One Writer’s 4 Tips to Determine Your Freelance Success

Ever wonder if youve got what it takes to accomplish freelance success?

You know … by whatever requirements you consider success. That might be:

Simply to be clear, earnings isnt the only motorist of freelance success. Theres other elements like being your own manager, working from home, and setting your own rates and schedule.

Enough freelance work to stop your day job
Hitting the six-figure mark as a freelance writer
Getting much better clients so you quit content-mill work, or
Landing your first paid freelance task

So how do you identify your path to freelance success?

Youll understand you have whatever you require for freelance success when you understand how these four resources work and how they grow.

And what if you dont have a writing degree, great deals of freelance experience, a massive portfolio, or some other so-called benefit? Should you simply quit now?

Stop.. There.

You certainly need some basic writing skills if you desire to attain freelance success. However after that, theres four things you currently have that can help you build your worth as a writer.

Ready to move up, earn more, and determine your freelance success? Heres what you need to know:

Meet freelance success specialist Damon Brown

Hes a likewise a best-selling author, creator of 2 start-ups, and a four-time TED speaker.

His newest book (released in January 2021) is Build From Now: How to Know Your Power, See Your Abundance & & Nourish the World.

Damon Brown is a seasoned journalist, freelance writer, and business owner.

We captured up with Damon on a current Freelance Writers Den podcast.

And hes made it his lifes work to help side hustlers, solopreneurs, and other non-traditional creatives flower.


Q: What do you need to be a successful freelance writer?

Brown: All of us have the very same four resources. I call them the FATEs. We have:

Time is an extreme premium for me today.

Since of all those various measurements, it makes good sense for me to develop from now based upon what I have the most, which is focus.

Someone whos, state, middle schooler is going to have different levels than someone whos a brand-new retired person.


The primary distinction that we have is that theyre all at various levels.

Agility. Im not quite as agile, since I understand exactly what I desire, and how I wish to develop things. My agility isnt as high.

Energy. And as the primary caretaker for 2 kids, I do not have as much energy as the younger folks.

For instance …

Focus. With the time period now Im at my life, Im very focused.

Q: How do you find out where to start?

And Im trying to shake that out of you. I desire you to welcome precisely where you are and build from now.

For instance …

Being at where Im at, it doesnt make any sense for me to do all-nighters, due to the fact that I dont have a great deal of energy. But in some cases we feel a sense of regret or habit that we need to do things a certain way.

I have a test at that listeners can go to and address two or three truly simple concerns.

Damon: Its not a matter of having like a superpower. Thats a different conversation. Its more about understanding what resource you have one of the most of right now.

I wish to help individuals recognize we have all these four resources. And you need to welcome precisely where you are.

Q: How do you get ahead as a freelancer when you keep facing roadblocks?

Their capability to focus would be different that a writer, since theyre focused on various things.

Damon: If there are systemic things occurring within your environment, your focus is going to be different than state, someone whos a homeless individual whos trying to get through the day.

If there are systemic things taking place in concerns to

Who you are
What your particular choice is
How youre viewed worldwide
What your status is …

Then you can have the same amount of focus, dexterity, time or energy as another person, but you may not get as far, or you might be extended for time.

Whatever your specific resource or strength is, that becomes your method of in fact making your system much better.

Q: How do you figure out how to grow as a freelancer?

And thats just not real. Theres been a lot hand wringing therefore much judgment.

Now theres so much pressure with things like, if …

Enough people feel guilt or feel embarrassed. I take Brené Browns meaning of that, where guilt is, you feel like you must be doing something. Embarassment is being fretted about how other people think about what youre doing. So, regret resembles an inner procedure.

You dont come out of this pandemic weighing 20 pounds less
Youre not ready for the beach as quickly as the beach is open
You do not have a book manuscript done
Your kids arent getting straight As with their virtual schooling
If youre not really in love with your partner, and everything is excellent
You havent settled all your loans …

Pity is the outer procedure based upon cultural norms. So, were feeling both of them.

Damon: My specific niche is self-help, performance, self-acceptance, with a touch of spirituality. Thats been my location of focus since I ended up being a business owner a great seven years back.

Im recognizing that “I didnt want to,” … as we said in journalism school, I didnt wish to contribute to the sound.

If youre not doing all this things, then youre wasting this pandemic.

And then theres the reverse, where individuals in the self-help, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness neighborhood are like:

Hey, industrialism has actually jacked this up
For the very first time, in a very long time, not even because the bubonic plague, have we actually had society picking up a 2nd.
Do not do anything. You need to rest.
You shouldnt work. Do not fret about anything.
You wasted your time if youre not coming out of this thing fully rested.

Theres been a lot argument on both sides. And you know what? Neither one is healthy.

Q: What can you do to improve freelance success during the pandemic?

” Im going to write for 15 minutes.”

You can utilize to this aid you focus when youre trying to do self-employed work.

Damon: Well, I would start with knowing precisely what your strengths are. If you understand that you can concentrate incredibly hard today, but only for a brief time period, then use something like the Pomodoro approach.

For me, I simply keep going as I think a great deal of us do. Youre on a streak due to the fact that by then. But then you set the timer and stop for say, 5 minutes. You concentrate on something else. Timer goes off, and you return to it. And then you do that as long as you require to.

Thats it. When the timer goes off, you stop.

The Pomodoro Method. Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato. Its based on the old-school tomato timers.

Individuals used to have these round timers that were formed like tomatoes. They utilize a timer to go and see how long they require to bake the bread or prepare their pasta.

The power of focus

This is something individuals in Silicon Valley call a streak. And its a wise way to work as a freelance author or entrepreneur.

If your primary thing is focus and thats what I advise. Its enabling yourself to focus, however not be mad at yourself if you can only focus for a particular period of time.

Why? Youre not constantly working, which suggests youre not on the edge of burnout. Instead, youre doing these actually intense, impactful bursts of work.

Q: What if agility is your present strength as a freelance writer?

Some individuals get energy when they do various things. What I recommend if youre agile, and youre attempting to be productive throughout the pandemic, enable yourself to be nimble.

Enable yourself to drift a bit. Preventing the internet might be a great idea, because thats more of a rabbit hole than its ever been.

Damon: If your main thing is agility as far as adapting to things, you might wish to take the opposite technique, and do a lot or multitask of different things.

You know … so you prevent doom-scrolling, where youre looking at whatever dramatic thing is occurring worldwide.

And after that all of a sudden, youre reading conspiracy theories and 50,000-word think pieces when you truly should be focused on your writing. I believe its alright to enable yourself to drift a little bit, if drifting offers you energy.

Q: What should you do if youre feeling stuck and cant seem to get your freelance service moving?

Its how I wrote my book. I set a due date for composing it. I didnt start writing and then state, “Well, whens the book going to come out?” Otherwise, we wont be having this discussion. I d be like, “Well, I did a paragraph and Im sure itll work out fine.”

Its easy to fall into that trap if you have too much time.

We need to have barriers, due dates, timelines. Our human mind naturally works in reverse from there.

Q: How do you prioritize your freelance work and jobs when you have a great deal of energy?

Damon: If you have a lot of energy, then discover methods to do the important things that are going to provide you the maximum returns.

The important things with energy is that when you have an abundance of it, you do not recognize when its dripping, right?

Then you recognize, “Wait, no, Im truly tired. Im not going to do that part.” And after that whatevers fine. You understand it wasnt important.

Why do not we use that to regular things?
Why do we have to get sick or have something turned up that suddenly our energy is at a premium?
How about we simply eliminated the intermediary and simply have our top priorities set rather of costs energy on unimportant things?

Its that thing where youve been ill with a cold or whatever. Suddenly, you start prioritizing whatever on your to-do list.

Try the index-card method

I could look at that card and say: “Okay, if I accomplish this one thing, then I utilize my energy wisely. Whatever else is gravy.”

When I woke up in the early morning and made that one objective done, what ended up occurring.

Im really huge on index cards. When I wake up in the morning. I compose down my one intent that day.

Q: Can you actually achieve freelance success in the current environment?

Damon: As developers and authors, we have more power than weve ever had probably in the history of America, like leveraging technology and influence.

After we get off the call today, I could go and begin a podcast. Simply start it and say whatever I want on there, bring whoever I desire on there, and effect the world.

Heres another example:

I desired to pitch a specific article or an essay on a controversial subject. And it was up within a couple of weeks after I wrote it.

Thats the kind of power everybody as authors and creators have.

You have the power to accomplish freelance success

If you desire be a successful freelance writer, take a better look at your strengths … The FATEs (Focus, Agility, Time, and Energy). Construct your freelance business, habits, and workday around your strengths. And NOW is constantly the very best time to get begun.

Im not quite as nimble, due to the fact that I understand exactly what I want, and how I desire to produce things. If your primary thing is focus and thats what I recommend. Its enabling yourself to focus, however not be mad at yourself if you can only focus for a specific period of time. If you desire be a successful freelance writer, take a closer look at your strengths … The FATEs (Focus, Agility, Time, and Energy). Develop your freelance service, habits, and workday around your strengths.

Need assistance figuring out your path to freelance success? Lets talk about in the comments.

Evan Jensen is an independent copywriter for fitness businesses. Hes also the blog editor for Make a Living Writing.

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