New Year Writing Prompts: Write a Series of New Year’s Resolution Disasters

If youre a Friends fan, I d be surprised if you didnt know the episode Im talking about.

Even though Rosss leather trousers mess is what makes the episode, its not the only resolution that wins some laughs.

Wanderer even suggested this episode really ought to be called ” The One With Ross Leather Pants due to the fact that nobody elses 1999 New Years resolution produces outcomes as memorable– or disastrous.”

Have you ever seen the New Years Resolution episode from Friends? You understand, the one where Ross uses leather trousers, Joey attempts to discover how to play guitar, and Rachel attempts to gossip less?

Today, lets focus on conceptualizing some New Year writing triggers to start your writing year with some humor.

In Case You Dont Know “The One With All the Resolutions”

They viewed the series on a repeated loop (like many others) and concluded holidays with their favorite holiday-themed episode on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Now after sixteen years of understanding this family and joining them for re-runs for the umpteenth time, its not unusual for us to ask each other what our preferred episodes are– holidays and more.

Hands down (in addition to “The One With the Embryos” and “The One Where Ross Gets a Tan”), for each member of the family from my mother-in-law to me, “The One With All the Resolutions” ranks as an undeniable favorite.

In some way I managed to never enjoy Friends up until my sophomore year in high school. I have no concept how this occurred, but it did, and thank my amusing bone Chad, my partner then and now husband, introduced me to the show.

Good friends was a foundation source of entertainment for Chads household.

A lot of commonly for the shared factor Rolling Stone puts this episode in its leading twenty-five list– leather trousers:

OH. MY. GOD. this episode is hilarious.

Dont think me? Take a time-out to see this clip (you can stop at the 4 46 mark).

In an effort to try something brand-new every day, Ross purchases stylish leather pants for his date with a lady named Elizabeth Hornswoggle (much to the chagrin of Chandler, whose resolution is to not tease his pals).
The glamorous product makes him so hot in her apartment or condo, he has to run to the restroom and pull his pants down for relief … just to come to the horrifying awareness that he cant get them back up, no matter how much lotion or infant powder he applies.

why is this episode so amusing?

One crucial factor: it speaks to the herd failure most experience after setting a New Years resolution, which is something we can keep in mind as we head into todays New Year writing triggers.

Rosss Leather Pants Fiasco is the Memorable Moment, But So Are Others

The other Friends members also each propose their own resolution, with Chandler and Joey and Phoebe taking on a B Story, and lastly Rachel concluding the C Story. (Learn more about television/sitcom structure here.).

After all, this minute (which works most as the episodes climax, as its the climax in the episodes A Story), shows the peak of what audience members have been observing since the opening scene, when the cast of Friends each proposes their New Years resolution.

Although the majority of people would state this is the most remarkable (and knee-slapping) minute in “The One With All the Resolutions,” there are lots of other durable highlights in the episodes twenty-three minutes.

And practicing writing prompts that can all benefit the whole is a crucial lesson in thickening a plot with purpose.

View how the opening scene introduces each characters New Years resolution in this video clip:.

While Rosss story is the dominant focus in the episode, the twenty-three minutes would fall flat if we looked at Ross alone.

Construct a List of New Year Writing Prompts That Play Out in One Story (Like in Friends).

Yes, there are focus storylines for the resolution episode, but its the entire of the cast that carries the storys structure forward.

Start the New Year off with some composing humor by developing a list of potential resolutions gone wrong for numerous characters!

You dont need to compose a complete TV episode or story in todays prompt, however Im hoping that building a list of potential concepts that can all connect to the central story– Near Years resolutions gone wrong– might motivate you to write a short story or novella, just for enjoyable.

How can you do this?

Step Four: Pick one character and make a list of problems.

Searching for an enjoyable New Years resolutions composing prompt? Utilize these five actions to produce a circumstance like Ross and his leather trousers in Friends.

Step Five: Write a scene that shows a resolution catastrophe.

Step Three: Make New Years resolutions that create conflict.

Make a list of three, five, or 6 characters. You dont require to overdo it with this, just blend it up with a variety of genders and personality type. Make them different from one another.

Select your favorite! Picks one character and develop a list of five problems or obstacles that make that resolution harder to meet. Rank them from most convenient to conquer to hardest.

Offer each of your characters a character defect or peculiarity, like Chandlers inability to not tease his buddies or Phoebes eccentric teaching approaches.

Use this flaw or quirk as a way to produce a New Years resolution for that character that will contravene their goal of fulfilling it.

Step One: Create a cast of 3, five, or 6 characters.

Step Two: Give them each a flaw (or peculiarity).

Takes a look at your list of issues. Which one looks like the most enjoyable to compose? Select it, and now toss your character into a New Years resolution fiasco that will be enjoyable to write!

Need Some Ideas to Kickstart Your New Years Writing Prompt List and Session?

These typically include:.

Much better Eating.
Discovering a New Skill.
Conserving Money.
Quitting a Bad Habit.
Finding out more.
Investing More Time with Family.
Undertaking a Major Clean Up.

If youre having problem building a list of characters and their resolutions cold turkey, do not hesitate to borrow from some of the most common New Years resolutions individuals set each year.

And this is only the beginning of what might be a long list!

Developing numerous New Years writing prompts only gives you additional concepts to deal with on another day.

Because they struggle to finish their New Years resolution, obtain some of these ideas and think of the amusing scenarios you could place characters in.

Have a good time, and Happy New Year!


Picks one character and come up with a list of five issues or barriers that make that resolution harder to meet. Which one seems like the most enjoyable to write? Pick it, and now toss your character into a New Years resolution fiasco that will be enjoyable to compose!

When youre done, share your scene in the remarks below, and be sure to leave feedback for your fellow writers. If you can make yourself and others laugh, benefit points!

What New Year resolutions would your characters have a hard time to complete? Let us know in the remarks.

Abigail Perry.

She also taught and developed her own creative writing and film curriculum at the high school level for a handful of years; throughout this time she earned her masters in Secondary Education. Today Abigail works as the Content Editor for The Write Practice while also running her own freelance modifying service.


She also taught and created her own creative writing and film curriculum at the high school level for a handful of years; throughout this time she earned her masters in Secondary Education. Today Abigail works as the Content Editor for The Write Practice while also running her own freelance editing organization.

Follow the 5 actions pointed out in todays New Year writing prompt to build a cast of characters with New Years resolutions that will be difficult for them to complete.

Set a timer for fifteen minutes and write a scene for your favorite character and moment that shows their New Years resolution going extremely wrong. (If you d like a wrap-up on how to write a strong scene, take a few minutes prior to your fifteen minute session to revitalize your memory here.).

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