LinkedIn Headline Tips & Examples for Freelance Writers

LinkedIn has actually slowly taken spotlight in my marketing trainings, throughout the years.

Lots of examples listed below, primarily from independent writers, so take a look at all the ideas for what works (and doesnt).

Have you ever wanted there was a switch you could throw, and after that your ideal freelance-writing clients would simply discover you? If I told you that exists– and its complimentary, what. Its the Linkedin heading of you profile.

With simply a couple of quick modifications, you can assist more prospects find you, and impress them that youre the author they desire.

In this post, I desire to go deep on this one profile aspect, because its such an effective area for getting your clients attention.

LinkedIn is a remarkable social-media platform, and your LinkedIn profile is essential to your success.

Thats because LinkedIn marketing gets the most constant success with the least effort. (And naturally, online marketing rocks during COVID.).

The LinkedIn heading– those couple of words that appear right under your name– is one of the easiest things to optimize.

Ready to craft your optimum LinkedIn headline? Lets go!

Why it matters.

Why should you appreciate whats in your LinkedIn heading, anyway? Whats the big deal?

What to include in your LinkedIn headline:.

Frequently, writers who enhance their LinkedIn heading report back that theyve gotten their very first inbound lead ever … within the first week.

Make good usage of your LinkedIn headline, and you could awaken to leads in your inbox every week. And it just takes a couple of minutes to improve your heading– when you know the very best practices to follow. Absolutely worth it.

If you do your heading right, your profile will rank at the top of Google searches for your type of author.

Lets diminish what to put in your LinkedIn heading (and not), and the design standards that make you look pro:.

Both LinkedIns search engine and outdoors engines appear to highly regard it.
Their algorithms use it in choosing whether your page might be relevant to a possibility browsing for an author.

The LinkedIn heading is the most crucial piece of search-engine keyword property on your profile.

As I stated, this is valuable real estate. So you wish to select what you say thoroughly. Lets look at the important things to include:.

Not to mention searches for your type of writer within LinkedIn.

Intrigued now? I thought so.

Are you freelancing?

If youre questioning, search engines are smart enough now to put those words together into two phrases: “freelance biopharma writer” and independent healthcare author.” With just a couple of extra words, Tolu has actually greatly improved her odds of topping a pertinent search.

Why is this? Because thats usually how clients search for a writer, its. They never ever have time to educate us from square one about how their industry works and teach all of us the jargon– theyre searching for an author who already gets it.

I find profile after profile where writers state they do communications or multimedia. Individuals … lots of prospects do not know what that indicates.

As I said up top, the words in your headline are crucial for ranking well on search engines. Finding excellent keyword expressions to put in your headline is Job One.

Spell it out, and youll connect with more of the potential customers you desire– and prevent awkward conversations about what they guess you do.


Freelance is the term of art.

Ranking better, seeing their market pointed out gives potential customers a “Eureka– Ive found my writer!” moment, when they find it.

That suggests most prospects cant.

Yes, many authors dont like the word freelance, and desire to use another phrase rather. They desire to state theyre a service owner or independent specialist.

Thing to understand: Most people on LinkedIn are either recruiters trying to put people in complete time jobs … or theyre individuals trying to find their next full-time job. We freelance writers are a little an outlier, though our numbers are rising (as evidenced by the growing variety of LinkedIn task advertisements for freelancers).

, if your headline does not say you prefer to freelance …

Whaddaya know?

Your graphical header (ideal, truly).
Your About section.
Your heading.

Add it to the front of your profile, as you see my frequent co-coach and teaching partner Mandy Ellis doing here:.

P.S. Yes, your location is likewise listed on a different line, just listed below the headline. Still, it appears that adding area to your headline might offer an SEO boost.

Go regional.

Keep in mind: Were attempting to get employed as freelance authors here. That indicates precise language actually counts.

Just recently, I chose to take my own guidance and include my email to my LinkedIn heading, instead of just hoping potential customers would discover it in my About:.

” Storyteller” is among them.
Why? Many company customers are still simply finding out storytelling is a mode that would assist their marketing.

There are many other things that show up in LinkedIn headings that do not present you in the very best light. Lets run those down now:.

If youre a copywriter, youll wish to avoid tired phrases that dont resonate with company clients.

So pick the leading 2-3 markets you have experience with, and get them into your headline, thus:.

Theres a great line here between supplying helpful SEO keywords and an obvious keyword-stuffing workout. We authors all dislike it when we discover this in other kinds of online writing, yes? Well, your heading is no exception.

Putting your contacts in your About is a little passive-aggressive, due to the fact that they dont understand its there unless they check out and click through it. Presuming you have space for it in your heading, you can put it there (see the Style Guide below for notes about ideal length).

Huge thing to understand– only your connections can see your contacts on your LinkedIn profile.

As a bonus offer, adding a few more crucial words also allows her to connect with her ideal clients, rather of anybody-and-everybody, saving her time on tire-kickers.

Tip: You do not need to use the word writer over and over, as in “Freelance healthcare writer, fintech author, newsletter writer.”.

It may appear crazy in our Zoom-meeting era, however there are still some clients who had actually prefer to deal with an author in their town. With COVID fading, they might wish to take an in-person conference at some future point.

Regretfully, your LinkedIn heading isnt the biggest place to let loose that creativity, other than in extremely small doses. A little flash of character is great.

You need to put your contacts in a public place on your profile if you desire to make it easy for customers to employ you off LinkedIn. The options are:.

Once and the online search engine get it. So do not overdo.

Its not as essential from the clients POV that you right away telegraph youve composed the specific thing they need. The industry knowledge is more crucial. But if youre a mature-stage career author who desires to focus mostly on writing white papers, or ghostwriting posts, or something particular like that, this does not hurt:.

Whats wrong with this simple heading? It has no keyword expression youll ever have the ability to rank for on a search. These single-word keywords are waaaay tough and too popular to rank for.

Space is important here in the heading, and prospects generally arent browsing by previous bylines. But if you have brand names to flash, it certainly can impress. Just keep SEO the leading priority.

Bring in the ideal type.

Crafting some sophisticated, clever sentence here is a waste of essential SEO space. Keep it in check.

That word is freelance..

You need longer phrases that you have a shot at getting on top of a look for, and that have the benefit of much better certifying your possibility. Like this:.

When authors get innovative.

Your LinkedIn headline can do without …

Theres one word that a lot of freelance writers appear to neglect of their heading that could actually assist them link with their finest clients.

Heres an excellent example of including a flash of creativity:.

Composing types.

Once youve got your markets down, if you have space, you might want to put in the types of composing you enjoy doing many. That method, youre most likely to get in touch with somebody who needs that particular kind of composing done.

There you have it– the aspects of a winning LinkedIn headline:.

If its in or near a significant city), that suggests you can create a better-ranking SEO keyword expression for your heading by including your place (specifically.

Most independent authors headlines look much like this:.

Shes got room, so why not? In basic, credits are sexier to reveal visually, by putting their logo designs into your header (pros call it a evidence bar).

Writers like to be innovative. Right? We all got As in innovative writing class!

Keeping things vague.

When keywords end up being spam.

Let me cut to the chase and spotlight the absolute-best thing to put in your heading: Its the names of industries you understand about.

Your time will be wasted by many lost and Numerous managers looking to fill a position.. This one word can conserve you so much time.

Dont be a rank amateur.

Consider those elements and weave them together into a heading that reveals who you are, what you know, and what you do. Itll help you get in touch with the customers you desire.

Are you a PR individual, prepared to get in touch with reporters?
You write internal memos? Speeches?
You are a video-production studio?

Got ta slogan?

Its not advisable to go on endlessly in your LinkedIn headline.

You guessed it: This has zero great keyword phrases that help prospects search and find you. We also cant inform what industries Jon assists with brands. (More on why digital strategy does not operate in the Style Guide below.).

Do you wish to throttle individuals who humblebrag about how great they are? This sort of self-proclaimed greatness is especially awkward in LinkedIn headlines. So avoid words like:.

LinkedIn design guide.

The company you keep.

People who announce themselves the top specialist in X often discover themselves getting flamed for it on LinkedIn. Simply sayin.

Heres my LinkedIn style guide:.

Dont blow your horn.

When youre adding the new Experience item, youll see a check-box for upgrade my headline. Ensure it is UNCHECKED, as you see here.

Now that you have the basic dos and do nts of LinkedIn headings, lets review some fine points of style thatll truly make your headline sing.

Try to resist. This is not a perfect way to utilize your valuable headline space.

Theres a peculiarity in LinkedIns profile operations that you require to understand, so that you keep your finely crafted headline in front of your potential customers.

Stay in control.

If you turn back up to Leslies heading and read the bottom line, theres an example. Let your work and your LinkedIn suggestions reveal youre incredible.

When headlines go long.

Heres the important fix that keeps your headline the words youve carefully developed:.

Pros know and use it.
Others slap things up every which method.

Numerous professional freelance writers have actually a registered business name. And when we do, were passing away to inform the world, a lot of writers pop that business name in their heading:.

Excessive and individuals gloss over it and move on.

Paper headings arent 5 lines long for a reason.
Similar principles use to the length of your LinkedIn heading.

Similar to every social-media platform, LinkedIn headlines have a design thats become a finest practice.

If you include a new customer to your Experience section, LinkedIn desires to upgrade your heading to only show what you said about that brand-new writing job. It eliminates your existing heading in favor of the brand-new job information. Ugh!

Whats the issue? Well, take an appearance:.

If you enjoy branding, or do it for clients, you may be tempted to make your headline a snappy tagline or brand name statement of your own.

Jons got this brand in his header already, which is a much better location for it. Add more info about industries or types of writing in the heading, and assist yourself get discovered.

Its … inefficient. Does not shed any extra light on what you understand or can do. Does not assist certify a possibility. Stuff that heading with market expressions instead, I say.

What length headline will people read?

Theres also the issue of utilizing I statements, which seems more me focused than client-focused. You desire the latter.

You can twist around once, while youre stuffing in those market keywords. As the heading goes into three or four lines, it ends up being frustrating.

Take an appearance at this, and tell me if you desire to check out all through it:.

How? Usage preliminary caps on every word in your headline. Just like the documents do.

Make your case.

… and were left hanging. What does she actually do? We cant inform.

Yes, this indicates you should participate in some agonizing triage of all the things you desired to consist of. Do it, because you want to be pithy.

Heres why. Have a look at what takes place to the sentence heading when you remark:.

Heres my take: Youve got 2 lines to make your case. Thats it.

Remember when we were talking about not being self-important on here? Well, theres one subtle method you can appear like an authority without being irritating.

Note how all of her market specific niches disappear. Not excellent. Youve just got 7-8 words of visible heading, when you engage with people on LinkedIn. They have to go to your profile to see the entire thing.

Beware the cutoff.

Avoid sentencing.

Due to the fact that its what individuals will see the a lot of, think hard about what you put in the front of your headline–.

Heres an even stronger factor to think brief on your heading. Possibly youve seen what takes place to your heading when you leave a comment or post an upgrade? Heres Kristens complete headline:.

Keep in mind, were typically employed because we can sum things up, where others can not. This headline is a terrific place to start revealing you can be concise.

Some LinkedIn users prefer using a sentence building and construction in their Linkedin heading. Typically it goes, “I assist X get Y result.” Seems practical– but it tends to not work along with easy keyword expressions.

Not bad. Heres what it looks like when she comments:.

I believed not.

Scan back through the headline examples in this post, and youll see some people using title case, and others not. Which do you think comes off more professional? I say its initial caps for the win.

Are you a verb?

Freelance author, not freelance writing.

( Remember how we had digital strategy in a heading above? Digital strategist is what the client would look for.).

Heres a big insight Ive gleaned from viewing profiles prosper and fail for a years:.

This is a little thing, however it goes a long way toward making you look like a pro LinkedIn user.

Its in the way you divide expressions and concepts in your headline.

If you required to work with an author …

This ones simple: Describe who you are, to come up with keyword phrases that line up with what prospects use to discover us.

How to produce your perfect heading.

Its the capital of the backslash secret on the far right of a normal keyboard if youre questioning how to make the rail. Youre welcome.

Dont go off the rails.

Clients look for the individual they want to work with, not the thing they want done.

Suggestion: Use the rail. Not a mix of things.

Would you look for self-employed healthcare composing?
Thats not instinctive. Freelance health care writer is.

OK, now youve got all the details you require to produce your perfect LinkedIn headline.

The noun, not the verb.

Take a look at how cleanly the rails separate your concepts so readers can easily get the drift (and ensures theres area around each, so online search engine can read every one):.

Yet writers continue using verbs to explain what they do, rather than nouns that say who they are.

How do you nail this?

Big idea: Do marketing research on what other freelance writers who you understand are very successful have actually finished with their profiles.

Its whether it gets you customers. Keep in mind that effectiveness is the ultimate judge.

Theres one final test of a great LinkedIn heading.

Newbies vs established pros.

The supreme test.

Heres one angle to think about, in improving your headline:.

Consider whats working there, and how to possibly be a bit special and different.
Youll have a better sense of how to balance all the elements you need to create your finest headline as soon as you look through even a half-dozen pro profiles.

If your heading is working today to get you clients, do not go changin to adhere to the ideas above.

Keywords are definitely essential if youre a brand-new freelance writer. Youre intending to tap the search engines and get potential customers coming your method, so my pointer is to keep it basic and keyword-filled.

I happen to know this profile is getting Georgie a TON of leads. So she should not touch it.

If you renovate your headline due to the fact that it hasnt been getting you customers, provide your reworded headline a month or so. See if you see a spike in the number of people viewing your profile and contacting you about possible work.

Whats your LinkedIn heading say? Post it in the remarks and lets discuss.

If not, its time to modify a bit more. Keep experimenting till your ideal customers come calling.

Make great use of your LinkedIn heading, and you could wake up to leads in your inbox each week. If you add a new customer to your Experience section, LinkedIn wants to upgrade your heading to only reveal what you stated about that brand-new composing task. Youve just got 7-8 words of visible headline, when you engage with people on LinkedIn. Some LinkedIn users favor utilizing a sentence building in their Linkedin heading.

If youre a working, longtime freelance author with a remarkable portfolio and incoming leads already coming your way, you can play around with your headline more.
Some clients may browse for you by name, and keywords are less crucial if you currently have great word-of-mouth.

For example, this heading from Georgie is formally too long:.

Its the Linkedin headline of you profile.

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