LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: One Writer’s Path to Six Figures

Do you have a LinkedIn marketing technique?

When youre actively marketing for freelance composing clients, do you feel like youre shouting into a void? Is your inbound funnel loaded with dead-end leads?

Wish to be a six-figure freelancer? You require a LinkedIn marketing technique. Seriously, if I can do this, so can you.

If this sounds anything like your efforts to get self-employed writing customers, opportunities are quite good you dont have a LinkedIn marketing method, or youre not utilizing this platform efficiently.

If youre trying to land self-employed composing clients, specifically copywriting customers with ongoing material needs, LinkedIn can be a game changer.

Two years back, I was laid off from my oncology research study task. That all altered with aid from Carol Tice and the Freelance Writers Den.

Prepared to get well-paying customers? Utilize this LinkedIn marketing strategy …

FYI … theres an approximated 575 million users on LinkedIn, and some of those are editors, marketing directors, and material supervisors who need your help.

Meet freelance medical writer Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor

” Im a researcher who has no real composing experience. Do I have a shot at making this a real profession?”

As a skilled scientist with a microbiology degree, writing was just a hobby for Alexis Taylor. When she got laid off, its one career course she wanted to learn more about. Nevertheless, every road seemed to lead to race-to-the-bottom websites like UpWork.

With that boost of confidence, Taylor launched her freelance composing profession with a LinkedIn marketing method to get clients. And it worked.

The answer originated from Carol Tice: “There is a genuine shortage of authors in the clinical and medical area who can speak the language and also enjoy composing, I believe you have a real opportunity here.”

When she got aid from Carol Tice and the Freelance Writers Den, there was still one pressing concern that kept coming up …

Within a year, she struck six figures, landed retainer customers, and still uses her LinkedIn marketing strategy to grow her income, even during the pandemic.

Wish to discover the LinkedIn marketing method to be a six-figure freelancer?

Heres what you require to know:

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

The very first and most essential step to your LinkedIn marketing technique is to identify your industry specific niche and ideal customer.

You can enhance your LinkedIn profile to link with individuals in your specific niche as soon as you do this

This is very important for several factors:

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile assists you appear in searches.
When you reach out to potential freelance composing customers, theyre going to visit your profile to see if youre credible.
Your LinkedIn profile should let a prospect instantly understand youre a freelancer in their specific niche, and why youre the service to their problems.
Your LinkedIn tagline ought to recognize your niche.: “independent author at freelance,” is not detailed, reliable, or expert.

3 simple methods to enhance your LinkedIn profile:

Usage market or niche keywords in your LinkedIn web URL

Include industry or specific niche keywords in your Profile heading

Add industry or specific niche keywords in your About section (previously called summary).

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Be as descriptive as possible with industry keywords to increase your possibilities of appearing in a web or LinkedIn search for an author in your specific niche.

Not every person that connects to you via LinkedIn is a legitimate freelance writing leads. You can usually weed out the time wasters by asking for the following information within the first couple of exchanges about freelance writing:.

So youve got your LinkedIn profile dialed in to stand out as the writer in your specific niche. Now what?

Here are some things you can do to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing method:.

When people are looking for a freelancer, using industry or specific niche keywords in your LinkedIn profile is an effective way to reveal up more frequently in searches.

Screen LinkedIn connection welcomes for leads.

Capitalize on every LinkedIn profile area. If your featured area is empty, discover a previous clip or video to consist of. Add a background image with your evidence bar. Put your information (e-mail and contact number) at the top of your profile. Do not skip these easy, complimentary marketing areas.

Update crucial profile products like your heading or profile summary to stick out as a skilled and professional writer in your space.

Whats your budget?
What your timeline or deadline?
Is this part of a bigger project or ongoing marketing technique?

Either pass or inform them to come back to you when they have a better understanding of their composing requirements. Getting involved with a wishy-washy company in the early phases of project preparation will leave you underpaid and bound in an unclear agreement forever.

Claim more orderly clients. This will enable you to prioritize your time more efficiently and ensure you are earning money the proper rate within a well specified project.

My guidance: If they do not know or take their sweet time in getting back to you, theyre more than most likely not a genuine lead. This LinkedIn marketing strategy will conserve you a lots of time.

I really simply require some work …

I understand feeling the need to treat every single deal with as though they are a potential client, possible when youre just starting outSimply However, bad leads frequently end up being hard clients.

What if a recruiter contacts you on LinkedIn?

If you start getting a lot of interest from headhunters and employers, you have to make a choice.

Its an excellent sign your LinkedIn marketing method is working and your profile is called in.

Are you a full-time freelancer, or do you want another 9-5?

Outgoing marketing to discover freelance clients on LinkedIn.

My suggestions: If youre major about just freelance work and have no interest in full-time chances, discover out whether contracting or freelancing is a choice within your very first few exchanges, before you get the phone.

Whos viewed my profile. If youve got your LinkedIn profile dialed in, you might reveal up in the outcomes when somebody searchers for “independent [your niche] writer.” If they examine out your profile, LinkedIn lets you understand. Its level playing field to connect and ask if they or anybody they understand need an author for their marketing projects.

I thought talking to employers would be an excellent networking chance. However it wasnt. I lost a great deal of time on screening and introduction calls that were dead leads. Time I could have spent refining my outbound marketing skills.

Your connections: These are all individuals youve linked with on LinkedIn. Editors, marketing directors, material supervisors, former co-workers, coworkers from expert associations, and so on. People in your network can be excellent recommendation sources. And those brand-new connections might be hot freelance writing leads.

You can turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating-machine. But till that takes place, you require to do your own outgoing marketing. Heres what you ought to pay very close attention to:.

Do you need LinkedIn Premium?

You require a LinkedIn marketing method. Capitalize on every LinkedIn profile area. You can turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating-machine. If they check out your profile, LinkedIn lets you know. If youre feeling disappointed and dissuaded, begin in any one of these places to enhance your profile and LinkedIn marketing method.

Offer LinkedIn marketing a shot to get more customers.

If youre on the basic LinkedIn strategy, you have a restricted selection of who sees your profile. The Premium membership will offer you the complete list of anybody whos viewed your profile in addition to InMail credits to straight message other Premium members.


A couple of really crucial tips to keep in mind as youre utilizing LinkedIn for marketing:.

Whats your LinkedIn marketing technique to get clients? Lets talk about in the comments.

Ask for network recommendations and use them in return.
Craft thoughtful individualized private messages.
Regularly post status updates and PulsePosts to show that you are active on the platform.
Reach out to incoming leads like this:.

Heres what I do: I toggle backward and forward between the standard and Premium prepares whenever Im really ramping up my marketing efforts. , if youve never explored this option you can normally get your first month totally free.

Alexis Taylor is a Philadelphia-based freelance medical writer for medical device and healthcare business.

The dos and do nts of LinkedIn marketing.

Start in any one of these places to improve your profile and LinkedIn marketing method if youre feeling frustrated and dissuaded. LinkedIn is one of the best locations to regularly land quality freelance writing clients. After all, its how I struck 6 figures in my very first year.

Do nts.


Write a basic post on the platform as an open casting call for anyone looking for an author.
State or insinuate that you are desperate for work.
Contribute unfavorable posts to your feed or private groups.

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