Meet Bonsai, A Task-Management Tool Keeping Freelance Writers Organized

Bonsai Premium ($ 29 per month): All the functions you can access with a Plus membership, along with the capability to farm out through Bonsai and white-label (or legally change a brand names logo with your own). You can likewise include numerous users to your represent $9 monthly per member.

There are likewise design templates for other types of work, like Design or Consulting. (Because all of us understand a minimum of one author who has proficiency in more than one field!).
When a customer accepts your proposal, you can compose up an agreement. Bonsais contracts are even more customizable than its propositions, and its the customizability that Kim states makes Bonsai stand out from other platforms. There are numerous agreement template options, including a “customized” choice that assists you develop a contract from scratch.

You can likewise track non-billable expenses, which can be helpful when tax season rolls around and youre believing, “Oh, what overhead can I cross out?”.
Be your own accountant.
The more customers you have and the more diverse your freelancing work is, the more most likely you are to take advantage of an accounting professional. However if youre currently paying for a subscription to Bonsai, why trouble employing an accountant? Use the platform to act as your own accounting professional!

Tape-record service costs.
The Expenses area is where youll keep an eye on items like Uber and Lyft trips, plane flights, company meals– anything a client might repay you for. You can partition expenses into categories like Advertising, Office Supplies and costs. Bonsai will track which billable expenditures you have been compensated for and which ones youre waiting to be repaid for.

The timer is specifically helpful if you charge customers by the hour. I dont charge hourly, but I still prefer to utilize the timer. If I charge $100 for a piece but understand it required 10 hours of work, I might hesitate before handling a similar project.
Before registering for Bonsai, I utilized a time tracker called Time Doctor. The program experienced a number of glitches over the months I used it, which was frustrating due to the fact that I was charging by the hour at that time. Far, Bonsais timer has been more accurate and reputable.
Develop billings.
Kim T., an author who has actually been utilizing Bonsai for two years, states invoicing may be her preferred part of the platform. “Bonsai is fantastic for uncomplicated invoicing and payment,” she explains.
” Effortless” actually is the suitable word. You can create an invoice, then link it to the timer so that the amount of time you invest on a task instantly appears in the billing. If you charge per hour, this can save you time plugging in numbers.

Or you may choose to produce billings manually. Bonsai supplies you with invoice templates, so you dont have to go back to square one.
I despise developing invoices in Microsoft Word, even with Words templates, so I need to agree with Kim– Bonsais invoices are a huge plus.
Compose proposals and contracts.
Time to pitch a huge task? You may require to write a proposition.
Bonsai offers a number of proposal templates depending upon what type of work youre proposing. Theres one for composing projects that divides the proposition into Context & & Objectives, Timeline and Why Me..

I elegant myself a quite arranged individual. However when it concerns freelance writing, its simple for me to lose track of things.
Did I save that agreement in Microsoft Word or Google Docs? Am I on invoice number 1038 or 1039? I believed I was pleased with the rate my client is paying me, however Ive been dealing with this task for who knows how long– is it even worth it?
When were our own employer, we have a lot of balls to handle. If you were working in a standard workplace, you may have a system for categorizing files or an accounting group to track work-related expenditures. However given that youre on your own, how are you supposed to track whatever?
In swoops Bonsai.
What is Bonsai?
Bonsai is an online platform that intends to assist freelancers streamline their numerous day-to-day jobs..
When you develop an account, go to the dashboard to gain access to things like your contracts, billings, propositions and customer information. By keeping everything in one place, you can remain organized and hopefully accomplish tasks more efficiently.
Bonsais goal is to offer you with everything you need for a freelance job, from start to complete (or proposition to payment). Youll receive a 14-day totally free trial when you sign up, which must give you time to get a feel for how Bonsai can influence your life.
What can you finish with Bonsai?
Heres what you can do with Bonsai.
Keep track of jobs, tasks and clients.
From your dashboard, you have a section for clients, where you can keep information like customers contact information and social media profiles, and even just how much money they owe you..
For example, lets state I get in information for my 3 primary customers, Finance Company, Travel Blog and Beverage Website.
You can develop jobs for each client. You can create specific jobs under each task.
This is basically a digital version of a binder filled with folders and color-coded tabs. If they were self-employed writers, Monica Geller from Friends and Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine would have a field day with Bonsai.
Time yourself.
In the leading right corner, youll see “Start Timer.” You can select a particular project and even a task to time when you click this. You can likewise include notes, like “research” so you know you spent that time investigating, not writing.

Before signing up for Bonsai, I utilized a time tracker called Time Doctor. Far, Bonsais timer has actually been more accurate and trustworthy.
Bonsais contracts are even more personalized than its propositions, and its the customizability that Kim says makes Bonsai stand out from other platforms. Bonsai will track which billable costs you have actually been reimbursed for and which ones youre waiting to be compensated for.

Bonsai Plus ($ 19 per month): Ability to create contracts, propositions and billings, track expenditures, access an accounting module and use chat assistance.

I always request direct deposit when I can, but Bonsai charges a $5 fee for direct deposit.

If youre trying to find a more cost effective deal and are open to long-term dedication, you can sign up for annual billing. Youll receive the equivalent of two months complimentary, which pertains to just $16 monthly for Bonsai Plus and $24 for Premium.
You might give the two-week trial a drop in if you want to register for Bonsai Plus. However, I dont see much usage for Premium unless you either have some extremely particular, sophisticated requirements, or you use other individuals and desire to add them to your account.
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You can connect the Accounting area to your Expenses and Invoicing areas to track your service spending plan. The layout is beneficial for tracking both billable and non-billable expenses so you can see just how much youre investing in your composing profession versus just how much youre generating..
What could improve about Bonsai?
The invoicing might be convenient, however the system isnt flawless..
You can just customize invoices to a point. The sections are “Item name,” “systems,” “rate” and “total.” For one of my customers, I require to have a separate area for “product code,” and I dont require a “systems” column..
It would be terrific if I could just replace “units” with “product code,” however sadly this isnt an option.
When you set up an invoice, you choose a payment approach, and a few of these approaches involve costs. I always request direct deposit when I can, however Bonsai charges a $5 charge for direct deposit. I d rather simply create an invoice through Microsoft Word and pocket the $5.
Kim has actually been utilizing Bonsai for much longer than I have, and although shes a fan in general, she discovers herself wishing she could use the platform for more complex jobs..
” It d be fantastic if I might take a client/project and run a report that informs me the total quantity billed as it relates to the total hours spent,” she states.
We can only hope Bonsai continues to develop each area so that freelancers can do a lot more with the program.
Bottom line: Should you offer Bonsai a try?
If youre a freelance writer with numerous customers and/or projects, its certainly worth setting up a Bonsai account. Saving all my info in one place has made me feel less frazzled.
Your capability to gain access to certain features depends upon which plan you select. Here are your choices:.

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