Merry Christmas, Wordplayers!

For me, Christmas is constantly a time of reflection upon the year that has passed, intent for the year that is to come, and particularly recognition of the presents for which I am most grateful.

I want you the merriest of Christmases, and I am honored to get to move on into the challenges of 2021 along with you.

This is not a year when I have actually despaired of humanity. It is a year when I have actually been gotten rid of again and again by the power of our capacity for goodness. I have seen a lot kindness, so much generosity, so much passion for one another. I do not look to the media to inform me what the world resembles. I look to individuals who comprise my world– and you who are reading this are a substantial part of that world.

Keep writing!

This year, maybe more than any other year, I discover myself with a deep thankfulness for this neighborhood of writers. We have spoken about writing, we have actually spoken about life. And there has been a lot to talk about this year.

< So this year, I thank you not just for existing, for reading, and for writing. I thank you for making a distinction. In a year when the problems have seemed so insurmountable and untouchable, I have actually seen how much can be changed by the smallest of objectives. Dear Wordplayers, Weve all struggled. Life has actually gotten larger and more genuine than ever. And for a few of us-- all of us? When the page has seemed smaller sized and smaller,-- there have actually been at least minutes. I have actually heard your fears, your battles, your suffering, your aggravations. Mostly what I have heard from you-- in the comments on this blog site, in your e-mails, in your messages, and often even in your thoughtful composed letters and notes-- is your deep nerve, love, hope, and conviction.

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