JK Rowling Writing Process: 8 Rules All Writers Can Learn From

A rags to riches story of her own, JK Rowling is the best-selling author of the Harry Potter books, and the beloved developer of the Harry Potter books.

Are you a superfan of the Harry Potter series? Is this your very first time (or hundredth) writing a book, and youre (still) enthralled by JK Rowlings composing process?

7 in total, the series begins with Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (or Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone) and ends with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– with each book becoming more dark and hazardous as the boy who lived ages.

If youre an author, its likely that you a.) a minimum of know the Harry Potter series and, b.) dream of a composing profession that flourishes like JK Rowlings.

To do this, you require to master the craft of writing.

And what better method to build your craft than gain from JK Rowlings composing procedure?

We Could All Learn From JK Rowlings Writing Process

Once upon a time, I discussed Neil Gaimans guidelines of composing. Today, I want to reveal you JK Rowlings guidelines of writing.

Who would not love to develop a teenage girl who shattered limits and stereotypes like Hermione Granger, or a complex shapeshifter that keeps readers thinking like Snape?

By taking a page from JK Rowlings composing process, perhaps you can develop a setting as skillful as the wizarding world, or as unforgettable as Rowlings best-selling series in history.

But till then, I understand theres worth in turning my extra minutes into concentrated concentration on how to enhance my books.

Whether you want to compose brief stories or 90,000 word books, we can all grow our craft by taking some of JK Rowlings writing pointers.

I hear you.

If youre anything like me, you most likely have actually daydreamed about a writing profession like JK Rowlings at one point or another, especially while working on the first draft for your first book.

Do not you desire to write a minute in your book that is as amazing as getting an approval letter to Hogwarts? Ill confess, Im still holding out for mine. (Maybe the Weasleys owl got lost in transit.).

8 Rules That Follow JK Rowlings Writing Process.

The practice and discipline of writing just helps you to put it on paper.

You know who JK Rowling is. You might even be aware that Rowling had actually problem getting published.

Even with scripts like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rowling comprehends how to catch our attention and keep it from page one to the end. Over the course of her writing profession, shes shared a lot of fantastic composing knowledge to teach other authors how to do the exact same.


Its lovable? Without a single word, this video informed an effective story. You felt for the little ghost, both when it was unfortunate and when it was delighted, right?

Its easy to forget that writing is a job.

Those minutes are what turn novices into experts, and outlines into refined manuscripts.

A cook cooks.

Regardless, your writing deserves your time, too. Open communication about this with your family and friends can help everybody comprehend and respect that.

Still, some people might say that theres no one method to summarize her best pointers. In my opinion, I think JK Rowling has 8 writing rules that sticks out.

I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything aside from what I was, and began to direct all my energy into ending up the only work that mattered to me.

Be ruthless about safeguarding composing days, i.e., do not cave in to limitless demands to have “important” and “long overdue” meetings on those days. The funny thing is that, although writing has been my real task for several years now, I still seem to have to defend time in which to do it.

Ms. Joanne Rowling understands the publishing world and can speak from both sides of triumph and defeat.

Youve got to work. Its about structure. Its about discipline.

This does not indicate you require to experience aliens in order to discuss them. It means that all good stories have universal application. A great example is this Google Doodle. (Trust me. Im going someplace with this.).

If its too much time or insufficient, tweak it. Establish a regimen that signifies to others that its your writing time, but also lets them know that outside of your writing space, youre there for them.

Today, from shorter childrens books like the first book in the series to longer, complicated plots like in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, couple of will argue that Rowling doesnt know her method around a plot.

We dont constantly seem like doing our task. We certainly do not constantly feel inspired. To be authors, we must train ourselves to sit down and compose even when we do not seem like it. Those moments are the ones that truly matter, a lot more than the shining, flying, writing minutes.

It doesnt matter what culture youre from or what language you speak; all human beings understand what it is to be lonely, to feel neglected, to be annoyed, identified, and to lastly be with buddies.

Yes, composing is possible with another task.

Attempt setting a reasonable boundary for one week if you have difficulty setting boundaries with liked ones. See how it goes.

Are you a writer? (I know your inner critic snarled no, but I also know a small candle-flicker of unquenchable hope in you whispered yes with so much longing you might cry.).

You are a writer. You write. Accept this, fight to believe it, and be surprised at how far that belief can take you.

This is particularly tough for those of us with household. Our loved ones precede, and while that holds true, our liked ones need to comprehend that we need time to write.

Rule Two.

Rule One.

Setting sensible boundaries with those loved ones is an important action for a writer– even if theyre as basic as, “Mommy requires fifteen minutes of peaceful time, all right?”.

Take two minutes and thirty-six seconds to view this.

Rule Four.

The muse works for you. You dont compose at her beck and call– you train her to appear when youre writing.

Guideline Three.

Not just will this teach the importance of versatility and discipline to others, however likewise that your writing is valuable. Its your work, and your dream! Needing quiet time to write doesnt indicate that you do not love your family, and communicating this to them might help avoid concerns.

A runner runs.

You ARE a writer. That suggests you write.

I constantly recommend children who ask me for suggestions on being an author to check out as much as they potentially can. Jane Austen gave a young buddy the same advice, so Im in good company there.

Compose what you understand: your own interests, feelings, beliefs, buddies, household and even animals will be your basic materials when you begin writing.

Im greatly oversimplifying, however heres the essence: you already understand how to tell a moving story since you live one. If youve ever had feelings, ever reacted to anything, then you already understand what universal application looks like.

That story works because the creators utilized their interests, sensations, beliefs, friends, family and even pets to tell this story. (Im fond of the kitty, myself.).


Rule Five.

That was universal application..

A painter paints.

Eight rules to writing that you, too, can master.

Yes, writing is possible with other duties.

Read some more!

And if you feel like providing up, return to JK Rowlings composing procedure, which I think are enforced with these eight guidelines of writing. Compose what you understand!


I want there were a method around this. Because thats just the method it goes sometimes, Harry Potter was turned down again and once again. And it isnt just publishers: when you get released, and your work is out there, youll get bad reviews, too.

So keep writing your book, due to the fact that your perfect readers require it.

This is one of those undesirable truths about publishing: youre gon na get rejected. A lot.

Ruthanne Reid.

You DO have the time to check out.

There are actually millions of other readers (me consisted of) who disagree with her story preference.

The more you check out, the larger your arsenal of words will be. The more you check out, the better your grasp of metaphor, poetry, beauty, enthusiasm, and empathy will be. The more you read, the higher you will be as an author (and probably human being).

You MUST NOT stop composing because of push-back.

Mainly, theyll simply be people who do not get what youre doing. Intellectually, youll understand that. Your heart, on the other hand, is going to get into a thousand pieces.

I have a pal of doesnt like Harry Potter ( Gasp! I know!).

Composing is a brave, strong venture, and life-altering discovery belongs to the journey. Do not ever let anyone inform you its easy.

Youre going to compose a lot of crap. Youre going to press past those things and compose more crap.

Guideline Six.

There are things you understand that you have no idea you understand– but your subconscious does, and that things will filter into your writing.

And when youre feeling really discouraged? Remember that when someone doesnt like your book, they might likewise just not be your ideal reader. Which, as weird as it sounds, you want.

Your experiences and beliefs and feelings all assist craft your writing. Your composing clarifies, remedies, and often exposes your sensations, experiences, and beliefs.

But you should.

And the more stories you read, the most likely youll start to implicitly develop the skills you require to end up being a terrific writer.

What you compose becomes who you are … So make certain you love what you write!

Absolutely nothing truly excellent ever is.

I wrote a terrible lot prior to I composed anything I was truly delighted with.

Which of these guidelines from JK Rowlings writing procedure speaks with you? Share in the comments.

Rule Seven.

As you write, youll discover things about yourself. Youll clarify things, too, due to the fact that its only as you pertain to write them that you recognize they needed information in the first place.

Writing is a little like a mobius strip, in a way:.

Keep going. Dont stop. When you get turned down, choose up your pen and keep going (and use the method you feel to put more universal application into your work).

Determination is definitely vital, not just to produce all those words, but to survive rejection and criticism.

Best-Selling author. Spouse of geek. Mother of cat. Owner of many things that need to be plugged in.

Guideline Eight.

Read in your genre. Read outside your category. Get in the routine of finding time to get a book rather of your phone (unless its to open another book.).

Its time to compose some more.

Needing quiet time to compose does not mean that you do not love your household, and communicating this to them might assist avoid concerns.

Accept that it will require time, and that often, your pencil will not be your good friend. If you accept it, then when it happens, you will not surrender and set your house on fire. Instead, youll be able to go, “Well, dang; that drew, didnt it? Knew it would happen. Time to write some more.”.

You have to resign yourself to the truth that you lose a lot of trees before you write anything you actually like, and thats simply the way it is. I composed a terrible lot prior to I wrote anything I was truly delighted with.

Finding readers who dont like your book indicates that youve in fact probably done a good job at writing a particular type of book, which increases your modifications of finding, getting in touch with, and changing the lives of your ideal readers.

Time to write some more.”.

This is a deep one. Do not forget your diving equipment.

If thats just ten minutes a day, even.

Write what you know! Set a timer for fifteen minutes and take a single experience from your life– one that you reacted to with emotion– and apply the universal application to your present story. Or, begin a brand-new story based on that experience. This might have to do with loss or worry, anger or love, rejection or approval.

Heres the secret: you cant stop writing since of push-back.

And if you seem like quiting, return to JK Rowlings writing procedure, which I think are imposed with these 8 guidelines of writing. Look for the one youre battling with because minute that youre all set to give up. Acknowledge it, then toss it in the trash with your other messy manuscript pages.

Its like learning more dance moves or impressively tough notes on an instrument. The more you learn, the much better youll be.

You can do this, fellow author. Were all on that exact same course, which suggests we can motivate each other en route. Please do not quit.

That voice trying to get you to stop doesnt respect your writing.

Author, Persevere with the JK Rowling Writing Process.

Whatever it is, after you compose it, publish it in the comments, and dont forget to discuss three other authors practice.

Whenever counts.

Which is regular. Also, it is all right.

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