LinkedIn Tips for Writers: How to Stand Out Like Orange Glasses

Searching for LinkedIn suggestions to help you link with prospects and land more self-employed composing customers?

The company networking and social media platform has over 700 million users. And its the first trustworthy third-party impression the majority of people will get of you.

Do a quick Google look for “your name.” Its OK. Ill wait …

Unless youve been hiding under a rock, you know LinkedIn is a force to be considered.

Google “your name”

Now youre most likely wondering …

Even if you own “,” your LinkedIn profile is in the top-five results, and likely in the top three outcomes, for a Google search for your name.

What LinkedIn suggestions could assist me stand apart as a freelance writer and get more customers?

Let me put on a pair of my signature orange-framed glasses and talk straight.

Phil Gerbyshak

And if you want to link with potential customers in your specific niche, generate inbound leads, and book more independent work, LinkedIn can absolutely assist you make it take place. Ready? Lets go.

Im Phil Gerbyshek … author, speaker, sales pro, small company coach, and LinkedIn tips specialist.

1. Pump up your LinkedIn profile

Your profile is the impression individuals get of you, when theyre trying to find you on LinkedIn.

Does your LinkedIn profile display your specific niche skills as a freelance author?

While youre at it, give your LinkedIn headline and upgrade.

This is among the best LinkedIn ideas I can provide you, and you can actually give your profile an upgrade in just a couple of minutes.

Because theyre the CEO, president, or founder of a business, nobody works with a writer.

Thats fantastic if it does. If it does not, marry those two up. You desire potential customers to know youre the author in their niche as quickly as they see your LinkedIn page.

Is your headline benefit focused?
Is all of it about you?
Or worse, does it just state, youre a generic freelance author?

Discover a way to make your LinkedIn profile help you stand out

: Im mostly a service expert. But I likewise like pinball, podcasts, fine red wine, and coffee.

It doesnt have to be all organization.

Its a fantastic method to get potential customers to:


Like, and

Trust you, and

Flaunt your character. FYI, I own 15-plus set of brightly-colored glasses. Orange takes place to be my favorite.

Other LinkedIn tips to improve your profile:

Include your contact info. Call, email, site, contact number.

Produce a customized header graphic. Something besides the boring-blue LinkedIn background. Its another opportunity to reveal off your character. You can even make one for totally free with Canva. Another one of my essential LinkedIn pointers … If your writer website has a color plan or branding, make your LinkedIn background comparable. Consistency matters.

Utilize a current photo with your profile. One thats been taken in the last 18 months approximately. Have you gotten or reduced weight? Lost hair? Altered your look and style? Utilize an existing image of yourself.

2. Cheer up your summary statement

In your summary declaration or About section, you get 2,000 characters to get your point throughout. My Linkedin pointers for this, begin with:

Think of your summary declaration as a resource for individuals NOT as a bullet-pointed resume.

The first paragraph should set up why anyone would wish to link to you. Some questions to think about to assist you …

Include essential expressions. Repeat the essential phrases you desire individuals to discover you for (e.g., tech freelance writer, health care freelance author, science freelance author). Dont stuff your summary with key expressions, however utilize them enough to show up when potential customers look for a niche author.

The last paragraph needs to be merely why and how to call you. If people wish to deal with you, make it easy for them to reach you. (I even invite potential customers to call or text me.) If you think prospects wish to get a sample of your work, the last paragraph is a great location to direct them to that, too.

Who do you deal with?
What sort of writing do you do?
Who are your perfect customers?
Do you compose memoirs or fiction?
Do you compose service books or self aid books?
Are you a ghostwriter, or do you just compose articles?E
Each subsequent paragraph should discuss the other things that you do, and how that advantages your suitable customer.

A 5 to 7 paragraph summary about who you, who you serve, and what you do.

3. Use abundant media to show off your work

Its a great method to get portfolio samples in front of potential customers and flaunt the type of composing you do. You can include:

Videos of testimonials or recommendations from your customers

PDFs of work samples

Links to jobs youve worked on

Images or screen shots of tasks, outcomes, metrics, or social proof that reveals your writing skills and capability to help customers get fantastic results.

4. Use the Experience area to highlight your writing abilities

Many individuals look at the Experience area on LinkedIn, and think they need to provide a resume-style chronological history of all their tasks,

Do not do that, OK.

Utilize it to flaunt the different kinds of freelance writing work you do. :

List every client you have here, in addition to the niche skills and experience you bring to the table.

Spotlight your leading 3 skills (e.g., blogging, material marketing, interviewing, etc.) for every client, and ask your connections to back them. Its another among my LinkedIn suggestions to assist you optimize your profile, get found, and get in touch with customers and potential customers.

Identify every kind of composing you finish with a different entry. (e.g., case research study author, white paper author, ghost author, blogger, etc.).

Heres how Carol does this:.

5. Post videos on topics your potential customers have an interest in.

Sounds scary, ideal?

If youre an iPhone user, you can utilize Apple Clips. Apple Clips transcribes your video, includes the captions as you speak, and makes it very sharp. You can also:.

Heres the important things … video is among the most efficient types of content you can share on LinkedIn.

Display your personality.

Supply tangible proof youre somebody they d like to deal with.

But its the very best method to connect with potential customers, to:.

If you can relate to their organization, customers, and discomfort points, help prospects discover out.

Yes, yes … I understand, youre an author, not a public speaker, trained actor, or TV news anchor.

Edit captions after you talk.
Copy your captions as text to your clipboard. Use it to produce a blog post, LinkedIn post, or material for your site.

Anybody understand of an Android app that works like Apple Clips?

Engagement for publishing a video. The exact same week, I taped a 90-minute video that got over 50 likes, and some 2,500 views. Better.

Heres a little case study if youre questioning my LinkedIn pointers about using video to connect with freelance potential customers.

Engagement for composing an article. Recently, I composed an article that got 10 likes and less than 50 views. Not quite reach.

The truth about videos + engagement on LinkedIn.

6. Post LinkedIn status updates to start conversations.

Its a really easy short-form material method to begin conversations with prospects.

Heres an example of a status upgrade:.

A couple of things to remember … A LinkedIn status update ought to NOT connect back to your:.

Try it. Its a fantastic way to get in touch with the people, and get more likes, remarks, and shares.

Why? Its too salesy. When you do it right, a LinkedIn in status upgrade gives you the capability to go offline to sell with LinkedIn instead of on LinkedIn.

Blog site.
Product/service, or anything like that.

7. Use #hashtags on your LinkedIn posts.

While Ive never ever seen LinkedIn say how numerous hashtags you ought to utilize, my experience and individuals that Ive utilized keep their hashtag use to an optimum of 4.

LinkedIn offers searchable hashtags for content discovery.

So how do you use these 4 hashtags?

You can likewise utilize it to return and see shared and tagged material. (More LinkedIn ideas … sharing is the most genuine kind of flattery.).


Often you can use the 4th hashtag for something thats trending or popular.

Some of the most popular trending hashtags on LinkedIn today consist of:.


Status updates.


If youre writing post on a specific topic, you may also observe that theres some news you wish to connect to. Use that hashtag.


Why? A personal hashtag offers you the ability to track all the times your article gets posted.

If you have a terrific heading that draws people in, better content is getting seen more. Just like a blog post. And if you consume to 4 hashtags in the status update, you can maximize your findability.

Trending subjects.


Pick something personal. So for me, I would utilize #PhilGerb + a #hashtag for my status update.

You can also utilize hashtags to flaunt your personality or add something whimsical to your post. :.

Individual branding.

Use one hashtag in your status upgrade. Choose one that has something to do with the topic:.

8. Give and get LinkedIn suggestions.

Do this right, and it can be a fantastic method to reach more individuals, consisting of independent writing potential customers.

Give recommendations.

Its at great method to flaunt your writing expertise with the customers you work with.

Theyre the social proof we can offer and get on LinkedIn from working with somebody.

And you understand what?

LinkedIn Tips: For an even bigger impact, consist of the expressions or keywords you d like them to utilize. Its another way to optimize your profile on LinkedIn, and its gold.

Get suggestions.

Hi [First Name],.
I took pleasure in working with you.
Would you compose a LinkedIn recommendation about dealing with me?

Providing lots of recommendations to get some in return, you can likewise ask your customers for LinkedIn suggestions.

When you give a great deal of LinkedIn suggestions, youll get recommendations in return that will assist you develop a pile of social proof.

Go the persons LinkedIn profile page > > More > > Recommend.
Compose your suggestion, and send it.

Heres how to leave a suggestion:.

You can even supply some suggestions, highlights or information, you d like them to discuss to make it easier.

Think of it like the contemporary variation of the old-school letter of recommendation, and simply ask:.

Heres how to request a recommendation:.

Go to the persons LinkedIn profile page > > More > > Request a Recommendation


9. Make LinkedIn connection requests … properly.

Beware of the LinkedIn connection-request default.

However not the spammy-begging-for-a-favor method or the anonymous-I-don t-even-know-you way.

FYI, this sort of message doesnt work either:.

” Hey, Phil, I see that youve got great deals of typos on your profile. For $200, I can make your profile better.”.

Thats a dreadful method to connect, and anticipate it to get someone to know, like, and trust you.

Is there something I can do to help this individual?
Why would this individual wish to link with me?
How would it benefit myself and this person to link on LinkedIn?

One more technique from my bag complete of LinkedIn pointers, make connection requests.

Before you start sending and clicking connection invites, ask yourself:.

The default message on LinkedIn is no message.

Send out a LinkedIn connection demand if you can respond to these types of concerns truthfully and positively. However do not simply send and click. Why?

Do refrain from doing this, OK!

. Offer some insight, tip or helpful info that might assist them with their work. Or ask a question (however never anything salesy, aggressive, or condescending).

Research study their profile. Look for something fascinating that stands out.

Make the effort to flaunt your writing expertise and your powers of observation. Before you send out a LinkedIn connection demand:.

Properly to make a LinkedIn connection demand.

by means of GIPHY.

Write a customized comment about an achievement, post, something theyre proud of, or something you share … people, colleges, work experiences, and so on

Utilize LinkedIn to land more freelance writing customers.

Wish to connect with potential customers, grow your network, and land more freelance writing clients?

And if you want to connect with potential customers in your specific niche, generate incoming leads, and book more freelance work, LinkedIn can absolutely assist you make it occur. Something besides the boring-blue LinkedIn background. Another one of my important LinkedIn ideas … If your author site has a color scheme or branding, make your LinkedIn background similar. When you do it right, a LinkedIn in status upgrade provides you the ability to go offline to sell with LinkedIn rather of on LinkedIn.

If you can respond to these types of concerns honestly and favorably, send out a LinkedIn connection demand.

Searching for more LinkedIn ideas to land freelance work? Lets talk about in the comments.

LinkedIn is one of the very best locations to make it take place (Its also where I hang out a lot.) Utilize these LinkedIn suggestions to move up and make more.

Phil Gebyshak is an author, speaker, sales pro, and little company coach. Hes also a LinkedIn marketing expert who likes pinball, podcasts, fine wine, and coffee.

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