inaccurate: Can you login to your computer system for me?
Another example:.
Correct: Im going to turn in to bed.
Incorrect: Im going to develop into bed.
See, that would be strange, due to the fact that unless youre Harry Potter, transfiguring into a bed will be difficult!
” Into” is also part of a few phrasal verbs, like:.

Or download ProWritingAid, my favorite grammar checker, which can assist you get these two words right automatically. Often they bump into each other (by the bump into, not bump in to each other, because phrasal verbs, those pesky things). Simply remember what we talked about above, however, and youll be fine.
Compose for fifteen minutes about that hole, utilizing into and in to effectively as frequently as you can.

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Drop in.
Ended in.
Chime in.
Turn in.
Hand in.
Participate in.
Give in.
Get in.
Chip in.
Break in.
Cut in.
Fill in.
Hang in.
Let in.

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