On the Road Again

I believed– technical post? Revisit adapting screenplay structure to the category novel? Stretching the limits of first-person? How to keep an eye on all those electronic files? Maybe its time for a break, for something different.

The most traveling Ive done is to go downstairs to get a cup of coffee.”.

Her name was Enheduanna and she was an author. Well talk more about her later..

Ive been home, therefore have you. Well get out of this, earlier or later on, all of us with our lives touched in one way or another, and when that takes place there will be opportunities and if youre like me youre thinking about things you desire to do when the masks are dropped.

We went to Stratford-on-Avon and I stood outside Shakespeares birthplace. Extremely cool, but then I saw a framed poster promoting a performance of The Merry Wives of Windsor and Charles Dickens was one of the volunteer stars, putting on the play to raise money for the remediation of the building. I still remember the chill I got. Shakespeare, Dickens, and me. In a really, very small method, me. I was part of that stream..

My face mask is hanging on its hook. We have canceled this years trip. My cat enjoys– Im house..

Welcome to another installation of Writers in the Storm. This ones going to be a little various. However with any luck, well be On the Road Again. Include me.

I do not learn about you, however Im accumulating things to do when COVID-19 has been beat, and I believed– how about areas to go to as an author that will advise you of the thread that connects you to those who have gone in the past? Minutes you can keep in mind when youre sitting at the keyboard questioning where the story went.

Her name was Enheduanna and she was an author. She lived 2,300 years B.C.E., in Uruk, what is now Iraq.

By James R. Preston

When you travel as an author its a bit various. You take a look at 221b Baker Street and think, yeah, Doyle informed some excellent stories and possibly it pumps you up simply a bit to know youre following in his steps..

Ive got an essay due.

When upon a time I went to Great Britain. Ive informed that story here (see December 2018) so Ill just speak about completion..

And, obviously, youll be thinking of writing as I am. Traveling– yes traveling. The 2 can go together: composing and taking a trip.

On the other hand, Ive got an essay due.

Load a bag, make sure the laptops battery is charged and away we go!

Vegas, baby!

” Ars longa, vita brevis,”.

I believe that says everything. And the custom that you and I belong to goes on..

Have you possibly been to Maui to see how Jayne Ann Krentz accomplished, in spite of altering the names? Or Sue Graftons twin-by-another-name for Santa Barbara? Share those experiences with us!


All right, now its your turn. While our family pets enjoy because were constantly around, we need as much contact with other members of our species as possible, even if its electronic. I hope you have begun thinking of inspiring places that connect to your work, or to the work of authors you enjoy.

Once again getting on the road, I hope you are looking forward to. Keep reading and keep composing.

Los Angeles.

Lew Archer looked down at the city lights and saw the seedy underside. Forget that– lets go out to eat! And if youre doing Tinseltown, see about a Warner Brothers Studio tour.

James Lee Burke, The Dave Robicheaux books. Or Louisiana you cant do better than to check out some of these great books if you are heading to New Orleans. You can taste the gumbo, feel the breeze off the gulf and you will understand the effective impact the setting has on his work. Youll wish to being in the Cafe DuMonde with a coffee and a beignet..

Hunter Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

On the method to Vegas on Highway 15 youll see The Mad Greek Cafe. Stop in, get a gyro, and believe about Scott Crane and his buddies in Tim Powers incredible Last Call. Its a thriller, its a travelogue, its a story of Jungian archetypes fighting for supremacy through Tarot cards.

Life is short, art eternal..

— Hippocrates.

James R. Preston is the author of the multiple-award-winning Surf City Mysteries. He is presently at work on the 6th, called Remains To Be Seen. His latest works are Crashpad and Buzzkill, 2 historic novellas set in the 1960s at Cal State Long Beach. Kirkus Reviews called Buzzkill ” A historic thriller enriched by characters who shimmer And refuse to be forgotten.”. His website is www.jamesrpreston.com. He can be reached at james@jamesrpreston.com.

You stand in each of these settings and feel that connection..


Top Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay.

San Francisco.

This one comes with a caution. Famous unique, millions of copies offered, and the setting of marshes and swamps is a big part of the story. One source states those swamps and marshes are more like Georgia or South Carolina.

Go To the Stanley Hotel at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Not just is the hotel the main setting, Room 217 is where Stephen King prepared The Shining. In 1997 its where King shot his own variation of the novel.

About James.

My mask is still on the hook. Regardless of all of these inspiring places to check out and to believe about stories and their developers, as of now were still locked down. Never fear! Here are a couple of virtual tours with literary associations.

” We were someplace around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.”.


Her name was Enheduanna. She lived 2,300 B.C.E., and she was an author. She wrote poetry and hymns and she was, in fact, the really first author to sign her work. She said, ” My King, something has actually been created that nobody has actually developed before.”.

There are– or were– strolling trips so you can see some of the locations. The last time I looked there was actually one of the restaurants where Spade got his chops and baked potatoes.

John D. McDonald, The Travis McGee books. As far as terrific settings, McDonald nailed it. It can be discovered and standing there you can feel the client approaching, looking for a “salvage specialist.”.

Preston and Child, Relic. Really weird story (and an underrated motion picture) set in a museum based upon The American Museum of Natural History. Google virtual trips and choose. There are likewise guided events. Yes, human contact through your keyboard! Postscript: The AMNH is resuming in September. Examine their website for information..

While Were Waiting …

And the attorney loses it and is afraid to get off the merry-go-round? And the guests in their hotel are starting to look, uh, reptilian.

Remember how the story opens in The Louvre? Brown is a great researcher and he got it. You can take a look online.

North Carolina.

221 Baker Street Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay.


Stop in, get a gyro, and think about Scott Crane and his friends in Tim Powers incredible Last Call. The last time I looked there was in fact one of the dining establishments where Spade got his chops and baked potatoes. Forget that– lets go out to eat!

This ones going to be a little various. The two can go together: traveling and writing.

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